The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Caranua Statutory Obligation to appoint Liaison Officers to Advocate on behalf off Survivors

Section 25 of the Statutory Trust Fund Act Requires that public authorities, as defined in s.2, shall, where practicable, coordinate their functions with those of the Board. When requested to do so by the Board, the local authority shall authorise an employee to be a liaison officer so as to advise former residents on the publicly available services provided by the authority, on request by the Board to advise the Board of these services, and liaise with the Board in relation to any specific application which has been received by the Board.
Caranua are pretty thin on Advocacy!
The Act Specifies that EVERY Local Authority have a Named Liaison Officer sympathetic to the needs of Former Residents of the Industrial Schools that will progress the needs of Former Residents at the Behest of the Board!
They Define a Local Authority as
a local authority, within the meaning of the Local Government Act 2001;

Local authorities

A council was established for each of the local government areas with the title county council, city council, borough council, or town council (as appropriate).
So if you live in Ireland ring and ask for
"the Name of the Person within the Local Authority assigned to assist Industrial School Survivors to access Local Authority Services"
and post their Response here

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From: mary hawkins [mailto:marybrigidhawkins] 
Sent: 01 October 2014 13:57
To: Elisa Cosgrave
Subject: query


Hi Elisa i spoke to you this morning could you email me the name of the person in in the south tipp county council

kind regards


Wed 01/10/2014, 14:25


Hi Mary

They are our internal contacts you will need to apply to be placed on the transfer list first.


Hi Marylou, not sure what to make of that?

That sound like only a response to a housing request??

No Name or anything given?? Clear as mud LOL

Rob they have no Internal contacts 

I contacted my local authority Tipperary County Council today and asked for the name of the person assigned to assist Industrial School Survivors and the girl on reception said to me they have no specific person assigned to help survivors. She could put me through to the service I was looking for I told her that was no good to me as I needed to speak with the person assigned. 

Are there Borough or District Councils under the County Council?

EVERY Local Authority should have at LEAST 1 Liaison Officer!  By Law!

If they Don't its Caranua's Fault! AND the Buck stops with the C.E.O.

Section 25. Statutory Trust Fund Act

Liaison officers
(1) A public authority shall ensure, so far as practicable, that the activities of the Board and those of the public authority, in so far as they relate to their respective statutory functions, are coordinated.

(2) A public authority shall, when requested by the Board, authorise such and so many of its employees as it considers appropriate (in this Act referred to as “liaison officers”) to—
(a) advise former residents on the publicly available services provided by the public authority,

(b) provide to the Board information in relation to the range of publicly available services operated by that public authority, and

(c) liaise with the Board in relation to any application received by the Board under section 20.

(3) The Board may, with the consent of a former resident, consult with a public authority for the purpose of determining to what if any publicly available services the former resident is entitled.

ROB The borough and district councils are under are under the county council, Liaison officers are in all councils they are not employed by caranua  this is there role

 HOUSING COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT Housing Estate & Tenancy Management There are 5 Community Liaison Officers employed by Tipperary County Council to encourage and support the ongoing participation of our residents in the estate management function. Having our tenants and resident committees working in partnership with the Council to help enhance and maintain our Local Authority estates is of the utmost importance. With a small financial incentive we see communities taking responsibility for their areas and working towards creating safe and secure neighbourhoods for all to enjoy.

The current system of Local Government in the Republic of Ireland comprises of 31 Local Authorities.

Thats a Minimum of 31 Liason Officers to Assistt Industrial School Survivors in Accessing




water supply;

environmental protection;

provision of recreation and amenities

and community infrastructure.

Local Authorities also play a key role in supporting economic development and enterprise at a local level.

Source -

Hi Rob, the local authority in Tipperary is Tipperary county council, they merged all the local corporations and borough councils in Tipperary under the one Umbrella. It used to be north and south riding Tipperary now its just Tipperary for all local government. When I spoke to the girl yesterday they have no specific person assigned to Industrial School survivors, and their liaison officers are for general services such as housing etc. Caranua, have no such person in the Tipperary Local Authority area assigned to help survivors in any town or village. 

So that's categorical Tipperary does not have a single Liaison Officer For Industrial School Survivors 30 more Local Authorities to go!

And Tipperary had two Industrial schools if I remember rightly ... so either nobody from Tipperary has accessed Caranua or nobody from Tipperary,  who was in an Industrial School, successfully applied to the Redress Board .... or ... or .... Caranua just isn't doing a good job!!! 

Hi Andrew,

I left two replies here County Councils...they have not heard of Caranua...and vice verse following my phone call to Caranua today...Caranua knows nothing about Liaison officers in County Councils for Industrial School Survivors...Caranua are the ones who need to inform County Councils of placing Industrial School Survivors on their urgent/housing replies below is Caranua who have not followed always...

Fine Points Made Teri.



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