The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

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Hi Jack, the minister is away with the fairies, if he thinks for one minute that Caranua management or staff read or listen to the complaints of survivors. He also made a statement regarding the changes Caranua had made for survivors such as housing. I was refused help with housing and told they would only write a letter to the Council for me and because I was on a certain rental scheme that I would not be re housed as I was adequately housed but although that is true, I am at the whim of private landlords and could be given a 30 day notice at any time. I am still under the original guidelines which they has stated they would be helping survivors will all their housing needs as the wanted us to be warm and comfortable in our home in our later years. I refused to sign up to the new guidelines as by doing so I would be limiting myself to how many applications to which I could apply.  

No Wonder So Few Survivors Have Applied To The Fund!

Higgins got creased when she tried to run that garbage past Catherine Connelly she was told you all ready know of these things from all the complaints, contacts from dail members and the appeals office so she is officially full to the ear's of the brown stuff. We all know here that she was lying through her teeth in front of the PAC this will come back to bite her hard.

She Appeared To Me To Be Inappropriate In Her Behaviour. Also Struggling Not To Laugh.

Yep she was struggling to keep her contempt for any one who would dare question her under control, a contempt we all know very well here.

only missing a dog collar.



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