The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

By Niall O'Sullivan on April 26, 2013

Irish survivors in Britain

THE new board responsible for compensating Survivors of institutional abuse in Ireland must clarify what Britain-based services it will fund, charity leaders say.

Following the inaugural meeting of the board of the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund, the leaders of two charities supporting Survivors based in Britain told The Irish Post they do not know if they are eligible for any of the £94million Fund.

“The position of a lot of groups at the moment is that we need to meet with the board’s chair and CEO as a matter of urgency,” said Jeff Moore, leader of the London Irish Centre’s outreach service.

Referring to legislation underpinning the Fund, Mr Moore added: “It seems that money will follow clients. The Fund is not necessarily designed to pay for a big service for Survivors at the London Irish Centre.”

The legislation states that financial awards from the Fund can only be made to Survivors who received compensation from the Redress Board or in court.

Simon McCarthy, who runs Coventry Irish Society’s welfare programme for Survivors, said he too is unsure whether his organisation will be eligible to apply for a grant from the Fund.

He suggested that a number of the group’s 450 members might have to come together to launch a joint application, but it is not yet clear whether such a move will be possible.

“We have 10 years of experience,” Mr McCarthy added. “It would be illogical for them not to fund us.”

The charity leaders’ confusion is compounded by the fact that compensation from the Statutory Fund will take the form of grants given directly to providers of “approved services” accessed by an applying Survivor. Defining “approved services” will be one of the new board’s top priorities at its meetings in late spring and summer.

The legislation states that such services must fall under four classes of service; mental health, health and social services, education and housing support.

Since early 2012 the Survivor outreach programmes run at Coventry Irish Society and London Irish Centre have been funded directly by Ireland’s Department of Education and Skills via rolling monthly grants. A spokesperson for the Department told The Irish Post that funding will be cut when the Fund opens, although the opening date has yet to be confirmed.

Last month, Sally Mulready said she expects organisations to have to make themselves “more relevant” in order to be eligible for funding from the Statutory Fund.

“The point of the Fund is to make sure that money goes as directly as possible to individual Survivors,” she added. “It is not for the maintenance of existing outreach services in their present form.”

Phyllis Morgan, a Britain-based Survivor who has been appointed to the Fund’s board, told The Irish Post that her priority is to advocate for the maintenance of British outreach programmes.

At the board’s first meeting in Dublin on Wednesday, March 27, the nine-person committee appointed Mary Higgins, a Survivor researcher and policy advisor, as its CEO.

The board is expected to open its call for applications from Survivors later this year and will launch a website containing information on applying in the coming months.

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Important Meeting held in Waterford last week, and chaired by the New CEO of the New Statutory Trust Fund.

There was a meeting held in Waterford last week for Survivors of Industrial Abuse. It was chaired by the CEO of the new Statutory Trust Fund. I believe altogether the attendance was only about (15) people overall. Nine, (9) of this group were from (Right of Place Second Chance) Who incidentally told NO ONE of this meeting.

They had NOTHING on their Web-site informing anyone about this important meeting which hundreds of Survivors are every day asking questions about.

It seems now, they could not be bothered to inform anyone. Not that they ever have in the past. So much for the Transparency they always preach about.

As it was such an important meeting, ALL Survivors should have been informed about this meeting taking place weeks before. Quite obviously the group (Right of Place Second Chance) who purportedly speaks for thousands of Survivors, and who receives massive funding from the HSE on our behalf, decided we did NOT need to know about this Important meeting.

The group, even up to today have NOT even mentioned that they attended this meeting on their Web-site, which proves, beyond any doubt that, this group, do NOT speak on behalf of the Vulnerable Survivors they claim to represent, and getting massive Taxpayer funding for.

Would it be too much to ask the chairman of the group (Right of Place Second Chance) Mr Walsh, to immediately update Survivors who he claims to represent on his Web-site, and keep them informed as to what is happening in regard to this matter, and inform Survivors who are so desperately relying on this Trust Fund for their very existence.

It would also help if, this group publish their minutes of their AGM meeting held in Galway last Christmas, attended by (32) people, whoever they were, and their Financial report which by law, they are compelled to furnish to their membership each year, and to date have (NOT PUBLISHED.)

Does anyone out there know what the heck is going on about this statutory fund,  Where can we find any  information on this. or do we just keep on wondering until the fund runs dry?


