The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

1950's EX-POLITICIAN UNFIT FOR TRIAL; Child sex abuse case is dropped.

SEVENTY child sex charges against a former senior politician were dropped yesterday because the State decided he was unfit to stand trial.

The offences were formally dropped two months after the High Court ruling based on his age and ill health.

Yesterday, the accused's barrister Paddy McAntee revealed the DPP had agreed to drop the case based on the individual's "deteriorating mental condition".

The decision to rule out a trial two months ago was slammed at the time by one of the man's alleged victims.

The now middle-aged woman described the decision as a "Pinochet-style" let-off.

She told the Irish Mirror: "This is very distressing.

"I see this man out and about regularly, he is no more senile than I am.

"All I wanted was a chance to face him in court and tell him what he had done to me."

The woman claims she suffered years of trauma since the abuse which she said started when she was just six-years-old and lasted for eight years. Her accusations were supported by four other women who all said the former politician abused them as young girls.

The woman revealed that she had considered taking a civil action against the former public figure, but could not afford to do so.

She said: "I do not have the money to go to court myself.

"This was not about money for me or the other women who came forward.

"I only wanted to have my day in court."

The man had been accused of 70 sex attacks on five schoolchildren in the border area.

He was charged after a Garda investigation into the abuse allegations, some of which date back 50 years.

The allegations were surrounded by a wall of secrecy for more than 40 years until five women came forward to Gardai in 1997.

The alleged victim said: "I tried to tell people at the time, but no one wanted to know.

"I told a nun and I eventually told my mother, but it was a different time and people could not imagine that such a well-respected man, a politician, could do such a thing.

"He used to give me sweets after the abuse, which was the most serious type of abuse, and warn me not to tell my parents about what happened."

A file was forwarded to the DPP who decided to take a prosecution against the man.

The accused then lodged a legal appeal with the High Court in a bid to block the criminal proceedings against him.

His lawyers claimed it would be unfair to place him on trial because of his age, the availability of evidence and witnesses and adverse publicity in the media.

However, an affidavit on behalf of the DPP yesterday stated that the prosecution would not be proceeding in the light of a psychologist's report into the man's mental condition.

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No supprises there.

So the Clues are Hihghlighted in Bold above!

The original Article was Published in the Irish Mirror 24th May 2000.

The Abuse took place in a Borders Constituency.

At the time of writing the some of the Abuse dates back 50 years so that would be 1950 onwards.

When they came forward to the Garda in 1997 it was mor than 40 years so that's still the 1950's.

The fact it was Reported to the Gardai means that it was a Borders Constituency in the South.

FACT : There were only 3  TD's that served from 1938 - 1961 Still alive in 2000 and Dead Politicians can't be Senile!

However there is one TD that served from 1927 to 1957; in the absense of Date of Birth or Death I have asumd he has passed away!

They Can Not Be All Dead!

thers is hundreds alive as remember this went on into to 80s and brothers where  like 30 and younger  so they will be like only 60  remember abuse went right into early 90 look at the dail as I said  jack theres a big cover up there still but they use the ira to cover up their  abuse on little boys   but we cannot forget as we should never  forget till day we die  from thomas

Hi Jack Have painstakingly gone through every Border TD from 1938 - 1961 so he must have been in the list!

As I said only 3 were still alive in 2000 when the court case was reported in the Irish Mirror.

All the information can be found by Clicking <HERE> If you want to work it out for yourself?

The 13th to !6th Dail covers the period 1948 to 1961

Alternatively Members can send me a Message and will send them a Spreadsheet of Data for them to fact Check!

well theres really more child  molesters hidden in power of the dail and so safe they will never be caught  they talk about ira but what about the hundreds of priest and brothers who have never been charged  like the one in Roscommon cant remember I have never got over it my body molested beatewn by these   scum  and in name of a jesus crist  but we mean notting  to them when we all die off nobdy to carry on the truth .  

More Clues can be Gleaned Bellow in Bold

Former politician `not fit to stand trial' on child abuse charges

Fri, Mar 31, 2000, 01:00

The DPP is not to proceed with the prosecution of a former senior politician on 70 charges of indecent assault of five children following expert medical advice that the man is unfit to stand trial due to his age and illness, the High Court was told yesterday.

Mr Justice Kelly struck out proceedings brought by the former politician, who was seeking an order restraining the DPP from further proceeding with the criminal prosecution, which was due to be heard in the Circuit Criminal Court.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was in national politics for more than two decades. ail and Seanad.

Five persons made allegations of indecent assault against him.

The complainants are understood to be adults who claimed they were abused by the man when they were children. Some of the allegations date back more than 30 years and are alleged to have occurred in a school.

A file had been sent to the DPP three years ago and he had decided that the elderly man should be prosecuted. He faced 70 charges of child sexual abuse.

The former politician got High Court permission two years ago to challenge the intended criminal proceedings, claiming it was unfair to continue the proceedings having regard to delay in making complaints, his age, the availability of witnesses and material evidence, the generalised nature of the allegations and previous adverse media publicity.

Yesterday Mr Patrick MacEntee SC, for the man, told Mr Justice Kelly the State had accepted there was no issue to be determined. Expert advice was that the man was not fit to face trial through age and illness, and in those circumstances the DPP had agreed to enter a nolle prose-qui in the Circuit Criminal Court.

An affidavit on behalf of the DPP stated that, in the light of a psychologist's report, the DPP had decided the former politician was not in a position to stand trial due to his deteriorating mental condition. The prosecution would not be pursued.

Source -

Yet more Clues to his identity in bold bellow

Sexual assault charges withdrawn

Wed, May 24, 2000, 01:00

The State yesterday withdrew 70 charges of sexual assault against a former politician.

The High Court was told in March that the DPP would not be proceeding with the prosecution following medical advice that the man was unfit to stand trial because of his age and illness. At Cavan Circuit Criminal Court yesterday, the State withdrew the charges.

Source -

Attached is the file analysing Which TD's represented which County and which ones were still alive!

If you find an Error?

Let me Know?


This Is All Very Interesting And Instructive!  We Know Certain People Are Protected And Seemly Immune From Justice While Their Victims Continue To Suffer In Pain. 



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