The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Hi Everyone.

I have just had a call from a woman called Jerry (I believe that was her name) at Caranua.  The conversation like this.   She (J) said how can I help you? I replied surely it is obvious from my call to your office the reason for my call.  I then asked when  willl I hear about my application and how was it progressing, she answered "ITS COMING ALONG" then she proceeded to tell me she has answered my question.

Anyone else getting this sort of negative abuse from this office do please enter it on this site.  Unless we pool together our dissatisfaction,  we are on to a hiding to nothing.  remember the staff at Caranua are being paid from our funds and they should know what the are doing.  They are clearly a bunch of people who are ill equipped  professionally and should be dismissed. come on Survivors it is time to ACT.

Kathleen O'Malley.  "Childhood Interrupted"

by us  do please

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I found this posted elsewhere on the site so I am Just Copying it across for Continuity

Comment by Mary aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahen on August 18, 2014 at 12:23
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May Cornish- Henderson ,
I know we all write about the awful things that happened to us as children.I am the only survivor mentioned in Ryan's Report . But here is a bit of good news about Caranua.
I have received a walk in shower all fited and paid for by Caranua
.it took 8 months from start to finished .
I did not need any of the group leaders to help me. I had the same person dealing with me through all the 8 months.He was a great help
Regards May Cornish - Henderson
Comment by Teri on August 18, 2014 at 12:28
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May, that is good news - I think all others should fill in the application form, send it in, and put Caranua to the test - I guess that is what you have done...Enjoy your shower...Isn't it wonderful how the little pieces of positivity and positive action can lift one's spirits...

I have been fighting Cancer for the second time the first time was in 1998 just Two weeks after that operation I was in a bit of a panic as I thought I was going to die so after 35 years or so I decided to go back to Ireland to try and find my older sister (who is still missing it's now2014) and any Family who was still there , + my Roots , The child in me  had left part of my spirit there , But  all I came in contact with was BULLIES not one person from any of the groups even tried to be civil to me I was shouted at and INSULTED I contacted my cousins hoping for a bit of support even a kind word from anyone but my cousins were lovely but didn't know me from Adam I was a total  stranger to them  the last time I had seen them was before I was Sentenced in the High Court as a Criminal to detention in an Industrial school I was a very young child  and my baby sister was even younger . the Cancer came back in 2012 aggressive the Chemo knocked me out and caused Lymphdema which is for life to do with the Lymph Nodes ,my Liver swelled, Blood Clotted, you name it ,I am so lucky I have the best Surgeon Doctors and Nurses  he did a great job on me I have now fought the Breast Cancer  fought that ?(fingers crossed ) but have just come out of hospital again I have had a lot of Colon ,Bowel ,also suffered a nasty Vistula , I am delighted to say  I am home now minus my once  lovely asset Breasts but now I have a dirty big scar down my Tummy and across so my day's of Love are well over no one would want me now and it's to late , I am recovering well , my neighbour brought my mail at visiting time  one letter I did not recognize it was from some company called Caranua offering me an education course NOW not forgetting I don't live anywhere near London and have NO wish to go there What a CHEEK where did those people get my Details from >Not from Me that's for sure , ever since all the history of abuse in Industrial schools came out >The Users ,Abusers, Con Merchants , The Greedy money grabbers,  all rushed in falling over each other for Funding in the pretence that they had set up services for survivors they made sure they EARWIGED to gather Survivors details without our permission  to use to get their ILL GOTTEN FUNDING. It seems someone has set up another so called Services for survivors  called caranua ?????  which is a SCAM. I have never heard of them and DON'T WISH TO.

  I forward medical report from Scripps hospital here in San Diego  on my hearing and high blood pressure  was told NOT ACCEPTED am a survivor no over 65,yrs.i live in CA USA now .  no use phoning them no one will answer

my experience dealing with caranua is just unbelievable how they treat you.  Ive got to a stage its just not worth dealing with them i am loosing sleep my blood pressure gone way up i is like they want to break you down to nothing and beg and beg them just to get what you are suppose to be entitled to. i am just fed up with it all      

I Have to say that Margaret's Post Above is Probably the Most Telling Post on the Statutory Fund Farce that is Caranua to Date??

We need help of the PRESS and RADIO and TV networks to investigate and do a story on Caranua  let the public know what is going on someone reading The Shame of Ireland  must know someone to help us. if we had lawyers we would not be treated this way,  they can pick us one by one as we don't have  legal help.lets start and write letters and e-mails 

It does drive me Bonkers that there is Stuff all over the Place on this issue;

I have long Advocated that there be a single platform/place  for this but sadly this is not to be?

Posted a Link to this discussion on Facebook and this is the ensuing Conversation

  • William Delahunty Hi Robert I have being just informed that the people on the phones in Caranua are being payed the minimum wage and are having so much abuse from survivors that they don't want the job if this is true it is disgusting they cannot leave otherwise they would receive no benefit. The only ones benefiting from Caranua are the ones at the top
  • Rob Northall Would be good to get testimony, and present it to Clarke Daly TD and Jan O'Sullivan
  • William Delahunty The only way to get that is through one of the people employed by Caranua but I would not put to much faith in Clarence Day politicians are a peculiar breed they tell you anything until they are in a position to do nothing I heard all this from Fina Gail in the early two thousands when they were in opposition now see what they done to survivors

this CARANUA is now a POT of GOLD for the taking, and it will NOT be the Survivors who will benefit from it Just wait and see the next thing you will hear, a lot of funds went MISSING= (stolen) from within just disappeared? sorry but this is going to happen. 

Found this Posted on Facebook, in response to this debate

shame that everything is so Fragmented and information is all over the internet

Elizdine Ruth This fund is a joke apparently now they are going to revamp the system and set up another agency to deal with the housing supports, Winter is coming people need to avail of the insulation etc., Is there a way to find out what is really going on, the staff don't know. I heard somewhere there is a survivor on the board of directors is it possible to make contact with him/her and get some real representation

caranua are refusing me a laptop they expect me to learn languages with rosetta stone without one because I had to sell the one I had to have heat for my cat they disrespect me every time 

apart from here the Facebook groups and my cat I have no support and to be honest am questioning the point of continuing I would like it made public about caranua and the cottage home

I had to correct a woman last week who thinks we survivors all have houses and drive around in Audi's I don't know if I can live another year like this 

 well its now over 4 weeks waiting for my refund for the money  over $350.00 I payed out of my savings for my Eyes checked and  reading glass;es  no word nothing   why did i get involved with this bunch, are there trying to rip us off as well ??so far i am out of over $400.00 even thou i send on all receipts. and did what i was told to do there goes my retirement money



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