The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Contacting Ernest J. Cantillon Solicitors Cork to take Action Against the Irish Government!

Jimmy sent me a Copy of his letter to Ernest J. Cantillon Solicitors Cork

He has asked me to post it on his behalf.

Hi Rob, Can you please put copies of my 2 letters up on your site for other survivors to read, and if in agreement with my aims, to get the Caranua project abandoned , in favor of a fair and proper share out of the existing funds to the remaining qualified Survivors, then perhaps email's/letter s of support from as many Survivors as possible , to both party's , would help us a lot, and show our overall feelings on the entire matter !
Whatever needs to be done, apart from protests etc , needs to be done ASAP, before we all get diddled out of our money, given to us by the Religious, but with Quinn taking control of it, and insulting us all by this illegal outfit Caranua, which any intelligent person can see, is not fit for purpose, it is illegal, and the ultimate further abuse on all Survivors, most now in their elder years.
I would love to see every Survivor start some serious protest now against this sick treatment Quinn is master minding ! And hitting us with !
Put this up as well, if you think it will help
Thanks Rob.

I have removed the Contact information to protect his Privacy


I have Attached the Letter he Sent to Ruari Quinn t this Post




Dear Earnest,


Most Survivors who had their cases heard at the RIRB, were humiliated, badly short changed, received awards that were a pittance and insult to them , and were encouraged by their respective legal teams, Solicitors/Barristers,   to sign gagging orders, (which carried various threats,  including fines, imprisonment or both),  in acceptance, or risk losing out completely on their petty awards .


This  was very bad advice at the time, and left a sour taste in the mouths of Survivors of Irelands shame . It also made it impossible for Survivors to ever trust Solicitors again.


However, being very impressed with your firms handling of Louise O Keefes recent case at the ECHR, I am writing to you to seek your assistance  by representing Survivors to this same venue,  with our issues regarding Minister Quinn’s Caranua scheme , which for all intent and purposes is illegal, corrupt ,engineered, designed and produced by Quinn in order to inflict further abuse on the remaining Survivors,  and deprive us of what is our Statutory Trust Fund, our rightful money , as contributed to us by the Religious, along with their long awaited apologies and final recognition

Of the serious injury and damage that was handed to us as Children by them ,at the various gulags and institutions of  so called Holy Ireland .


There is currently £110 million plus in this fund, with a promise of further money  from the sale of various properties, and lands held by the Religious.


The existing Survivors , mostly now in their elderly years, feel that the proper way to deal with this overall issue, is to share out this fund in an equal and fair manner , thus allowing Survivors the opportunity to decide how to spend this money, on their own quality of life, and  their families , and not to be dictated to Quinn , who effectively is high jacking our fund for his ulterior motives and administering it with criteria, rules, nonsense regulations,   terms and conditions , that makes  it virtually impossible for any Survivor to  gain a cent from what is rightfully theirs to begin with .


In order for Quinn to carry out this scheme, he had to effectively create a new outfit to replace our STF, and Caranua was produced, using his power and new legislation, taking up much of Survivors time, over 6 years, in which time sadly,  we lost many Survivors. 


Those Survivors  we lost ,    their spouses and family   are now denied any sort of  consideration for claiming what should have gone to them, 

 as his bent rules dictate !


The entire Caranua is a fraud, certainly not designed to help or assist Survivors, as they claim. It is a total farce , criminal , unjust, and amounts to bare faced robbery of Survivors money .


Ernest , I enclose various copies of Survivors posted comments to you for your perusal, I feel that after reading through it all , you will agree and see that we have a valid argument as to the disposal of OUR money, it is with out- doubt an infringement of our human rights, and only the power of the ECHR , with your assistance , would ensure that this entire illegal business  of Quinn’s Caranua, gets a just and fair hearing.


In this respect I, along with most Survivors ,  would ask you to please take this all on board, and represent us by taking our case to the ECHR .


Showing Quinn up to the world , and exposing his contemptible treatment of Survivors , who are now living all over the world.


Please  advise if you can help us,  I am available most days  here at home in the UK , should you need to talk to me, I will be only to happy to assist you further, in any way possible. Or by email .


Thank you for your interest, looking forward to hearing from you , as will the remaining Survivors, (still just about alive ! ) I will keep them informed through our site “SHAME OF IRELAND “.


Yours sincerely        James Moy

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Hi Rob,thank you for the information regarding James letter to Ernest J Cantillon Solicitors.

