The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Yesterday I posted a notification of a Briefing on the "Statutory Trust Fund" to be held in Manchester by a  "Group" Manchester Irish Community Care - Survivors of Abuse.

You can view the Event Buy Clicking <Here>

I did this after a telephone Conversation with one of the workers there; (my account of the telephone conversation is in my email reply bellow)

when I got home Yesterday I was shocked to received the following email >

To: Robert Northall
Subject: Manchester Meeting

Robert Achara,

I believe you rang the office earlier today regarding the SOA North West Group Meeting on Saturday?. I reiterate what the worker told you, the meeting is private to The North West Survivors as clearly stated on

Irish Survivors in britain events section:

Events and Training


Saturday, September 14th North West Survivors Group Meeting Manchester Irish World Heritage Centre

At the survivors request they are the only people allowed to attend,you claimed you would be inviting "others", there will be no others we already have 230 members asking questions & do not have time for any more questions, we only have an hour & a half as there are two functions on in the venue & we have other business to attend to. Naturally their business is confidential hence members only,

I'm sure you can email your questions to Ms Higgins,if you need answers to anything you may use this email if you dont know hers & I'll pass them on.I hope you do not mind me contacting you but I did not want you wasting a four hour journey as you would not gain entry As you are not a survivor I do not understand why you feel you have the right or knowledge to ask questions when the actual survivor's are perfectly capable of doing so themselves & would bitterly object to anyone doing it on there behalf, the doors are manned only members allowed.



From: Rob Northall []
Sent: 10 September 2013 09:26
To: 'Aine'
Subject: Manchester Meeting

Dear Anne,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.

My Name is Rob. Northall, my wife was incarcerated in St Finbarrs Industrial School.

I first became interested in the issues that Survivors' face when there where rumours floating around that there was to be extra compensation for Survivors; these rumours where perpetuated by "Survivors Groups".

Many of the Survivors I befriended through Paddy Doyles Website the God Squad where opposed to the establishment of the Statutory Trust Fund as they had also heard these rumours from "Survivors Groups". They also had disappointing experiences of the Education Fund and saw this as being as useful to them as it was?

I rang the office that you referred to and had a very pleasant conversation with a woman whose name I did not take note of.

The conversation was very amicable.

I told her that I was that admin at a website for Survivors of the Industrial Schools, that where from as far away as Australia, Canada France etc.

I also told her that they where very keen to find out more about the Statutory Trust Fund, and as I could not attend myself, that I would let them know. In the hope that a member near enough to travel would like to attend.

I said that I would post it to the Website, and she said that if anyone wanted to attend that she would like me to notify her so that the catering arrangement could be updated.

I thought rather wrongly it seems that Survivors’ of the Industrial Schools would be made welcome?

I also asked if written questions could be submitted. And she could not see any reason why not!

As the Worker at the Centre was busy at the time that I rang I said I would email her later.

I posted the Event to the website and notified All Members.

Imagine my shock when I received your email!

Bellow is a Screen capture from the Website you quoted?

There is nothing that states it is a Members Only Meeting? I was not notified of this during what I recalled to be a very amicable conversation with your colleague.

I am deeply disappointed that your organisation will not welcome Genuine Survivors to your meetings and found the tone of your email quite hostile towards me?

May be I am being over sensitive?

I was rather hoping that in this day and age of modern technology that the Meeting could be “Live Streamed” or Recorded so that those unable to attend because they are in Australia, Canada etc. could glean some information?

Survivors not affiliated to any “Group” feel extremely disenfranchised and are desperate to find out more.

I would be grateful if you would let your members know that there is a Private Social Network for Survivors of the Industrial Schools their Family and friends, and that they will be made welcome at the “Shame of Ireland”, as would you!

One thing I would like to know is how you got my email address? I would also be interested to know what yahoo group you used to send it? (Just curious)

Thank you for taking the time to read this email.

I look forward to your reply!

Take care and Best Regards

Rob Northall

Links to the “Shame of Ireland” can be found @ This includes multiple locations. I would be grateful if you would share this with your members?

I have to say that I am absolutely appalled by the lack of Courtesy that this Organisation have shown to myself and Survivors that are outside of their "Group". I look forward to reading your Comments?

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fair comment John!

So ,if you live outside of Manchester, or Cork City, as  a Survivor, you don't count ! This seems to be the case these days, we have Survivors living all over the world, but might as well be living on the moon, for all the help, support,  and consideration they get from Quinn and his Cronies', kept in the dark, insulted, made to grovel, and denied any say in the handling of the contributions that are rightfully belonging to the Survivors.

Most of us are in our elderly years now, and still  experiencing abuse and ignorance from the Mighty Quinn and the other waste's of space that are his whipping boy's !

Seems also likely that they don't give a toss about the legacy they have created, and the only Survivor's that are considered by them now, and going to benefit ,  are the quislings that have been   enlisted into their circle, calling themselves group leaders, with their illegally obtained so called membership, which they claim to represent. Ensuring cushy lifestyles for themselves and their offspring.

