The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Article by Chairman of (Alliance Group) in Sunday Times Paper, 20/02/2012.

The Chairman of the group (Alliance) who supposedly speaks for (15,000) Survivors of Institutions? NOW telling the Government that, ……..They would be wrong to allocate Any more compensation to Victims.


He wants’ the extra Contributions from the Religious Orders, to go to (HIS) group (Alliance) to pay for their expenses……….How Dare He. And How Dare He, put such an article in the Sunday Times Newspaper.


Has he consulted with Survivors on this matter? Obviously (NOT) Just Who the hell does this person think he is?


Please read his submission below, and make up your own mind’s regarding this statement.


Also your comments on this matter would be very much Appreciated.




The Sunday Times, 19/02/2012.  (Letter to the Editor)



We must distribute abuse fund with care.



The issues raised in Justine McCarthy’s article (“Time to pay up,”) Focus, last week) have been discussed over the years at various meetings with (abuse) survivors in Ireland and abroad, with many ministers, and also directly with the former taoiseach, Brian Cowen.


When the previous Fianna Fail government asked for increased contributions from the religious congregations after the Ryan report was published, these new offers were mistakenly seen as being totally for survivors.


Our attempts to have this corrected were met with silence, which did not help matters. The Alliance Support group believed that it was wrong for the government to allocate any further money to survivors who were compensated at the Residential Institutions redress Board.


It was announced that the cash element of the extra contributions from the religious congregations, amounting to €110m, was to be put into a “statutory fund”.


This gave a false view to those who had been fully compensated that there was “more compo” available. We believe the religious congregations should not give another penny to the government.


It remains our view that the religious orders who were responsible for the industrial schools and institutions should continue to be held to account for our welfare in all things.


Indeed, as many of us now get older we find that there is a greater need for medical. Dental and other welfare needs.


The statutory fund is designed to make redundant the voluntary support such as we within the alliance have provided since 1999.


Yet, we believe, access to the fund will be restricted to those articulate enough to make their case for it.


We are not confident that this government will administer or regulate this fund any better than the last government did.


Tom Hayes

Alliance Support Group

Co Armagh.




THE SUNDAY TIMES                                 19.02.12


Who the hell gave Him permission to speak for (15,000) Survivors. They are ALL at it now. 

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I have recently Emailed "Survivors Group Leaders" to Support us in Stopping the Statutory Trust Fund?

This must be his response?

wouldn't mind reading the article that he refers to,  can anyone  send a link or upload a copy?

Hi guys, I have said it all along and told Tom Hayes what I thought of him and all the groups and we all know that, but, alas Tom and the others that I called out do not pay a blind bit of notice, 


Your'e dead right there Saenie, and you know what, they never will. They are all in there for one reason, and that is to cream from the (STUPID HSE IDIOTS) funding that the HSE is giving to these FOOLS to help vunerable Survivors, which all of us, Including the HSE know is all they are doing, but are more than happy to fund.

money should go to right of place as usual?

why should the group get money to run services for the closest survivers. and why not have it shared among us.  Why should thousands be spectaters behind newspapers.

Pauline, the closest Survivors ARE themselves, and no one else. FACT.

Jason, i cant really believe you just said that. Why should funding go to that disgraced (Right of Place) i ask you? They are nothing but money grabbers, and nothing more in that place. What has anyone in that place ever done for a Survivor, i ask you?

Well he seems to be the artuclate person hes talking about. since all these groups seem to do only refferals i dont know why thay exist. i have never even recieved a note informing me of the services that Me Hayes offers.What are his qualifications. In fact i only know of his group since i bought a cumputer So homeless survivers have no way either of knowing about his good intentions. As for speaking for thousands politiques is where he should be and not on the backs of fragile ex inmates.

Again Pauline, this person has got (NO QUALIFICATIONS) whatsoever, he is just another PARASITE that has jumped onto the band wagon, and creaming the the cash from the HSE, and any other IDIOT who is prepared to fund him. And thats about it.

Tom WHO???

from 1920 to 1960's  150,000 children detained in Industrial Reformatorys in Ireland ,many must have sadly passed on  may they Rest in  Peace,  Most left Ireland many years ago to live in many different countries,  So how come all those so called services run by the disturbed say they have so many THOUSANDS of survivors in Ireland on their lists to continue getting their Huge Funding, I wonder if any of them are using the names of Survivors who have Died in the last few years. I know of a few ,  How do we OR the Government know that all those Group leaders (  The definition of Leader (one whos example is followed) God Help us,    How do we or the Government know  if  Group leaders DONT All have the same names on their lists , JUST AN INTELLIGENT THOUGHT.  My Spirit was BRUSED as a child thats why I like the TRUTH.

no money was for survivors after the ryan report- it was all for the government- survivor groups asked for a fund- thats what we were told- aislinn asked for extra money for eduction- right of peace for clonmel- others asked for expences and all that.

extra money was never for survivors-thats it- no point to get all worked up- go to the religious and ask for it if you need it- new fund is for medical-am told aslinn to get 10k-so were lucky at least.



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