The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

This Forum is intended to answer Questions on the Functioning of the Site, and Create a Frequently Asked Questions list of HOW the Site works and IMPROVE the Functionality!

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Hi Jackie,
Thanks for the quick reply!
i have just started a Forum Topic on How to use the Website, to try and give Hints and Tips on how to get the most out of it!

I am unsure of what is the difference between a "Forum" and a "Blog"? Their Functionality seems so similar?

I understand the use of Groups; but still haven't worked out yet how to harness their full potential as; I have been working with Andrew Brennan on Tracing Lost Relatives and this ha been happening by Personal Message, NOT in ther Group; MY fault Probably??

The Live Voting seems largley ignored; I know that it is only about a minor change to the Aims Objectives and Membership; but it is an experiment to see how involved people want to be in the "Democracy" of the Site;

I have started a Discusion Topic to Share Good Emails / Jokes. I hope that this will encorage an area where there is a lighter side of life?

Is there an auto annouce for new discussion of formation of Groups or do each one have to be sent through a message Broadcast?

A lot of good information is getting lost in personal messages between Members; can everyone seem everyone elses messages?

As for Usernames the Group is Private with only the Home Page visible; this protect anonimity?

I am a bit tied up at the moment, messaging is not theBest way to Communicat e about his subject?

maybe I could give you a ring tonight? ( if I still have you phone number??)

I did ask Members what they wanted from the website via Paddy site and Facebook but got very litte feedback!

One thing I do know is they are starting to enjoy some of the Social networking aspect of the site! Which is great!!!

Your Friend Rob
Worked out the title thing, Tidying Up the Forum a Bit

if I remove the Live vote from the Home Page I assume the Tab will still appear?

Thanks might give you a ring later
whats feedback. i cant figure it out. i hope im asking on the right page.

i think feedback is comment. comment on site.  opinion of site.  



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