The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

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That might have been the womens group. I know how you feel about signing your name in there as its all that happens to most of the survivers. From then on it might be a xmas card advertising thier offices. or it might not even be that. hundreds of us have signed papers on entering the buildings and then thay keep us listed to justify thier jobs.Its heartbreaking to hear of these people travelling with hope to dublin for a cup of tea and a sandwich. its talking the piss out of them. if it was for survivers its them who should be doing the travelling.

Very well said Caroline ,many Real survivors who are still alive are to sick and distressed , abandond  long ago by the Irish Government's  (All Partys) and all those so called services and groups???, many have already died without ever having received JUSTICE or any help, I am Furious that on this site there is a very sick survivor who living in Exile who fled Ireland in dispair after having been incarcerated as a little child in an Industrial School in total despair and in great pain in desperate need of urgent Medical help and need's urgent Medicine  jet the Government , So called services Groups all totally Ignore his plight, I have over the years had contact with very sick survivors really suffering who had not received any Contact at all from any of those who bang on and on about the services they provide their main objective is their Funding not survivors all they are interested is having as many survivors Names and details on their lists to secure their funding. This site is great for all of us where survivors can say whatever they wish  whatever  is on their mind's ,and ask questions , all those groups say they have 15,000 20,000 survivors names on their lists yet all of then refuse to have their books checked along with that they have received Millions over the years and now they have more funding out of the Statuary trust fund. Many of the elderly survivors are to damaged by what they suffered in those Brutal Hell Holes , All survivors should have been Educated and helped when we were all children not Brutalised Battered,Starved ,Neglected.I am delighted you are on this site all survivors must have access to it .

They are a bunch of liers , They have all the updates they need . don't let them fob you off make them earn their MILLIONS . you are in the right.

When I die I will come back and Haunt every one of them. They are Evil as bad as the abusive Nuns and Christian Brothers from the Industrial Schools. 

How many survivors have already passed away?????? from 1930's to 1970's  150,000 children locked up in Industrial Schools , many who were in Goldenbridge during the 1940's were still there in the 1950's ,many who were there during the 1950's were still there in the 1960's ,MANY WHO WERE THERE IN THE 1960's  WERE STILL THERE IN THE 1970''s     HOW DOES THAT MAKE THOUSANDS???????? each Survivor should have been compensated and given a MILLION at least each. with NO groups or those Con Merchants who say they provide services . 

132 children in Goldenbridge >How is that Thousands. What a CON.

 my life was turned upside down and damaged by that Person who is Paid Millions to run the group. Who told a big Fat Lie then?  she, they  will silence  anyone who tries to have an open say. It's all to late Survivors will never get the justice they deserve while the Greedy Bullies continue to be pampered by the Government and Religious orders to shut the rest of SURVIVORS UP. 

Hi Caroline, I bet the 6  elderly Survivors go in the side door of the Camden Town Irish center NOT the Front door, for the last 15 years Not one of those so called Centers or so called Services ??who I rang up at my expense long distance to get help in finding my missing sister got back to me TOTAL SILENCE  and it is nearly 2013 ,So much for services for survivors they profess to run , They Don't, all they ever have been interested in is THEIR MILLIONS OF FUNDING THEY HAVE BEEN AND STILL DO RECEIVE USING  SURVIVORS NAMES ,when no one know;s which survivors names they have on their lists AND  that is impossible to find out ,they are all CON MERCHANTS .

thanks for you good wishes. i had a quiet xmas but i have never been in these big family get togethers. well the report about the magdelaine homes will soon be published. But you know the camden town place claimes that thay have been supporting these ladys. Many have travelled at thier own expence thinking thay would be included in the so called support. and thay have gone away without any personal interest shown to them. But this has given the government the impression that lots has been done. the fact that it was only a cup of tea and two biscuits wasent something that thay were aware off. When the awards are given out to this one or that we are expected to be glad!!!!!!. why!!!!. and then thay say we won it together. its lies. years of lies.

They are the very people who make this World a Hell Hole. They are Greedy  Bullies ,Selfish, Users ,NO BETTER THAN THE ABUSERS in the Industrial Hell Holes  , the same type) ,ONE day it will come back on them one way or another '  They use Survivors names to continue receiving their huge Funding  while Ignoring survivors they Bang on about how they help Survivors With total approval  of the State and Roman Catholic Church Hierarchy who convenient  hide behind them  and yet  they totally Ignore and don't want to know about or do anything to help a very sick Survivor who needs urgent Medical Help, THAT'S JUST WHAT THEY ARE DOING TURNING THEIR BACKS AND LAUGHING AT A REAL SURVIVOR IN DESPERATE NEED. WHILE THEY COUNT THEIR  BIG FAT CHEQUES ( FUNDING ) AND LAUGH ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK. before driving in their posh car's heading to their lovely big houses.while the real survivors continue to SUFFER

Well i read somewhere that Sally Mulready and Pyliss Morgan have a new group setting up its called step by step If i understand right its mainly for the magdelaine ladys thay say that thay have been caring for them for years now so whats going to change i dont know thay have recieved funding for this now so i suppose it wasent funded before perhaps its for travelling as the women live all over the  world

and now the same people at the London Irish centre Camden town  have been giving another seperate grant £250,000 and HOW MUCH MORE????calling themselves something else but it is the case to me they are all one in the same. O' don't you just  love those Greedy Corupt Groups in the UK and Ireland. Groups  Lick the Blood off the Money Before you Spend  It.



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