The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Yesterday I posted a notification of a Briefing on the "Statutory Trust Fund" to be held in Manchester by a  "Group" Manchester Irish Community Care - Survivors of Abuse.

You can view the Event Buy Clicking <Here>

I did this after a telephone Conversation with one of the workers there; (my account of the telephone conversation is in my email reply bellow)

when I got home Yesterday I was shocked to received the following email >

To: Robert Northall
Subject: Manchester Meeting

Robert Achara,

I believe you rang the office earlier today regarding the SOA North West Group Meeting on Saturday?. I reiterate what the worker told you, the meeting is private to The North West Survivors as clearly stated on

Irish Survivors in britain events section:

Events and Training


Saturday, September 14th North West Survivors Group Meeting Manchester Irish World Heritage Centre

At the survivors request they are the only people allowed to attend,you claimed you would be inviting "others", there will be no others we already have 230 members asking questions & do not have time for any more questions, we only have an hour & a half as there are two functions on in the venue & we have other business to attend to. Naturally their business is confidential hence members only,

I'm sure you can email your questions to Ms Higgins,if you need answers to anything you may use this email if you dont know hers & I'll pass them on.I hope you do not mind me contacting you but I did not want you wasting a four hour journey as you would not gain entry As you are not a survivor I do not understand why you feel you have the right or knowledge to ask questions when the actual survivor's are perfectly capable of doing so themselves & would bitterly object to anyone doing it on there behalf, the doors are manned only members allowed.



From: Rob Northall []
Sent: 10 September 2013 09:26
To: 'Aine'
Subject: Manchester Meeting

Dear Anne,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.

My Name is Rob. Northall, my wife was incarcerated in St Finbarrs Industrial School.

I first became interested in the issues that Survivors' face when there where rumours floating around that there was to be extra compensation for Survivors; these rumours where perpetuated by "Survivors Groups".

Many of the Survivors I befriended through Paddy Doyles Website the God Squad where opposed to the establishment of the Statutory Trust Fund as they had also heard these rumours from "Survivors Groups". They also had disappointing experiences of the Education Fund and saw this as being as useful to them as it was?

I rang the office that you referred to and had a very pleasant conversation with a woman whose name I did not take note of.

The conversation was very amicable.

I told her that I was that admin at a website for Survivors of the Industrial Schools, that where from as far away as Australia, Canada France etc.

I also told her that they where very keen to find out more about the Statutory Trust Fund, and as I could not attend myself, that I would let them know. In the hope that a member near enough to travel would like to attend.

I said that I would post it to the Website, and she said that if anyone wanted to attend that she would like me to notify her so that the catering arrangement could be updated.

I thought rather wrongly it seems that Survivors’ of the Industrial Schools would be made welcome?

I also asked if written questions could be submitted. And she could not see any reason why not!

As the Worker at the Centre was busy at the time that I rang I said I would email her later.

I posted the Event to the website and notified All Members.

Imagine my shock when I received your email!

Bellow is a Screen capture from the Website you quoted?

There is nothing that states it is a Members Only Meeting? I was not notified of this during what I recalled to be a very amicable conversation with your colleague.

I am deeply disappointed that your organisation will not welcome Genuine Survivors to your meetings and found the tone of your email quite hostile towards me?

May be I am being over sensitive?

I was rather hoping that in this day and age of modern technology that the Meeting could be “Live Streamed” or Recorded so that those unable to attend because they are in Australia, Canada etc. could glean some information?

Survivors not affiliated to any “Group” feel extremely disenfranchised and are desperate to find out more.

I would be grateful if you would let your members know that there is a Private Social Network for Survivors of the Industrial Schools their Family and friends, and that they will be made welcome at the “Shame of Ireland”, as would you!

One thing I would like to know is how you got my email address? I would also be interested to know what yahoo group you used to send it? (Just curious)

Thank you for taking the time to read this email.

I look forward to your reply!

Take care and Best Regards

Rob Northall

Links to the “Shame of Ireland” can be found @ This includes multiple locations. I would be grateful if you would share this with your members?

