The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

when I went over to Ireland I had everything I might need in my Car including my Medicine I needed as I had Breast Cancer and had just come out of hospital in the UK after a Operation and given Tamoxifen a cancer treatment to block estrogen from connecting to Cancer Cells telling them to grow, its an Anti-estrogen in Breast Cells, so I needed it I bumped into a person from the Aislinn Centre in Dublin who said she was in GB same as me but in the 1960's and she was told  I was not allowed to go in ,Her friend arrived  invited me to Wexford  which I was pleased about as my great Grandmother was born and I was traceing my family's records ,  we arrived in Wexford  once there she turned into the Scary Devil she lived in a very old Manor house It was large once a  beautiful old building with 120 Acres  but falling apart no Toilet it had a shower she said her uncle a priest left the property to her and she was offered  something Millions for it from developers but,I booked into a Band B the next day she turned up  she invited me to go back to Dublin with her for a day out so I left my car in her field ,she drove like a total Lunatic shouting at me all the way really scary  how dare I come back to Ireland bringing down the Roman Catholic Church  with my filthy Protestant  Name and Upsetting her friend Chrissie  , and her other Aislinn friend Julie I couldn't get out as she was driving to fast and I didn't know where I was never been there before I sat in a strangers kitchen waiting for her as I thought she was talking with a friend but time went on and on the Lady who owned she was  a lovely Person who had never known nor met me ever  as I was in GB from 1951 to 1961 said best to stay in her house for a few days until she came back the house  I still wated then said where  and why has  gone back to Wexford  not telling me it was ,where my Car full of my belongings was inside  including the Tamoxifen  that I badly needed The property she left me in  was on a large housing  Estate  I asked about a Bus or Train there was no near transport where  to Dublin to get a train to Wexford after many days she and a friend turned up the friend said if your going to Wexford get in the car she was also very scary they both nagged and abused me all the way down we got to the friends house it was very late and pitched Dark I was sitting at the Table her husband had gone off to Bed they were both going on at the same time I was trying to calm the situation and nicely asked the friend when was sge in GB suddenly the Aislinn Lunatic Jumped up to attack me I ran out kept running in the Dark down a country Road alone I later found a small Pub I knocked and asked if they or anyone did a Band B they said No so I kept walking  seemed like over an hour then I saw a Phone Box I rang an operatior and explained my situation crying The operator had got in touch with a Taxi Service who came and picked me up he drove me to a Band B in a small Town I still had to get my Car so I took a bus to Enniscorthy then got a Taxi to go get my Car even my passport was inside as the Taxi drove up the long drive The Lunatic came charging down saw me in the Taxi and started kicking the Taxi and screaming  the Taxi driver said I am not stopping you jump out or I take you back to town I had to get my Pills and stuff including my Car so I decided as I was used to lunatic Nuns I should handle getting my car so I jumped out I know who the driver was poor man she wouldn't let me near my own Car she was screaming in my face How Chrissie and Julie  and the other woman she had brought to Dublin hated me Sister Fabian hated me I was the Devil with my Filthy name  after what seemed like hours she threw my Car keys in my face  I got in and this time it was me driving like a Lunatic to get away from her I drove to Dublin to see Margaret Rice  I told her what had happened and told her about the Large Manor House and 120 Acres she had been offered from developers I noticed Mrs R's eyes light up , she really was not interested in me she just said did M chase you out of Ireland , I did drive back to The Ferry never got to collect the family records and when I looked into the Boot all my stuff was gone including my Tamoxifen , after that my Cancer did come back,  like I said those services so called for survivors was in bed with the Abusers and Government to shut us up ,   I didn't know then a relation was inside , they were  all as bad as the Nuns but making sure no other 1940-1950's survivor had a Voice, 

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there was no services for survivors, 

Only ONE Person in St Vincent's GB was sent out to the outside School  was  a favourite of  Xaveria ,and especially Fabian, that person went out most Friday's for a weekend with a family, and Knew I objected and remembered, it was all so Corrupt and set up against the true Survivor's that includes all the so called services, 



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