The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Correspondence Received by James Fox from the Public Accounts Committee regarding Caranua

Dear James,

I refer to your correspondence, dated 23rd October 2016 to the Secretariat of the Public Accounts Committee.

The Committee noted this correspondence and agreed to write to Caranua seeking an explanation for the matters that you raised regarding travel expenses. The Committee, in reference to yours and other letter which it had received, have now received a reply from the CEO of Caranua which I attach below.

It should be noted that the Comptroller and Auditor General is conducting a full examination of the spending in Caranua and will be producing a Report in the New Year which will in turn be examined by the PAC as part of its work programme for 2017.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me.

Margaret Falsey
PAC Secretariat

(See attached file: PAC32-R-209(ii) C - Caranua reply to PAC.pdf)


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Well Done James!

Wouldn't mind having sight of the pdf attachment PAC32-R-209(ii) C - Caranua reply to PAC.pdf

and your original Correspondence?

A Result non the less

Well Done Bud

And a very well done James from the Arizona desert, wish I could shake your hand. Now watch the reply from Caranua. Yea.

This is the attached file: PAC32-R-209(ii) C - Caranua reply to PAC.pdf

ThanX for getting it to me ;-)


Shocking almost €100,000 spent from survivors monies on expenses and travel, why is their accommodation expenses for the board, plus travel expenses I assume this is for petrol, where are they travelling to? that's a lot of money for petrol. I would also like to know how many survivors were notified of the so called information meetings and how many survivors actually showed up between Ireland and England as none of my sibling or I have ever been notified about anything from Caranua, other than the original guidelines received in the post. I received a letter yesterday from Caranua stating that my children could not apply to the fund even though I know of some children of survivors being told to apply.

Caranua is a despicable disgrace to Ireland and the survivors. Caranua is the real shame of Ireland not the survivors.

Good to see it out in the open, and fair play to James.

Computer was playing up will try and add it as images later ;-)

Well done James, if memory serves did we.see figures for one.hotel visit in london bloomsbury that ran 20,000 n costs, the 100,000 figure seems strange , light , if the costs of the london gig are used as a gauge, Rob can you remember the figures for that one.



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