The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Catherine Connelly Grilling Caranua at the Public Accounts Committee PART 2 13th April 2017

As Promised here's Part 2

If you've missed Part 1

It's Highly Recommended!

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How very cruel. thay treat survivers as if we are beggers. Waiting lists shouldnt be for people who are old and ill. Why this no exceptions Policy. That poor man died knowing he wasent important enough. The administration shouldnt be more important than the survivers. Thats not caring. And thay are over paid. A pension for the work done would have been fairer. Being bossed is not caring.

Pauline the whole thing is a farce, are you waiting on an issue to be dealt with at caranua?

Yes i am but i need time to organise the 3 Estimations required. Inviting strangers into my home scars me as i am an invalide. Over here life has become Dangerous.

Thanks so much for sharing this, I received one of those letters and I wouldn't have any other information about my right to reapply nor was I informed that the guidelines had changed regarding white goods ect ect... this page is where I get most of my information so thanks again for keeping me in the loop, Happy Easter all

Same to you Graham, the can't refuse you an application form be it second or third, they tried refusing me a second one for over a year but one arrived this week out of nowhere, don't forget this is our compensation money to help with ongoing needs. Any help or advice you need just ask us here.

Higgins had a very smug look on her during that grilling and was giving the impression that she dosent have to answer to anyone. Great points made and brought up by Catherine Connolly. My wife is still waiting to have her second application  dealt with over a year now. Made complaints and still getting the run around.

Its amazing how she can get away with lying to the PAC if you were to believe Higgins sure a case such as your wives could not exist given how seriously they "value" our complaints. Was waiting a year just to get the form just keep putting it to her that she is telling PAC /dail/ media one thing while running caranua very different. Keep us updated on your wife's app Daniel hopefully she won't have to wait to much more lad. Has she got app form yet or is she wait on app decision.
Michael she is waiting on a decision. Its so frustrating trying to deal with them and been told different things when eventually they answer the phone. Then you are dealing with someone next thing your told their left and you will have to wait for someone else to be assigned to yoye wifes case. Ive been on to Clair Dalys office and I am going to contact Catherine Connolly next. I would really love to have ten minutes in a room with that Higgins one and fire questions at her. Will keep you updated on how my wife gets onbut I think I know the outcome as shes a second applicant she'll be told you've received your quota from us.If its so frustrating for me to be dealing with them I can really imagine how a survivor feels. Its totally wrong what they are doing to people.
I know exactly what your going through lad, PAC see no need for this limit so hopefully even if caranua don't accept that the appeals office will, these endless delays add serious stresses to survivor's we need Higgins removed so now is the time to rachet up our efforts. She has been misleading everyone and has to answer for it. In any emails to anyone just mention that why is Higgins telling the PAC that she listens, wants and acts on survivor's queries needs when in fact you, I, all of us are proof by virtue of having to contact politician's for help that this is simply not true. I sincerely hope Daniel your wife gets the help she needs soon.



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