The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Hi Everyone.

I have just had a call from a woman called Jerry (I believe that was her name) at Caranua.  The conversation like this.   She (J) said how can I help you? I replied surely it is obvious from my call to your office the reason for my call.  I then asked when  willl I hear about my application and how was it progressing, she answered "ITS COMING ALONG" then she proceeded to tell me she has answered my question.

Anyone else getting this sort of negative abuse from this office do please enter it on this site.  Unless we pool together our dissatisfaction,  we are on to a hiding to nothing.  remember the staff at Caranua are being paid from our funds and they should know what the are doing.  They are clearly a bunch of people who are ill equipped  professionally and should be dismissed. come on Survivors it is time to ACT.

Kathleen O'Malley.  "Childhood Interrupted"

by us  do please

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wondering if anybody has ever received financial assistance from caranua?

ThanX Margaret, for being so open and honest; I am so happy that they approved your Dental works a it meant so much to you!

I take it the work is done and Paid for?

How much was the Dental Work?

I am assuming that the Amounts are in Euros?

Would be Nice to see copies of invoices with our personal information removed?

:)  nice to hear this wonderful news!  i hope it offers hope to other survivors who may have been concerned as to the reality of applying for assistance and receiving.

hello Rob.  i guess Caranua would need to say it needs to match invoices with names!

why dont she tell the truth, Is she still brainwashed, she must have a big head or a gold brain, Rob ,the only hope I've, got is no hope. 38'000 have they still got that much left. Yours nope hope .can i have that tablet she is taking. Mike.

Hi Mike, I have to Thank Margaret for being so open and honest about the assistance she has received;  others have not shared the help they have had publicly.

She is to be commended for this!

It is interesting to note the amount as I did not apply for an operation for my wife as it was in excess of £10,000 and my wife was in emotional torment while I fought for  5 months for her to have the operation on the UK National Health Service.

I did ask for assistance from Caranua and got ignored!

I doubt if they could have got the the operation done ant quicker privately; as they are slow to act!

hello Rob.  is £10.000 over the limit?  

No, their is no limit, do you have the caranua booklet, on what you can and canot do..

Hello Margaret!  Wow. That May Offer Survivors Hope!  You Are A First!  :)

hello Margaret. i am gob smacked!  i have never heard before anybody who anything off Caranua!  :)

hello Margaret. good to know. i made phone inquiry. no to car. do you have to have already received award from redress board before applying?  

hi jack

I though I hadd told you I had received stuff from them.  Tripple glazing orthopedic bed, over a grand, getting a load of stuff done, garage, new rads, new internal doors and stuff, sorry, though you knew., and walk in bath, a well for water, allready dug, and the water is full of chemicals. Been to the reress board is a precondition, hopefully that will change.



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