The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Letter sent to group leader by, Oliver Burke, Chairman (Munster Survivors Support Services)

Below, is a letter from Mr Oliver Burke, Chairman of the  group (Munster Survivors Support Services) A letter which Mr Burke sent to the Chairman of the group (Right of Peace) where Mr Burke formally invites Mr O Brien, and a collegue, to  attend a special Mass of Remembrance, and Reconciliation of all Survivors of Child Abuse  in Ireland.


Is this a Mass i ask you Mr Burke for your selected few, or is it a Mass for Survivors?


I would also like to ask Mr Burke, where did you get the Funding from to hold such a Mass, as we all know only too well, something on this scale is (NOT CHEAP?)


I recall not so long ago sir, where you were collecting from your various sources, with Hill Climbing, and Survivors and their famalies, bucket collecting for you down in Kerry, and selling T/Shirts. Somehow i dont think your collections would have amassed the funding needed to hold such a Mass, with so many Dignitries.


I would like you to ask you Mr Burke, to confirm if you have sent out such invitations to ( ALL SURVIVORS) especially all those Survivors who YOU claim to represent? I trust this is NOT too difficult a task to ask. Thank you.

I wonder did Mr Burke ask his So (Called Membership) If Any, did they want Reconciliation  with the Church? This may be what Mr Oliver Burke wants, but may NOT be the choice of other Survivors.

Could Mr Burke inform us all, how many members he speaks for, as All of these groups seem to have Thousands. Where they are getting them all, God knows.

When Mr Burke speaks of (Foster Care Abuse) is he saying that Children in Foster Care were abused also? I must say, i have NEVER ever heard of any. Please explain Mr Burke.

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Maurice, this is quite a good letter, Will you get a reply? I doubt it. But keep chipping away asking them questions. You and I know there will be no ANSWERS. Interesting, you are working for the Munster Survivors Support group,  I am one of thoes!! Maggie 

Hi Margaret, in answer to your posting, (NO) i most likely wont get a reply, at least not in the sense that i should. 

These people set themselves up as Survivor representatives, who Supposedly work with the Survivors interest at heart, but unfortunately, are only in it for their own self gratification as far as i can see.

This person spent years in Right of Place himself, and you may be assured, knows how the system works. As far as i can see, he is now using the same system to have himself recognised as a Legit group Leader, which of course he is NOT.

They never answer questions, when you ask a question, you are classed as a troublemaker, and will be ignored.

I was a member of this group, as i thought they were genuine, but soon found out that they were NOT the people i thought they were. I started asking questions, and i was told i was Dismissed by their (So Called Committee,) and started receiving Solicitors letters from them.

This is how these Parasites treat ALL Survivors, and i am no different.

So just to clarify Margaret, i am NOT, a member of this Mob, but WILL continue to probe them, and their Antics, every chance i get. 

Best regards, Mossie.

we are not dead yet and as for masses and other sugestions well i think that we have had enough rituals. if the staturary fund is paying for this well you know what i for one dont believe these men of the church have considered whiether we want this. a mass held in ireland is useless to all the survivers living outside ireland. many are not religous at all and dont go into churchs. the money for this ritual could be better spent on helping in living instead of forgiving. as for reconsilation no thanks i feel no need.

This person decided all by himself Pauline that this was what we all needed. Wasn't that very nice of him? How Dare he tell Survivors what they want, or what they ought to do. As you can already see Pauline, i have asked this person some questions about his antics already, and what i got for my questioning was a Solicitors letter. Needless to say, i filed that letter under B.

He never asked anybody if they wanted to embrace the Church, and be all nice and buddy buddy with them. We will decide if we ever need to do that, and NOT him. Healing and Reconciliation my Arse.

He has taken this on himself. I wonder where he got the funding to hold this Mass? Who did he ask? He sent out his invitations to the chosen, select few. I will bet, there was NO WAY he paid for that Mass himself.

There were very few Survivors at this Mass, but a lot of Dignitaries were all invited, eg Bishops, and so on. I guess this makes this person a BIG MAN in everyones eyes. I believe he was paraded up the Church in his Pope mobile, with a big sign on his lap denoting who he stands for.

This person is NOT working with the needs of the Survivor in mind. Instead, he is looking after himself, which as far as i can see, is ALL he ever did. At the end of the day, he is NOT fooling me, because I am NOT blind.

What good is a mass said in Ireland to anyone. I do not attend any Church, had enought of that when I was a child, I am afraid Catholic Chruch finished me with religion.Why dont they do away with all groups, and as for this trust fund how will anyone living outside Ireland benefit.The whole performance is one big mess and needs sorting out but by who I dont know certainly not groups.Maurice I do admire you for asking questions maybe one day we will get some answers.



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