The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Catherine Connelly Grilling Caranua at the Public Accounts Committee PART 2 13th April 2017

As Promised here's Part 2

If you've missed Part 1

It's Highly Recommended!

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Total lies from Higgins she has zero interest in communication with survivor's on any issue which is easily proved

what a load of crap from elton john look alike mary higgans she lied about every thing that was put to her .i still want caranua

closed as soon as possible sack mary higgans and her staff and set up a new organision till this happens nothing will change

for us . james fox.

Yep I actually have a letter from caranua point blank refusing me an application form despite having ask for one many times over a year, my application was called compete despite me telling them that they never discussed my needs with me, I have proof of this so Mary Higgins you are telling lies to the PAC.

I'm sure that Mary Higgins is aware of who I am?

I find it difficult to understand why she hasn;t asked me what Survivors want or need!

I have been listening for 7 years to Survivors without a Personal Axe to Grind

As I'm NOT a Survivor!

She knows alright remember the letter of no confidence we sent to the board we never even got a reply. Her attitude to survivor's is a big part of the issue's we have. She just pulls random "procedures" right out of her arse, she must go
Listing to this it is clear that the Department of Education is totally irresponsible and the government as a hole have acted in an irresponsible manner in dealing with survivors and this money if shared equality would not have cost more to administer than as happened with the setting up of Caranua This money if used as a top up pension would have gone a long way in releasing the suffering of survivors. As we are constantly being informed survivors are damaged beyond repair. Caranua is not responsible for this the Minester of Education is and the government must take responsibility as they selected this organisation. Any survivor that has applied at the end of Caranua and receives nothing will have a case against Caranua and the Irish government. The justification of a survivor receiving one hundredth thousand euro and another receiving ten thousand and be told that is your limit shows the incompedence of all concerned

Very interesting indeed.  They were All caught out on numerous occasions doing things they should NOT be doing! One seems to be on a different planet than the next! The Board is certainly NOT acting properly making decisions by themselves, you know i wonder if Mary Higgins is the Main problem here? who in my Opinion from what i can see, is making ALL the decisions herself, and NOT allowing the Board to have Any input in the decision making!

Saying she sent out letters to Survivors telling them their case was closed, they had got everything they had asked for is NOT correct. She also said this could be appealed, which again is NOT correct.

I had an email from her stating my case was closed, with NO mention of Appeal or anything of the sort, so i don't know where all these Lies are coming from. It seems to me that Mary Higgins IS the Dictator in this case, and her word is final! I personally do NOT think she is working within the remit of the Legislation, but making the decisions on her own head, and the Board has absolutely NO say good, bad or Indifferent in Any matter.

I somehow do not think we have heard the end of this Saga yet, i think there will be More Inconsistencies  revealed into the future. A LOT more!

Bang on the money there, the chairman seemed way out of the loop, Higgins is a deluded ego maniac who will always try and blame her appalling management on the very people she is supposed to be helping she is a disgrace trampling all over victims of abuse and lying to the media and the dail and the PAC to cover her tracks, her half hearted mea culpa just doesn't cut it, she will be back before the PAC and her lies will be laid bare.

Section 25 of the Statutory Trust Fund Act Requires that public authorities, as defined in s.2, shall, where practicable, coordinate their functions with those of the Board. When requested to do so by the Board, the local authority shall authorise an employee to be a liaison officer so as to advise former residents on the publicly available services provided by the authority, on request by the Board to advise the Board of these services, and liaise with the Board in relation to any specific application which has been received by the Board.

Caranua are pretty thin on Advocacy!

The Act Specifies that EVERY Local Authority have a Named Liaison Officer sympathetic to the needs of Former Residents of the Industrial Schools that will progress the needs of Former Residents at the Behest of the Board!

They Define a Local Authority as
a local authority, within the meaning of the Local Government Act 2001;

Why is Mary Higginss blaming County Managers for Breaking the Law?

When shee is supposed to be getting the most for Survivors?

In 3 years I've never seen or hear this advocacy my god when I heard Higgins and the chairman say that the application complete was a mutual decision between applicant and caranua after all needs had been met this is simply not true.

In cases of severe illness being told that 6 months of waiting on a list is very heartless. It leaves the surviver alone without funds to sort needs out themselves.A wheelchair is vital and cant wait for them to get around to dealing with the problem. So what to do !!!!!!!!!!.

Hi Pauline they were advised by a hospital in Dublin that I survivor did not have long left, he was sent a letter like you mention that he would be contacted in a few months, he died a few days after receiving this letter.



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