Did you mention that you are a Member of this Website to Clare Daly?

I think it is important that She knows that you are not  a lone voice?

ThanX ;-)

ROP/SC State Clearly That

"This fund (Statutory Trust Fund) is not being established to support groups, but to support Survivors. We will continue to receive our funding from the HSE"

All other Survivors Groups seem to think Differently; Are you as Confused as I am?

Still confused here, when if ever is this statutory fund going to be of any benefit to any of us?


I'm unsure what the fund will do apart from pay staff salaries. As many countries welfare systems already provided what this fund claims to offer. Have heard from two different sources that it starts January 2014

Have also recieved an update from Statutory Trust Fund which I will share later.

As it stands at present, there are 17 survivor support sites operating in Ireland and the UK, some obviously making genuine efforts to help and assist survivors, while at the same time there are some that are in receipt of much funding from the HSE, religious and other Government dept.'s, off  the backs of the illegally high jacked  so called membership they claim to represent. But sadly do very little to help or assist survivors, as has been well exposed over the years.

There are many survivors living outside of Europe, in  the USA, Canada, Australia, and other countries', and have no communication from any of these so called support groups,      WHY ,     springs to mind !

If it was not for the past help and information they managed to glean from Paddy's site, and our site here, they would be completely in the dark.

Sally Mulready makes a valid observation in the fact that the point of the Fund is that money goes directly to individual survivors, and also points out that it is not for the maintenance of existing outreach services in their present form, so it would appear that these support groups will have to make themselves more relevant in order to be considered for assistance and grants, , and it looks like Phyllis Morgan will be making it her priority to look for the maintenance of British outreach  services.

As the STF is designed to assist and help only qualified survivors who went through the RIRB, whose details are all known to the STF, it will be interesting to see how all these matters are dealt with, and how much more delay's are going to crop up now, given the different view's of all concerned.

Rose, many of us are in the same boat, confused, those of us that are still alive, and begs the question, how many more will pass on before the entire effort of the STF gets off the ground.

I to have heard that it is supposed to kick off in January 2014, but the way it has all panned out down the years, I will believe it when I see it happen.


As you rightly point out Jimmy

"Phyllis Morgan will be making it her priority to look for the maintenance of British outreach  services" (she is on the Statutory Trust Fund Board)

yet it seems in the first instance and was reported at a meeting with Right of Place recently that "Survivors Groups will not be funded from the Statutory Trust Fund!

Is Phyllis Morgan trying to Subvert this?

It must also be borne in mind that the Group that Sally Mulready and Phyllis Morgan are involved with were "Promised" 250,000 Euros by Alan Shatter TD (Justice Minister) to Support Survivors of the Industrial Schools and Magdalene Laundries BEFORE the Quirke Report into the Needs of Magdalene Laundries Survivors was even started!!!

Hi Rob, yes these were the points I was trying to raise, I can see there is going to be many issues, and many so called rep's of these groups out to do the same as Phyllis, subvert things, which is why I feel they will be responsible for more on-going delays with everything.

So it could a long drawn out process , with the Government and STF board at loggerheads over how exactly to satisfy all concerned.

If , as the Government states, the money is only for those that went thru the RIRB, then I cant understand why they don't just apportion out a share to each and everyone that qualifies, and for so many ,put the matter to bed, they claim to have all the survivors details, so dealing directly with them would eliminate a vast amount of the work and expense of the STF.

Even that would satisfy the many hundreds of Survivors living all over the world, and allow overall everyone that merit's these shares , get on with their lives',  

The mind boggles !


It would be also interesting to know if the STF board are going to communicate directly with all those names that passed thru the RIRB? Even though its likely that many , for one reason or another, are not yet registered with the Board.

It would also be interesting to know that were the STF to directly contact all who passed thru the RIRB, and allot each survivor a share, then  just who exactly would the various outreach services have left  on their books,  still in need of support ?

Since its been stated that the STF is not for the maintenance or funding of these outreach services, and that all monies' be shared out  to survivors, it is very obvious that if the STF were to deal directly with all survivors at the outset, then not only would it be fairer, but would ensure that each and every survivor would receive a shade more in their award, from the vast expense saved by the funding that these outreach services would need to continue, (of which it is now  said they are not going to get, ) plus the on-going expense of running the STF board, as , if they were to give every qualifying survivor their share, what then would be the need to keep the STF board alive and running.?  




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