The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

I objected to the way a Telephonist by the name of Ger  spoke to me and also appeared to know details of my Case.  I have now been BARRED from phoning Caranua.  This I believe is for Survivors  however Mary Higgins at no time spoke to me to hear my side of the conversation.  This woman Ger informed me my Case was closed.  How did she know this' unless she had information on such.  I am of the opinion  there has been a Breach of the confidentially Act.   I believe as a Telephonist she was not or should not know the details of my Case.  Are the Advisors also working as Telephonist  or are the jobs seperate.  I lodged a complaint against this individual and the C.E.O. did not grace me with a Curtosy call but had the time to write and Ban me from communicating by telephone.  I also wrote to the Chairman and once again no reply.  I believe such individuals are in a paid position and should respect us the Survivors who made their JOBS posible.

Example.  If I engage a Solicitor the Telephonist is there to take and pass on messages.  Not to tell the client her view otherwise why pay Legal Fees?

Have you been ABUSED by this Organisation do let us know.  Unless we stand up for ourselves we are condoning the Abuse we suffered as Children.  

Kathleen O'Malley  "Childhood Interrupted" 

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ThanX Kate for posting and bringing the original article “Abuse survivors unhappy at fund’s operation” to my attention.

I intend to draw the Authors attention to genuine Survivors comments.

To this end I have Copied this across so it can be read with other comment on the article.

I have closed this discussion and if anyone wants to continue this discussion

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