I must say James makes clear and intelligent account of our situation.Wishing James and all

survivors well with this great opportunity.

Hi Catherine , thank you for your kind comment. Delghted that you agree, hopefully now,   other members here will bombard Quinn and his cronies' with support for what is by rights all , belonging to us.

And get him to see the sense of putting his sick scam project "Caranua" in the wheelie bin, and immediately set about  getting the money that is rightfully ours , out of the STF, and share it all equally and fairly ASAP, to the remaining Survivors.

It is my intention to expose him for this further attack on Survivors, it amounts to nothing more that hi trying to  screw us again in our elder years !



James I have got your back. Thanks for taking the time and effort on our behalf.

Your a gem of a woman Margaret, Thanks for looking  after my back, I am fighting like hell to get this Caranua despatched to the wheelie bin, where it rightfully belongs  !

Fighting for all the survivors like us on here, to get our share of what is rightfully ours . No surrender,

Jimmy, xx.          hope life is kind to you down there in Southampton !!

Hi James and well done, There is a woman barrister in UK who represented the Magdalene in the UN she might be worth contacting??? I can't think of her name now but will come back to you with it later or I will pass it on to Rob. Keep up the good work,

Cynthia Owen (please see my Facebook page DalkeySindyMurphy) or my blog

Hi Cynthia, Thank you for your kind words, I am just doing my best to get Quinn s illegal scheme Caranua, kicked into touch, and the share out of our money, that Quinn is  currently keeping in his control. depriving and abusing us all over again in our old age !

The application for representing us at the ECHR, has gone in to Ernest Cantillon in Cork a very good legal firm, who successfully recently took out an action to that same venue on behalf of Louise O Keefe, an Lady who has been battling Various Irish governments for near on 20 years, experiencing no joy or any headway with her complaint of Rape and abuse at a school in Cork,.on her and other pupils at the same school, all committed by civil teachers.

That was a great result for her,fully deserved, and got her over £300,000 award, plus a big apology from Quinn and others. All her legal costs met by Quinn .

As it stands now, I very much doubt that Quinn will cherish another visit to this venue in Europe, and suffer more egg on his gob !for a second time.

He needs to see that we mean business, and are not going to be abused again for the second time in our lives, our Childhood and now in our elder years.

Its not just my pet subject in attempting this for myself, I am doing what I hope will bring a result for all remaining Survivors, who have experienced much abuse in their lives and are still suffering fro its effects to this day!

Email your support for this venture please,  to Quinn and Ernest Cantillon . email addresses and   minister

 Many thanks C, kind regards



Hi James. Sorry I'm been a bit slow, but how can I help, to throw a spanner in the works. Georgina

anything i can do.


Thank you for your post. I'm afraid that I'm finding it too difficult and time consuming to reply to the the letter I received from Caranua. Each day is a great struggle for me as I'm pushing 83 having undergone surgery for cancer of the stomach. The whole stomach was removed and daily life since has left me with a very poor quality of life. I'm beginning to wonder if it was worth it. There is no help and I live alone. My time has been taken up with writing a book; "Alzheimer's Care My way". I'm giving it away free to people who are caring for loved ones with Alzheimer's to download.

Why a book you might ask? Well I chose to care for my wife in our own home on my own till she passed away. All the experts and professionals said it was impossible and when she reached the 'end stage' I was offered a Macmillan palliative care nurse. I turned her away and told the doctors who said she had not long to live; "I will look after her my own way till the end." She not only lived a further four and a half years. With my 24/7 care year on year her quality of life was much improved. The best part is, I've kept the medical records that record my lack of co-operation with medical staff, plus I've made videos of her progress and posted pictures in the book, and attached the medical records at the end of the book.

During the period I was caring for her, both the Report into Child Abuse was in progress and later the Redress Board operated. I could not attend the Redress Board in person, but conducted my case through a solicitor by E-mail. It proved a fruitless exercise as I never knew why I was in State Custody, nor the circumstances that led up to it. Both the Sisters of Mercy in Kilkenny and the Brothers at Artane denied the abuses I suffered. In the end I gave up and accepted a small sum of money, which I never spent. I could ill afford to waste time on them while caring for my wife.

Only after  my wife passed, did I research the circumstances that led to my incarceration to find I was not guilty of anything. The religious order were so stupid with their denials when evidence is so clear and simple. They could not even lie without contradicting themselves with their entries in the records! Like many of my generation I fear it is far too late for justice to prevail.

