The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Commission investigating Mother and Baby Homes will not examine illegal adoptions

The Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby Homes will not be asked to examine illegal adoptions that took place outside such institutions.

Minister for Children Katherine Zappone said the plight of the dwindling number of survivors of the Protestant-run Bethany Home was one reason she had asked the commission to advise on whether the investigation's scope should be widened.

The commission was set up in January 2015 following allegations about the deaths of 800 babies - including how the babies were buried - at a former Mother and Baby Home in Tuam, Co Galway.

Allegations of widespread malnutrition in this and other Catholic Church-run homes also prompted the last government to establish the commission.

The three members of the commission, who are examining 18 homes, have spoken to at least 150 witnesses and expect that to rise to more than 500.

It was charged with producing three reports - a Confidential Committee Report on individuals, a Social History Report and a Final Investigation Report.

The number of witnesses has led the commission to request an extension of the timeline so that all its reports will be published in February 2018 rather than in a staggered fashion as was the original schedule.

During the last century many single mothers, who never lived in mother and baby homes, gave birth in hospital only to have their babies taken from them by church-based adoption societies, which arranged for the children to be sent to families, frequently abroad.

This evening Ms Zappone rejected a proposal to have the commission investigate thousands of cases of this nature.

I Picked this up from Facebook >

Paul J. Redmond shared Coalition of Mother And Baby home Survivors - CMABS's post.

So what happened today and what does it all mean? Well there's neutral news and bad news. First the neutral:

First of all the Inquiry was supposed to complete two of it's three Reports next month and they say they can't and asked the Government for permission to delay them until the very end of the Inquiry in Feb 2018 and the Government agreed.

Second of all the Government has in return asked the Inquiry to submit another interim Report in September and the Inquiry has agreed to that.

Thirdly the Government via Minister for Children Catherine Zappone asked the Inquiry to "prepare a further Interim Report
in respect of the Commission’s duty under Article 6 to “report to the Minister on whether it considers specific matters not included in
the existing scope may warrant further investigation as part of the Commission’s work in the public interest”. and the Frequently Asked Questions bit on the Department website says that "The Commission has indicated that it will submit a further Interim Report in September. The Government will fully consider any
recommendations made by the Commission".

So that's it. It's not been a great day but not bad either. It's disappointing they are so far behind schedule and of course survivors were only told at the last minute something was happening and only found out what it was along with the rest of the world. However the bottom line is the Inquiry are saying they will finish on time so no harm done there.

Now the BAD news: there is a second issue to report: Minister Zappone has also ruled out an investigation into Illegal Adoptions which is appalling, disgusting and unacceptable. The right to 'Legal Remedy' is a basic civil right enshrined in all the international agreements we've signed up to, including the UN and European legislation. Minister Zappone is denying survivors their basic civil and human rights and is a disgrace. This is a resigning matter.

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"This evening Ms Zappone rejected a proposal to have the commission investigate thousands of cases of this nature."

Who Pays Her To Cover up These Human Rights Abuses?

Church Sponsored?

I hope that this enquiry don't turn out to be another whitewash that will satisfy no one Zappone elected on the water charges was not long in jumping on the FG bandwagon and as the above states it is a basic human right that has being denied. This don't look good just another government protecting the Catholic Church

Hand In Glove.

It never ends one government making sure the church is look after and F the rest of you - they are only interested in the money they do no care about children, adults with special needs or any survivors being abused or neglected it is still going on today!! I live in fear of my beautiful son ending up in a place like this: 

Barbie. I Notice So Many Places Of Horror History In Ireland Now House Children And Adults With Special Needs. 



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