The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Caranua Statutory Obligation to appoint Liaison Officers to Advocate on behalf off Survivors

Section 25 of the Statutory Trust Fund Act Requires that public authorities, as defined in s.2, shall, where practicable, coordinate their functions with those of the Board. When requested to do so by the Board, the local authority shall authorise an employee to be a liaison officer so as to advise former residents on the publicly available services provided by the authority, on request by the Board to advise the Board of these services, and liaise with the Board in relation to any specific application which has been received by the Board.
Caranua are pretty thin on Advocacy!
The Act Specifies that EVERY Local Authority have a Named Liaison Officer sympathetic to the needs of Former Residents of the Industrial Schools that will progress the needs of Former Residents at the Behest of the Board!
They Define a Local Authority as
a local authority, within the meaning of the Local Government Act 2001;

Local authorities

A council was established for each of the local government areas with the title county council, city council, borough council, or town council (as appropriate).
So if you live in Ireland ring and ask for
"the Name of the Person within the Local Authority assigned to assist Industrial School Survivors to access Local Authority Services"
and post their Response here

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I'm from tipp waiting nearly 3 years for help from caranua they don't give a flying fuck about us, they are ensuring we are made to suffer at the behest of the church as pay back for telling a truth that they still don't believe. 

Hello...I had a reply written here for you in the follow up request on Advocacy that I could easily Rob says...a phone call...the long reply has just vanished off briefly ...I did ring Offaly Co Co who I must say are always very good liaison office for Industrial schools they are not aware but have said that Liaison Officers are being set up...I do believe this is to do with all people seeking accommodation.

Personally I cannot understand how County Councils who are already at desperate states to find housing for people from all walks of life and suffering are being passed on - should Liaison Officers in Caranua not be responsible for this....say for instance the Alone Organisation...or Elderly People Housing Associations...or the Simon Community....all who help people find housing...they all have a link to all County Councils...therefore Caranua should also have that link...but from several County Councils...they have not heard of Caranua...Therfore

I ring Caranua...spoke to a girl Alysia...she confirmed that Caranua was set up via the Government as an Agency to look after 110 million that was paid from the Religious Organisations...I asked how then can your site state that it is independent of all Government etc....I asked could I speak to somebody re the drip feed of funds to survivors..I was told there was no one available...that she is only the receptionist and she can only give out info she has to hand...indeed she had it rehearsed...after confirming there are 25 staff...I asked how then, is no one available...I confirmed that I am not a reporter - just a friend of some survivors...and I am trying to understand how money awarded to those survivors is not being paid per quota and is only drip fed after a lot of paperwork by people who are being paid large salaries out of survivors funds...I put the example to her that if a victim of personal injury is awarded monies in court...that money goes to their solicitor and then directly to the victim...She said this funding does not work like that...I put it to Alysia whom I thanked for talking to me and explaining the agenda...why do survivors have to keep filling in forms to plead for monies already awarded to them for the suffering they endured...they have already been through Hearings, Reports etc.,  their names are already why?  I asked her what is this about the County Council Liaison Officers for Industrial School Survivors..she stated she knows nothing about where are those 24 other workers who are being paid salaries from the survivors' just after 4.00 p.m. there is only a one else there...

Just to I note the County Council "No Liaison officers for Industrial Schools" keeps coming up...It is Caranua who needs to do a Link with all County Councils and who Caranua needs to put forward people under Industrial School Heading for I mentioned in another post...Alone, the Elderly seeking Housing...Simon Community...and many others for different groups of people all have links with each and every County Council...where County Council applicants simply tick the box for other than County Council offers...and/or including such offers...- Voluntary Housing Organisations...Caranua do not today even know of such Liaison Officers...just another example of a Gravy Train Quango for the elite and not for the suffering...

Excellent Posts Teri.

We need a list of these Liaison Officers so that survivors can go direct to them ..... that said it would probably be the shortest list in Ireland, if responses from Local authorities are anything to go by.  I've DMed my local authority on this and should get a reply tomorrow ..... surely there MUST be Liaison Officers ..???!!!???? I can't see how most of the statutory functions (as applied to survivors) could operate WITHOUT these people!!! And apparently thousands have gone through Caranua already!!  Are we to believe that NONE of these survivors  had any connection to any local authority area in Ireland? 

Well Spoken Andrew.

Great work Marylou!!!



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