The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

I spent 2 years of my life trying to stop the Government setting this up!

Their original Guidelines could have paid for a Scan and an Operation if required!

It was always the responsiveness issue that was my main bug bear about the whole thing!

Survivors in Crisis cannot wait and shouldn't have to go cap in hand to the abusers!

Abuse survivor says scheme to enable victims is ‘disabling people’

David Dineen decided to speak out ‘for other victims of Caranua who do not have a voice’

about 21 hours ago

Kitty Holland

David Dineen: In 2002, his childhood abuse was recognised at the Residential Institutions Redress Board. Photograph: Daragh Mc Sweeney/Provision

As a child, David Dineen (46) experienced “savage sexual abuse,” and beatings in a Brothers of Charity institution in Cork. He left, aged 15, and spent spells homeless and involved in drugs and crime. He found it difficult to form lasting relationships.

He has spent his adult life recovering from and coming to terms with his childhood.

“And then along came Caranua,” he says. “They caused me so much distress, in the end, last September, I had to pull away from them for my mental health.”

Caranua is the independent body established under the the 2012 Residential Institutions Statutory Fund Act to manage €110 million pledged by religious congregations to enhance survivors’ lives.

In 2002, David’s childhood abuse was recognised at the Residential Institutions Redress Board, and he was made an award of €50,000.

In December 2014, when he lost power in his body, doctors suspected multiple sclerosis. He needed an “urgent brain scan”. Though deteriorating he was told he could be up to 18 months on the public waiting list.

“I’d had physiotherapy, counselling and dental work so they said I had reached my limit. I had to borrow €2,000 to pay for it.”

He was diagnosed with syringomyelia, a condition where a cyst had developed inside his spine, causing extreme pain and loss of power in his legs. As the cyst elongated it began to destroy David’s spinal cord and nervous system, causing incontinence and extreme fatigue.

“I went downhill during 2015. I was hunched over on crutches. . . I needed a wheelchair. The HSE had given me a standard chair but with muscle weakness I couldn’t push it. I was a prisoner at home.

“I got measured for an electric chair, and got a quote of €2,200. I sent it to Caranua and they refused it. Eventually I raised €400 with a GoFundMe campaign and bought this chair. It’s totally unsuitable but it’s better than the crutches.”


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fair play to michael keep after caranua and that fasist bitch higgans if we can get rid of higgans

we are half way to our goal . with oll the talk about abuse victims there is no mention of closing

down caranua till this is done were stuck in the same rut as before our money is being spent on

wages for mary higgans and co . caranua is not working for the survivors of abuse they caranua

abuse me and my fellow survivers on a dailey basis till this gravey train is derailed and scrapped

nothing will happen to make our lives better . james fox.

Hi James good to hear from you, if Higgins had any real interest in helping us she would of listened to us but given the fact she works for the church her only interest was making sure we suffered. Her day is coming she is probably so self deluded that she doesn't see but its coming, everyone in the dail knows what she had done.

Michael:  -

Hand In Glove  Lackey 

The "Main" Political Parties In Ireland Have Been Church Funded For The Longest Time!

the church's are very powerful and because of the protections they have from the state and others they do not want to give any one of us the money they got from our blood sweat and tears - They have their cronies stuck in every part of the fund and funnelling it all back into the religious coppers. I have said it one here before Mary Higgins CEO of Caranua is a wanta be nun she want to be the goodie two shoes and have people say well done Mary. But she is not the only one to blame in Caranua she cannot do anything without board approval and there are four survivors on the board of Caranua agreeing with everything she is doing, plus the Minister is also responsible as he is sitting back while survivors are being abused all over again.

Barbie. As Usual On The Button. 

Abusers Should Not Be Protected

The Church Indeed (Hand In Glove) Is Operating Through It's Political Agents And Administering Something Of The Darkhood.  

The Government Should Not Have Been Allowed To Get Away With Setting Up An Organisation That From The Very Start (Example Staff Being Paid Out Of The Fund For Survivors??) Was Only Ever Going To Be Trouble And Strife.

The awards from the redress board for sexual abuse are on a par with court awards for a Minor injury, a trip or fall, now this useless body called caranua re abuse us, while the abusers all got off scot free.

Michael:  -

I Am Very Sure Most Survivors Would Concur With Your View As Above

What She Said Certainly Sounds Without Empathy.

Most Survivors Have Not Applied To Caranua And  Never Will.

Most Survivors Who Have Contacted Caranua And Applied For Help Will Quit Once They Experience The Nightmare (Again).

Its clear to see how deluded Higgins is with the comments she made in the times article. She will never do right by us and should be fired, anyone know why David o Duffy left there seems to be no info in the board minutes about his departure which is strange given his position in caranua.
I heard the Joe Duffy radio show was all about Caranua yesterday and is continuing today.
Just emailed him their



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