The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Hello Everyone.

I have just uncovered a letter I wrote to Jan O'Sullivan back in 2014 showing my discontent with Caranua, she replied saying she had nothing to do with it. 

From this M Higgins clearly is a little Hitler who has complete control and is out of her depth.

Caranua has been set up for the survivors, I wonder how many other survivors she has barred from phoning?.

Kathleen O'Malley.  "Childhood Interrupted"

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Jan o sulivan is a complete joke, we need to take ownership of caranua, keep using the complaints system, they have to deal with them, keep on to politicans the legislation needs to be changed, get on to the

Once it reaches a certain level they will be left with no option but to deal with the issues, the inclusion of our children will need to be done at governement level, we were after all promised a review in 2015 with a view to our kids accessing the fund. So keep at it people. Also we need survivors in caranua itself, not just on the board,  it would make a lot of sense.

When making complaints use reason, base them on factual information and try not to get to heated :-) personally i find this an effective approach.

Hi Michael,  can you give us the name of the person who replaced Jan O' Sullivan and possibly an email address or Tel No

as she has done didly squat for us,  why was she ever in that position.  We need to arrange a meeting with the new person and put our complaints to him/her,  Mary Higgins has to go,  just wondering how many of us survivors feel that she has done a good job she is looking after herself and laughing all the way to the bank,  so lets get her out  and sooner rather than later.

Thanks Michael have just sent an email off to the Minister of Education I wait in anticipation for a reply.

Will be interesting, keep at her :-)

Hi all, Is the contract for CEO four years ? just wondering.

I really hope that your instinct is correct Michael, I understood that the term was four years and with Gods help thay term is here, need I say anymore.

New faces

Minister for Education and Skills - Richard Bruton, Fine Gael 



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