The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Industrial Schools were used as young offenders instutions by the government and the courts in Ireland. A friend of mine John was sent into Ferryhouse aged four for begging in Tipperary town he got twelve years about as much as someone that committed a murder no representation nobody to hold his hand just the iron fist of the justice sistem he first was sent to the nuns in Kilkenny then aged ten he was sent to Ferryhouse.He told me he was an exceptional boxer which made life a little easier for him. But this did not save him from being raped just made him an angry young man. On his release he was sent to work for a farmer he was given a bed in the chicken coop when he asked for his wages he was told by the farmer I own you I Baugh you from the priests he spent one year there before his uncle found him and gave him the money to go to England He got a job on a building site got married divorced spent years in and out of mental hospital ended up in a wheelchair after braking his kneecap I have cut this story short so as not to upset anyone John is now dead so now he is at peace he wanted his story told otherwise I would not have wrote it.Now tell me the Irish government have a right to claim a fifty fifty deal. Every survivor has a story no story should go untold maybe next I will write mine

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Thank you for sharing the story of John - and all the stories should be told for the future generations as our rotten governments will never let them be told!!!! Barbara

I see Paul Cantwell is mentioned in this new Book I remember Paul I was in the same class ad him. I was in infants he was in third class Mrs o Dwyer taught infants first second class. Paul was a very sick boy that got no treatment nobody wanted to stand beside him in class because of the smell little did we know he was rotting from the enside. He just disappeared nothing unusual in that as every chance to escape was taken
The next we heard about Paul was when o Dwyer came into school and asked us all to pray he had a quick death This always stuck in my mind I have never heard of anyone asking children to pray for someone to die Two weeks Paul was dead we learned that he had being sent to Peamount to die I like many never forget Paul many for different reasons he was not the first to die in the hell hole nor the last just a little bit of history of Ferryhouse hell hole

 i remember this as well as michael bowes rip. mam dwyer made us all pray ferryhouse was awful to all charlie brennan

Children that died were also taken away by there family's. Also I am sure there was a graveyard at the front of industrial school at the side of the long avenue or that's what we were led to believe They had the Stations of the Cross along there

So The List Of Deceased Children Is Much Longer And God Knows Where Some Are Buried.

I wish him peace But from the time i saw the wording of the staturary fund i have felt uneasy about the fact that the word industriel was missing Its an important part of irish history as it was kept going only to make money Children sent there for the crime of being abandoned by our familys The death of one perent was also a crime We worked hard and were told that god had decided that we dident deserve perents and after years of that the only future offered was the madelaine homes or in hospitals as cleaners And now in old age we are grouped into residental HOMES Its heartless

Well said Pauline

Lets hope the court records will show that we were tried and condemed. Its a scene i cant forget. The indifferent faces in the courtroom has stayed with me ever since.

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