The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Catherine Connolly TD takes that Parrot Richard Bruton to Task over Caranua 5th April 2017

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Miss use of Irish language is correct as as certainly not a friend 

I wrote to this minister I was told nothing to do with him

Well said Catherine ,it was bad enough going through the redress board but Caranua made me feel like a begger not a nice experience

Wrote to him and was told he'd look into my complaint but heard nothing back since.
Parrot is right, Mary Higgins is absolute scum survivor's need her removed

Fair play to Catherine Connolly TD and of course Clare Daly for bring the issues of Survivors to the Oireachtas! I have written by email to the Ministers Quinn, O'Suillivan and Bruton, with the same answer not under their remit is the reply. I have received from the fund glasses, dental and driving lessons as I live in the middle of no where and with all the services been taken away from rural Ireland I have to get driving. I was refused help with housing that is getting a more secure place to live as I am in private rental under a RAS scheme and at the whim of landlords. I was refused funeral expenses for when my time comes, special eye treatments as I'm allergic to wearing glasses, as I was told my children could not avail of the fund. I could apply for the funeral fund if I signed up to the new guidelines but I refused to sign that as it would be signing my rights away and limiting myself to the €15,000. 

Caranua have Failed in their Advocacy Role they have Specially Appointed people within Each Local Council in Ireland to Assist Survivors of Availing of Council Services Surely this includes Secure Accommodation??

I am Soooo impressed by the interest of the Oireachtas in this, the lack of people in the chamber is disgraceful.

There was a good debate first week in march I think where caranua got lamb blasted for pretty much everyone, everyone in the dail knows the masses of complaints they get everyday about caranua and most agree that caranua and Mary Higgins have been a disaster.

the sooner mary higgans and the parrot richard bruton are gone the better for every one .mary higgans is the

worst persion they could pick to over see caranua she is a hard bitch with only self interest i.e. money look at

what she told joe duffey these people are so badley effected it dosent matter what you give them they still want more i thought that was the idea of setting up caranua to look after people that were abused in state

run prisons it is a wonder they did not employ x ss officers this is what mary higgins reminds me of when i look

at her she seams to like wearing black could she be a groupey for the church . mabye in another life she was a christin brother . we will have to see what comes out at the pac enquirey .  james fox,

Yep James that's about the size of it if it walks and talks like the church well chances are it is the church, what she said to Duffy is a complete cop out to shirk any responsibility, her comments are outrageous and an insult to all survivor's.

Hi James, she as in Mary Higgin's is a wanta be nun and is trying to claw back the money for the religious, through any means possible, the church will get back any money they paid into the fund somehow. Eventually, just like all the other things that have come to light She and the people in charge of the fund that will include board members, ministers and any one with responsibilities to the survivors just like every other report in the past about the abuses they will all have to answer for the continued abuse of survivors.



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