The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Article by Chairman of (Alliance Group) in Sunday Times Paper, 20/02/2012.

The Chairman of the group (Alliance) who supposedly speaks for (15,000) Survivors of Institutions? NOW telling the Government that, ……..They would be wrong to allocate Any more compensation to Victims.


He wants’ the extra Contributions from the Religious Orders, to go to (HIS) group (Alliance) to pay for their expenses……….How Dare He. And How Dare He, put such an article in the Sunday Times Newspaper.


Has he consulted with Survivors on this matter? Obviously (NOT) Just Who the hell does this person think he is?


Please read his submission below, and make up your own mind’s regarding this statement.


Also your comments on this matter would be very much Appreciated.




The Sunday Times, 19/02/2012.  (Letter to the Editor)



We must distribute abuse fund with care.



The issues raised in Justine McCarthy’s article (“Time to pay up,”) Focus, last week) have been discussed over the years at various meetings with (abuse) survivors in Ireland and abroad, with many ministers, and also directly with the former taoiseach, Brian Cowen.


When the previous Fianna Fail government asked for increased contributions from the religious congregations after the Ryan report was published, these new offers were mistakenly seen as being totally for survivors.


Our attempts to have this corrected were met with silence, which did not help matters. The Alliance Support group believed that it was wrong for the government to allocate any further money to survivors who were compensated at the Residential Institutions redress Board.


It was announced that the cash element of the extra contributions from the religious congregations, amounting to €110m, was to be put into a “statutory fund”.


This gave a false view to those who had been fully compensated that there was “more compo” available. We believe the religious congregations should not give another penny to the government.


It remains our view that the religious orders who were responsible for the industrial schools and institutions should continue to be held to account for our welfare in all things.


Indeed, as many of us now get older we find that there is a greater need for medical. Dental and other welfare needs.


The statutory fund is designed to make redundant the voluntary support such as we within the alliance have provided since 1999.


Yet, we believe, access to the fund will be restricted to those articulate enough to make their case for it.


We are not confident that this government will administer or regulate this fund any better than the last government did.


Tom Hayes

Alliance Support Group

Co Armagh.




THE SUNDAY TIMES                                 19.02.12


Who the hell gave Him permission to speak for (15,000) Survivors. They are ALL at it now. 

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was i right or not.  now we klnow that i was right.  buckley got all the money with barry and healey it would seem.



The Government have allowed those who call themselves Group Leaders to carry on exploiting  and Bullying the Real Survivors who find the whole business very disturbing , the Government engineered  everything from the start for their own convenience they washed the whole sorded Truth into the greedy hands of those who call themselves Group Leaders who I and many others find very scary and quiet disturbing ,lets not forget those group leaders have been recieving Huge amounts of funding using our names most of us have NO ides if they are using our names on their lists to secure and continue getting huge funding from the government (money that was handed over by the religious orders for Survivors by way of compansation) are Ex Industrial school inmates you don't have to be a psychologist or psychiatrist to know that any baby or child who grew up in Industrial schools are disturbed and effected adults caused by  the abuse we all suffered as children and yet the government continues to silently surporting and handing over huge sums of money to those few people  who don't have to show their books to be examined as to the names on lists claimed for, what and where all the funding they recieved and are still reciving went on and goes on ,the government have allowed them to be a LAW unto themselves. , It would'nt make any sence at all ,but for the fact that is and has been happening that way a huge number of ssurvivors of industrial schools left Ireland many years ago for different parts of the World .many have passed on in different parts of the world , are their names on Lists for funding????? My name should NOT be on anyone's list ,I have no way of finding this out as I am NOT a member of any Group and never have been , and yet the Government continue to let this sharade carry on ,This has effected me I am terrified every time I go to Dublin in case I see any of those group leaders or their friends in the street apart from the black memories , Years ago I returned to Dublin (I WAS BORN THERE) I was shouted at and bullied , called a filthy Protestant that I have a protestant Name ,how dare I come back to Ireland bringing down the catholic church, THIS WAS SHOUTED AT ME BY A SCARY PERSON Connected to the Aislinn . A Place I wouldn't be found dead in  if it was the last place on earth. it was so frightening I had to leave Ireland before I was able to bond with all the huge family and extended family I needed to meet. I really feel I need a Big Body Guard every time I go home to keep those people well away from me, I have now regained full contact with many members of my own family who I traced MYSELF. I am pleading with The Religious Orders must NOT hand over any more money to the Government not one Euro.  what a Bloody Disgrace the the way the Government past and present most importantly THE DEPT OF EDUCATION  have slapped survivors in the face ,and spit on the graves of those survivors who didn't make it to see real JUSTICE. or those survivors who are Elderly and in most cases suffer from bad Health CAUSED BY THE NEGLECT AND ABUSE AS CHILDREN. Many living abroad who Never had a say nor recieve as much as a whisper from either the Government or any of those So called Group (leaders ????) CORUPTION on a large scale.THEY ARE ALL A BUNCH OF CRIMINAL'S.

My memory is clear as to what went on  in the industrial school. to whome. and how. has the truth been silenced???????   YES YES



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