I have to say that I am absolutely appalled by the lack of Courtesy that this Organisation have shown to myself and Survivors that are outside of their "Group". I look forward to reading your Comments?

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"business to attend to. Naturally their business"

Quinnes Jobsworths in action Rob, taking care of their "Gaffers Business" !   Many Survivors are now registered with the STF

and were assured that they would be contacted and kept informed of the progress of this Fund, and kept up to date, but so far their is just a deathly silence. No information , just this piece you were good enough to display.

Those of the STF board who are travelling to Manchester, will no doubt have all their expenses, flights, hotels, catering ,etc etc, paid for out of this same Fund, of Survivors money !

For any Survivor wishing  to travel to this meeting, who is going to fund them ?




I agree Jimmy,

But more importantly,

Non Members of the "Group" are not welcome!

Genuine Survivors being discriminated against once again!!

Absolutely Shocking?

If this changes I will of Course update everyone.

Some people just love their little cliques and do not wish to help others. Maybe they are disenfranchised because all the talk goes on in Ireland and in the Irish press. Their reaction to Rob is disappointing and a little worrying ; as the daughter of an Industrial school survivor, I often feel that I am carrying the banner for my Mum as a proxy. Reactions such as theirs confirm my feelings and put me off from joining or supporting them.  

Good Comments, everyone. Seems that this Manchester Meeting, has a lot of " Ghost Members" and of course they don't want to let anyone see, what is really going on. Literally Cooking, the Education Funding Books. This is the type of person that gets involved, in these Crooked schemes. Same as, ROPSC and Paddy Judass' Doyle.

certainly it could be argued that all the different groups are splinters. divide and rule?

Exactly, and properly put too Oliver. You said it in one, (COOKING THE BOOKS)

I understand that you and many others are disappointed with Paddy Doyle?

I for one will reserve Judgement for now. The Man has always stood by Survivors.

I prefer to think that he is trying to implement Change? And hope he will blow the whistle and bring the whole rotten house of Cards done if Need be?

All our pleas and arguments concerning the setting up of the S/T/Fund were ignored by the Government, with Quinn at the helm. The contributions were high jacked by him and his cronies , and the Survivors, most in their elder years now,  ,who were supposed to receive a share of these funds ,further abused by way of his actions.

Paddy has always been straight and  right up there for Survivors, so it is good sense to consider that in his new position on the S/T/F , at least we have a good experienced Survivor who will still battle for us, of that I am certain.

I can understand to a certain point why Paddy has made some changes to his website, he set it up and managed it for over ten years, unpaid,  and its possible his new position could compromise the site to continue in the way it was , especially when he received some nasty posts,  since being accepted to his new role.

I am in agreement with Robs view , and as I doubt any action that the 15000 Survivors take to get the STF abandoned will succeed, I strongly feel it is to every Survivors gain that we have some respected person like Paddy serving on the STF board.

Quinn is,  without doubt , determined to run things his way,  and does not care or share our interests, he does not give a damn about this disgusting legacy he and his Government are party to,  insulting and further abusing Survivors in their elderly years,  so ,for me , it is some comfort to know that we have Paddy and other Survivors serving on the STF board.

This is how I feel about the present situation overall.



I dont think its fair to attack Paddy. He allowed survivers the world over to comment No one forced him and he wasent paid . He did it for us. Everyones life changes with time.

i used to post on Paddy's site regular until he objected to my use of the nazi word

If this is the way this MANCHESTER GROUP works and is only interested in survivors in Manchester then that is an appalling way to do things. All survivors should be able to attend any meeting that involves the statutory fund, more so when the chief executive is chairing the meeting. We all want the same thing to know what's going on. After all we all suffered the same kind of abuse, some more than others and some longer than others. One other thing this meeting is being payed for out of this statutory fund as will all other meetings so it is right for any of the survivors that could attend should do so. Most of us can not attend as it is to far for us, all the more reason that any that can attend  should do so. I dont know the email address of this MANCHESTER GROUP so I cant email them to say what I think of them.  



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