The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

"An Absolute Avalanche of Correspondence form Caranua Applicants who have been utterly demoralised"

The Bill

1. To include those who were in Industrial Schools but did not Receive a Settlement!

2. Widen the Types of Services Available including Funeral costs

3. Remove certain Clauses from the Act.

4. Stop disbursement of Surplus being given to the Children's Hospital

Does this Go Far enough?

Have your Say below!!

and I'll put Up Survey Later so you can vote on the ideas you raise later!

Meanwhile if you have experience of Caranua you can Have your Say "Anonymously" at the Survey at the following Link

THANK YOU Clare Daly!!!

The Appeals Officer Report is attached will add it as its own discussion soon

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I think from what I have gathered that I am one of the youngest survivors and had to go through the high court to win my redress case after having being refused it in 2010 I only settled my case in April of last year I then put in for the Caranua fund while living in Ireland in February of this year and ended up moving to the UK in June of this year and over doing so had to start the process all over again with a new application for survivor's living in the UK that was totally different from the application I make first and that had a lot of differences from the first application I got while living in Ireland and tbh having sent it back to be told o will have to wait 16 to 20 weeks for an advisor to tell me what I can and can't get just to see are the services I applied for are for me I wouldn't of asking for the services that were on it if I didn't need them or want them I felt as if I was asking for services that I was not in titled to I felt like giving up again and having rung Caranua and emailed them saying that I didn't have 20 wks to spear just to get an advisor I found this upsetting for me and my well being having moved out of the country of Ireland to come to England just to get away from were it all happened I would love it if they could do what they said the would on the application in the first place treat us with dignity and compassion instead of putting us tru shite again just to get an advisor I think personally is an insult and having had to fight my case for 5years in the high courts I should of being included in this fund automatically instead of having to apply for it all of us who won our cases I think should of being just my opinion but well done to all involved its a good day for us all just to hear Claire Daly give us a voice felt good well done to all

WELL DONE CLARE DALY the PEOPLE TD the PEOPLES future TAOISEACH now woulden that be GREAT ha 

Keith you are a Survivor and fully entitle Mate hopefully now you and your Family get the justice you deserve and the support you need 

Thank you Rob and for looking after so many Survivors without you this would never have happened even though i say swallow your modity and accept the Credit for the great work you do thanks Robby to you and the Wife 

When Clare mentions other survivors who who were no in receipt of a settlement inother words not redressed yet WATCH the Justice Ministers FACE the EYES 

I will say however Clare looks very tired as she does so so so so much for people this is a lot of work she is only human but what a human deservingly and fully Admired by us all THANK YOU CLARE DALY once again

Shirley when any organisation is handed one hundred and ten million of survivors money they can at least expect to be treated with respect and dignity not so with Caranua long delayed no communication It is shameful the way survivors are being treated and it's shameful the way survivors are being waiting years for redress such as the Bentley homes To take a line from Jesus's Christ Forgive them for they no not what they do

I would really like to forward this to a particular individual in caranua, I am a bit of a luddite, it is possible to copy and paste.

Copy the link to the page!
And send it.
Ask them to read it
And let you know what they think?
Look forward to their reply! PMSL
I'm so proud of you ALL for your "Avalanche of Correspondence"

Hi Rob, thank you for all the work you do I am so proud to be a member of The Shame of Ireland Website!! Thank you Clare Daly for your support!! Barbie

We are ALL Equal!
Some are more capable than others!
This is truly a "Round Table"!
We support each other!



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