The redeeming good to come out of all I'd been through as a child from age two to sixteen, made me appreciate love when it first enter my life in the form of a young eighteen year old factory girl. Had I not had the early life experience there's little doubt I would have been one of the herd and accepted what I was told and 'put my wife away' and not cared as I did. Kids like us knew what it meant to be 'put away' it helped to understand the fears and much more.

Hi Patrick, So sorry to read of your sad life to date, thank you for sharing with me and other members here , much appreciated, and to tell you the truth, your letter impacted on me , brought tears to my eyes, and a lump in my throat. My good Lady and Wife was wondering what was up with me , why I was sobbing, and I got her to read your letter, and then She understood.

So sorry you lost your Wife, you obviously treasured her and Loved her very much to the bitter end, caring for her through her health issues, fair play to you, your an inspiration to us all !

Your point about Love is very correct, and sadly in our Childhood , many of  us suffered the lack of it, As our Child abuse experience testifies to !   Indeed  what has always become very apparent to me is that no matter how bad things are for many of us, there are always other Survivors worse off, who endured far more horrible abuse and injuries !

Patrick , as you can see , I am determined to expose the the treatment being dished out to Survivors by this and previous Governments, the RIRB  was an out and out violation of our basic human rights, humiliating and distressing for most of us that went through it.

Only the legal "ambulance chasers" of Ireland and the UK were doing back flips with their more than generous costs awarded to them,  considering they never experienced the Crap we all  went through, some of them got more money than the actual clients they were representing !

The abuse and insults to us,  continues,    with the likes of Quinn and his Hench men trying to control our money, that is in their hands at present,  it is ours ,not theirs, yet Quinn has introduced this begging bowl called "CARANUA" along with the  quagmire of terms/condition/rules and regulations , cleverly engineered and designed to make it virtually impossible for Survivors to benefit from it.

The Religious contributed and donated that to us, and the remaining Survivors still alive ,are being denied their rightful equal share !

It is with out doubt a scam, and amounts to his attempt to abuse us badly , for the second time in our lives, first with our Childhood, and now ,in our elderly years. How the hell this poor excuse of a man can sleep at night is beyond me !

It took the best part of 6 years for him to come up with this  scheme, sorry,  SCAM , and we lost many Survivors in that time, and its a fact that the spouses and family's of the those that passed on, cant claim one penny of their partners dues !  With the current criteria attached to this Caranua !

Patrick , I am going to copy and print off your letter, to forward to a Solicitor in Cork, Ernest Cantillon, for his perusal, it will help them see the bigger picture of what we all went through, and what Quinn is about with his attempt s on dishing out further abuse on all. There is blatant proof that our human rights are being breached, and ideally I want to see Quinn be dragged through the ECHR  ! ASAP .

A copy will also be winging its way to Quinn, hopefully he will see   that we are all determined to make a stand against him. We are all  clearly not going to be abused for the second time in our lives !

Patrick , you are welcome to correspond with me any time by email or telephone, rest assured that I am there for you, and all Survivors !

We have such a lot in common , I married a factory girl, who is English, and very loyal, we take good care of each other, my health is not terrific , thanks to Holy Ireland, and my good Lady has just retired on medical grounds, with several health issues,

She is a lot younger than me, 48 this year, and when I first met her, it was through visiting my two Children at my Ex wife's house , She was baby sitting them , at the time we were going through divorce proceedings, and over a period of about 3 months , every time I visited, Babs , was there. .and despite the age difference, we became attached to each other  , at the court hearing I got custody of my Two Children ,and took them from where they were  living, in Sussex, to a town in Buckinghamshire, where I had a council flat, which was soon exchanged for a three bed house, and the day I was taking them , Babs asked if She could come as well,  so we went round to see her Parents, to run it past them,  who instantly said yes, and gave us there blessing.

After living with me and helping with the rearing of my two , aged 12 and 13 at the time, for three years, Babs asked me to marry her, and delighted I said yes, We are now wed 28 years, and love and care for  each other very much, !

So that Patrick,  is a glimpse into my life,  hope it made you smile in some parts ,and cheered you up,  despite your age now, your doing well,  and good at composing well written accounts of your situation.

Good luck with your book, I'm sure it will be helpful to the many inflicted with Alzheimers!   Stay strong , and keep healthy as best you can. your doing great to survive so long  !

Very best wish's


PS Patrick, don't worry about making any application to Carranua, from what I have gathered , very few have bothered .



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