The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

I have been reading a lot of bad comments about caranua and feel i had to say something 'i have been dealing with them and i found them very helpful'they have helped me a lot without a lot of fuss'

i feel it has to said i thought they were very helpful adn i have to give praise were it due


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Hi Shep, Welcome to the website!

You can change your name in your settings to something less anonymous or message me via my page?

Would love to know why you think some have preferential treatment??

And what the craic is?

hi, thanks for you mail. i am still in the process, and have had not bother yet, not sure why others do, may be attatude, anger, frustration. we should remember that the people answering the phone are far down the chain, so when they go to get funding for Mr Or M/s a they must have criteria in place, hence all the questions they then have to leave their desk and go to another office, and apply for the funds on your behalf, based on the information they have been given.your attatude may well be a factor.also, they are employed by caranua, also the funds will only be in place for a short time, 2/3 years.also, the money is not theirs, they administer it, they seam to be ok with giving it to us once the paper work is in place. also Rob as i am still in the process it is better that i remain shep. Hope this helps.

Quite happy to let you remain as Shep.

Although I do not really like aliases

ThanX for your input!


you are very lucky you found them helpful I am acting as an advocate on behalf of my uncle who is a survivor he requires work on his home which is costly however as I continue to tell Caranua that it is NOT CARANUAS money THEY only get to say how it is spent my uncles application has been in since March, timescale is  a joke, my mother and her other 2 brothers and sister are still waiting too however the so called advisor (WHO NEVER RETURNS MY CALLS) continues to try to put me off by now saying just week before Xmas "one of our professionals need to come out to inspect the roof because the quote is quite high" needless to say she has the quote sitting on her desk since September, despite the fact it is a listed building and of course will be more expensive than other houses in September I sent in an architect report and photographs of the roof to them which my uncle paid 350 for I asked the advisor is an Architect not a professional opinion is his report not professional enough?? to which she replied "Well not really Sinead we have new team of guys which are been set up in January so they can go out to inspect the roof"(WHICH IM SURE WILL COME OUT OF SURVIVORS MONEY) I have informed this advisor she continues to give me timeframes/dates since September which I go back to tell my uncle which she is also aware of it took me a long time to persuade to apply to Caranua in the first place what they are doing is detrimental to peoples mental health especially when they are so desperate for this help, this advisor had the cheek to tell me if my uncle applied for hearing aids, dental work the cheques would be issued by now!! Last straw I informed her that I have identified my uncles individualised needs they are basic needs such as heat and comfort in his own home so he can spend the rest of his days there, absolute joke left it that I will ring her on 5th jan if not satisfied with her response I am seeking legal advice.

get letter from your dad's doctor detailing why he needs heating, make sure it is detailed and get an O T report, cost about 300 euro, read this criteria. and stop shouting....


For a basic need such as heat in your own home an OT assessment is not necessary CARANUA have assisted my mother, aunt and two uncles with new heating systems my uncles house is a listed building therefore the plumbing system is slightly more expensive that is why I paid for an architect to do a detailed report and photographs and yes I find it frustrating due to the inconsistent information I continue to receive from Caranua each time I phone the advisor I am aware of the criteria as I have read it from cover to cover  I have not and would never shout at anyone as it is not my personality I am an assertive person who gets to the point and this page is for ventilating about the barriers we continue to face with Caranua

I contacted Caranua re decorating my flat. Reply, we do not pay for decorating but we do pay for new windows and doors.

I live in a rented flat. Therefore Caranua will add thousands of pounds to the value of the property. My landlord would be rubbing his hands in glee at survivors expense. Could this be right???????????????

Paul, my aunt was in the same situation as you asked for rented accommodation to be decorated they refused her too they do have it in the guidance book what they will and will not pay for unfortunately, they will pay for Windows,doors, heating systems etc.

Thanks Sinead. I will look into it some more.

this may not work. canua is dead in the water- redress is gone for all.  did anybody go to the courts.  ms buckley did vry well as did barry and others.

Hi Tony

I too had no other choice to apply to Caranua.I must say they were right on the ball with getting me the help I needed.There are many other things needed for victims that they will need over the years as some of us have been left disabled from Irish child abuse.

ok. thats grate. ill do same as you and ill be ok. ill try again so. thanks  and goos luck.




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