The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Hi Everyone.

I have just had a call from a woman called Jerry (I believe that was her name) at Caranua.  The conversation like this.   She (J) said how can I help you? I replied surely it is obvious from my call to your office the reason for my call.  I then asked when  willl I hear about my application and how was it progressing, she answered "ITS COMING ALONG" then she proceeded to tell me she has answered my question.

Anyone else getting this sort of negative abuse from this office do please enter it on this site.  Unless we pool together our dissatisfaction,  we are on to a hiding to nothing.  remember the staff at Caranua are being paid from our funds and they should know what the are doing.  They are clearly a bunch of people who are ill equipped  professionally and should be dismissed. come on Survivors it is time to ACT.

Kathleen O'Malley.  "Childhood Interrupted"

by us  do please

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hello Shep!  news to me but hey great to hear!  perhaps told me but i forgot?  usually i remember stuff because normally i have an excellent memory!

Margaret has regrettably left he Shame of Ireland!

As she left she opted to delete her comments on the site; so the thread doesn't read properly!

hello Rob!  do leaving members normally delete their comments?

Why is the Catholic Church avoiding their responsibility towards victims.  They are not short a penny,  Below you will find  details of different accounts held according to Press Reports.

Marino Institute of Education...3.2 million Pounds

In 2008 transferred property valued at 430 million pounds to Edmund Rice Trust and 6.2 million The Brothers contributed 3.5 million Pounds to this.

It has given 14.million to the UK  The Edmund Rice Bicentennial Trust...and 6.2 million pounds to the Irish Charity The Edmund Rice The Edmund Rice international Heritage Centres Ltd., Property valued 159 million pounds is encumbered via third party interests in schools and playing fields.

40 million plus to house the Brothers...11 million pounds to pay towards buildings like retreat centres.  102 million pounds  for Brothers of Charity services in Ireland...Property valued at 8.5 million Oblates of Mary Immaculate 5.6 million pounds used for residents. ...and so much more 

Dear Survivors,

If you need any help with Dental treatment please contact us.  We have a good relationship with Caruna and have treated quite a few survivors in a sympathetic and kind manor to the highest quality.  Our working relationship with Caruna is designed to minimise stress for the survivors.   We are a multi-award winning dental practice based in London please see our website for more details.  Please contact me on 02073281200 for any queries and bookings

Lets hope there are plenty of Caruna survivors maybe other Dentists will help those not included in Caruna

Rosaleen...Maybe one day all victims will have such services as advertised by this London Dentist. In the meantime thank you London based Dentist for your interest in helping this section of the community...

Must say i have received funds from Caruna for dental treatment and spectacles and club fees. It was all straight forward and i was treated with respect. Got to be honest iv'e had no problems with Caranua. James Hyland

A person I know went to dentist for quote. Told them she had a sponsor, straight away they said is it Caranua, (silly her said yes).  They asked for ID. Again (silly her) she gave them lots. They said they will send her out appointment. A week went by, she rang them (a few time). Dentist rang back to say Caranua would not pay for all the treatment she needed. Needless to say she got angry with lady for ringing Caranua.  She rang Caranua quite a few time (her person was always busy) She did ring back. Asked why she disscussed her with Dentist without her permission. First she said she did not, but she had to to say Caranua wont pay the cost!!!. After a few more words, the lady said dont talk about this to anyone, dentist said the same.

Do they think we are all fool, By the way she told her to leave dentist for awhile and go for something else. I told person, Go for dentist now as Caranua change the goal post. What do you all think??

Kathleen WELL SAID GAL WELL SAID ALL PRAISE Rob and I have been trying for over ten years to prevent this fund from happening but it happened no matter what we did as the ROPSC and other CROOKS leading Groups Fed Survivors LIES LIES and more LIEs so they could collect DONATIONS and the ONLY one that deserves DONATIONS is SHAMEOFIRELAND as this is the ONLY site that covers a lot of Support for Survivors it is their SITE and the hard work Rob does is spend his life doing what ever it take to keep it working so we are all thankful to have it because without it we have even less hope. Please send all these Messages to Clare Daly and have her read all to the Dail how their bullying is once again failing and preventing support healing and trust and how this fund is BULLYING US ALL.

We need all these Survivors here to agree that we send these messages to Clare as she has fought for us constantly and raised questions i have sent in but alone it is all weak but a body of work a body of names a stand of all survivors we will EXPOSE theTRUTH and SHAME THIS GOVERNMENT as this SITE PROMISES



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