Now , as if all this undercover shady business is not bad enough, there are a shower of Jobsworths down in Glin Co Limerick, who have objected to the erection and siting  of a memorial monument in Glin,( in memory of all the abused men who passed through its Gulag ,St Josephs,) and as a result ,the entire service and venue will have to be held somewhere else. Just what exactly these Jobsworths are afraid off, make the mind boggle !

I can only imagine that it is a case of the truth causing them some embarrassment , and shame !


These people care less for Survivors Rob. We have never mattered, and we Never will. It;s all about these Parasite groups, and what ever monies they can get from who ever is offering it.

looks that way 

I agree 100% in what you say, all the so called GROUPS that claim to represent survivors should be disbanded strait away, and all the SURVIVORS SHOULD GET TOGEATHER AND TAKE GOVERMENT TO COURT AS THIS STATUTORY FUND WAS FORCED THROUGH THE DIAL ON THE BASIS OF LIES BY THE MINISTER QUINN. I would like for MINISTER QUINN TO PRODUCE THE NAMES OF THE SURVIVORS THAT WANTED THIS STATUTORY FUND. If all the survivors clubbed together  we could get this fund rescinded, after all it was made on a pack of lies. On another note this new board that was set up to oversee this statutory fund  will spend most of it with all the meetings it holds with those groups  and there expense's, just like the REDRESS BOARD DID. So if any SURVIVOR wants to email me about getting this fund rescinded they can get in touch with me through my email ( I will copy all and take to a solicitor and get his advice as to what action can be taken, the more I get the better, after all we are 15,000 strong and it will prove that the minister lied. Sincerely yours John Mc Carthy.

I find it very upsetting on facebook to see photos of Paddy with traiter written across the middle.j


Traitor Sorry about the spelling. Seeing that on facebook was a shock. Its abusing others .

The person responsible for that Pauline, would be far better off directing those nasty remarks towards the more deserving of such criticism , like the Groups that are living very cushy lifestyles off the backs of the Survivors they claim to represent !

Paddy never asked for a cent while conducting his website, as you rightly say, and never used his site to gain financially from any source !

I honestly believe ,that in his new role serving on the board of the STF, Survivors will benefit far more from his position , and as the mighty Quinn and his cronies never gave us an ounce of consideration, I am very happy to know that we have someone like Paddy in our corner. He is a genuine true Survivor and  very much in touch with the needs and problems we are living through , not just in Ireland, but all over the world.

We know and trust Paddy, he has never given us reason not to, and I remember it is not very long ago that many Survivors indicated on the Ghost Squad site of how much they wanted Paddy to represent them  !

Don't apologise Pauline for your spelling, none of us were educated ,  we are all in the same boat, and remember, Ireland is the land of Saints and Scholars, but sadly also,  Irelands shame of Child Abuse !

Keep strong Pauline

Regards Jimmy


Thanks Jimmy . I was feeling like as if I dont have my place because  I dont want to be associated with things like that. All of us survived abuse but i dont want to abuse anyone. It hurts too much .

Pauline, you don't have to thank me ,I was only stating the obvious, nobody here is sitting in judgement of you or any other survivor on their ability to spell, but to support each other, and your contributions over the years are right up there with the best, I still make many errors, but if it was not for the dandy and the beano in my childhood, and then a gift I inherited from my dear Mother,  a love of crosswords, aided by lots of dictionary's, sure as hell I would still be struggling !

As John rightfully says , there is no shame on any of us making spelling errors, but there certainly is the issue of Shame , which rests squarely on the shoulders of the Irish State, that failed us as Children so badly, and their Christian Doctrine that we were subjected to in the Gulags and hell holes called Religious institutions of Ireland.  

Keep strong Pauline, and keep well. I am always happy to read your posts.





Hi Pauline. There is no shame in that we make spellings mistakes, after all what education did we have.  If it wasn't for computer's some of us would never send emails as we would get too many words wrong. So don't let those bigots  get you down. It took me quite a few years to wright any kind of letter and it was only through my wife that I got the confidence to write any thing to other people. As a matter of fact it took me 50years before I wrote my first letter and that was to the REDRESS BOARD. and it took me three days to get it right. At that time I was 76years old what dose that say about me. Yet I worked with the some of the top scientists in Europe and managed to keep up with them, so spelling is not all that important as long you know what you are doing and learn as you go along, that is something I have learned over the years, no one is perfect and people who think they know everything are the losers. Yours John Mc Carthy. 

This problem has been known to all. We have informed them several times that these groups are clubs where if we dont obay we are unwelcome.Before this trust fund was forced on us instead of compensation announced by the group leaders themselves So this was a shock to many.Keeping this going by newspaper articles drags us all backwards. Its for the media to know who to interview and close friends For the others its unfair. Lack of consideration is causing too much damage again.



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