The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

A state agency is set to use €720,000 of redress funds earmarked for survivors of abuse on rent because of a failure to reach an alternative arrangement with the Department of Education, The Times has learnt.

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Survivors of historical abuse are not allowed to visit Caranua’s premises

This is unbelievable, even people who are not friends of mine can visit me. 

It Is The Not Human Thing. No Empathy. No Care.  Getting Off On Failure. Making Sure The Survivors Who Dare Seek Justice Are Frustrated And Punished And Kept Down In The They Will Just Go Away ..

For how long. its a lot to pay for an office


Another 3 Years?  Long Enough To Claim It Is Only Holding Back Money For New Claimants!

2days ago after sending 3emails to caranua i was told i won't be getting any more help till the end of 2017 as caranua is only

dealing with new clients this is on top of oll the other crap coming out of mary higgans mouth when she was at pac she said

now that she has 24new staff every body will be delt with with in a 1 month period this is a lie caranua are telling lies again

i firmley belive that pac was a waste of time nothing has changed for us , so long as mary higgans is running caranua nothing

will happen in our favour or to inprove our lives . james fox.

Yep barefaced lies to the PAC have you been refused an application form or are you waiting to have an application processed James?

€720,000 on rent plus all the other expenses - such as payment for the new upgraded offices they are leaving all the extra money on staff and other expenses if it weren't so serious it would be a hoot - survivors cannot get help with Housing from Caranua they are finding it hard to get basic help from them, since PAC Easter holidays happened government were on a 3 week holiday they are now back to work since Tuesday last Now get off your butts and do something for survivors. 

An office which survivor's can't visit, we really have a bunch of idiots managing our fund.



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