The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Catherine Connelly Grilling Caranua at the Public Accounts Committee PART 1 13th April 2017

I Guarantee you will Love Every Minute of this!


It's only Part 1


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Just listening to the committee, putting questions to this organisation the TD question raises number of interesting points, I think this organisation has been responsible from day one, they should have known that they had a total of €110 million and that there would be many applicants require help this fund, they failed at the early stages to put a limit the amount of money that someone could claim services and goods, a number of people have received amounts from €10,000-€100,000, it wouldn't have taken a good accountant to work out at the beginning of the scheme that this simply would not work and that in fact this organisation would indeed run out of money very quickly but for some reason they failed to act on this and it is my understanding that it was only in 2016 they put a limit of €15,000 for any applicant, of course survivors are going to see this as fair, the other aspect of this that the fund seems to favour those who all the all houses and it would appear that that's where most of the money has gone to date, i.e. extensions, renovations to those who own properties, however if you were not fortunate of the property lived in rented accommodation and for whatever reason had difficulty in meeting the monthly rent you were entitled to nothing, as the organisation did not provide for those in rented accommodation or were homeless that indeed is were a lot of the help should have been directed to, it seems the fund favours some people want not others such as those all the wrong property and to genuinely need a bathroom converted or made bigger because of a disability, and while I have no problem with this I believe that is fundamental discrimination against those who do not own the properties and who are having difficulties simply making ends meet.

The question has to be asked was this organisation incompetent from day one, was this organisation fair to all applicants regardless of their financial circumstances, did this organisation favour those order the wrong properties, and simply ignore those people did not have a property?? It is simply not good enough for this organisation two years after been established to decide that they were going to limit the amount of money paid to an applicant because they were irresponsible in that they should have no how many applicants approximately would apply under the fund, and therefore should have know and have implemented immediately a set amount that an applicant could apply for, there is no consistency in relation to the amount of money paid to one person or another in respect of this fund therefore the question has to be asked were the CEO, financial director, accountants working on behalf of the organisation irresponsible in the way they handled the fund from the word go, is also noted that several million from the hundred and 10 million allocated to the fund has already been spent in CEO salaries and administration in general my understanding is that comes to the amount of 48 million to date it is also my understanding that 48 million is deducted from the hundred and 10 million million allocated to the fund.. And it would appear that part of the 48 million was paid to agency staff which we all know cost twice as much as ordinary staff, again the question has to be asked was the 48 million to date Miss used? And if so it should be repaid back into the fund and given to the people it was originally designed to help the survivors.

And finally is there not a case for legal action to be taken against this organisation for possible mists appropriation of funds,?
John O'Brien (survivor)
West Yorkshire


shared on twitter.

Indeed You Have Raised Some Very Excellent Points John.

it's not only €110 million but properties worth about the same and are still being used by schools etc. rent been paid to the state from these properties and not one penny going to the survivors.

It Can All Feel Like Punishment (Revenge) For Shaming Those Guilty Of The Abuse (Including Blocking Access To Justice) . 

I feel that a written apology should be given to all survivors of abuse while in the care of the state and various institutions, run by the Irish Christian Bros and the various religious orders, however this apology should come from the organisation known as Caranua and the apology should be given by the CEO, for the derogatory remarks which you made on the Joe Duffy libelling show or orR TE radio, and repeater comments in subsequent newspapers, she has already withdrawn the comments in the committee enquiring into the activities of Caranua , the reality of the situation is that the religious orders in conjunction with the state caused the unnecessary suffering of those in the various institutions run by the religious orders and financed in part or all by the state, if the state care , the state and or the religious orders should continue to support the survivors for as long as necessary and if necessary for the rest of their lives, after all we didn't ask to be sent to these institutions we didn't ask to be physically sexually and/or emotionally be abused by the religious orders and encouraged by the state, the survivors did not do anything wrong and should not be treated as if they should be grateful all the time
John O'Brien
West Yorkshire

Beautifully Spoken John!

Questions put to the Dept of Education by Catherine Connolly

ThanX Barbie  Will put that up on its own page

Sharing (Again) On Twitter.

Mary Higgins is a lair, I think it was last year when we decided on here to contact the local councils to see if they had a liaison office dedicated for survivors, so I contact Tipperary County Council they never heard of it and did not have one trained in the needs of survivors. Also, in my sisters case where they did work on the bathroom and left it in a state when she contact Caranua she was told to deal with it herself. Also, Mary Higgins stated they only used one preferred supplier more lies as the crowd that did the work on the bathroom have worked all over the Country for Caranua. Plus, the privacy laws were broken as even the plumber knew they were working for Caranua and also knew what it was for my sister was in a state over this as she has major issues with social anxieties.     

I Recall Your Post About  liaison offices (local Councils). These People Do Not Understand Our Needs.



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