The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

There is a lot of confusion regarding the work children did in the Institutions, the redress had seen hard labour as the norm a way for the schools to exist yet now we see the Magalene Laundries have finally been recognized.

Physical Emotional and sexual abuse seems to be mixed up with this hard labour where little hands manufactured, worked the fields, the farms and provided many services to the public.

Children were supposed to be in care not in hard labour cosintration camps.
This was against Irish constatutioal rights. This is one reason why children felt they were being punished for something they did wrong and feeling they did something wrong is why children bvelieve they are being punished.


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At last this is the message I have been trying to get across for years we'll done

Well for some reason all institutions are all in the same category. Reform schools orphanages and resedential homes. Things were different in industriel schools as many were condemmed because of family problems. Taken through the courts as criminals. Some so young that thay were carryed before the judge by a policeman. Schooling wasent a priorty. Paying for sins was. IN later years all were sent out to school so thay got the same schooling as outside people. Now because of the wording of the staturary fund we are at around 60 being offered education. The work we did there such as rosary beads cleaning or sewing stuff that we would never wear because as we were reminded we werent good enough to wear them. When i went to dublin i met women who had been in the institutions in the 70ths. It was no longer an industriel school by then. These women went from one groups place to another groups place one the proud mother of 20. These are the people for whom the statury fund means something but thay werent in industriel schools. We are at the very bottom of the pile not even mentioned on the wording.The magdelaine homes where work was the main thing is the same kind of treatment. If some went there in need for a few months well its not the same thing as women who spent thier lives there. For the mothers who gave birth there was no understanding No choice . Years of paying for something that takes two. If some dont have children who want to study well there is nothing for them. A lonely life made of fear. Since thay seem to refer to the housing offices . thats no help at all. We see newspapers articles about the great things done to compensate lost childhoods. Chrissy bravely cutting cakes while congratulating herself on how lucky we are to have her. The only time i saw her she acted like a nun. Same way of talking. Nasty.Vague rumeurs of survivers recieving teddy bears. Well homeless in other countrys thats not even understandable. Only a few benifet from this fund. I read that its wonderfull to see people who couldnt read leaving the aisleen center with diplomas. English lessons for ageing survivers if thay can get over to Ireland. in the future the industriel schools will be forgotten. The people who left could only get low standard jobs having missed out on schooling. When i posed the question to one of the group leaders by internet i was told that thay care for the forgotten survivers and that i should be glad someones getting help. This is typical of all this. Whats meant by that apart from the fact that he refuses to justify himself. So from far away we continue seeing a newspaper now and again telling us how we are being considered.Housing education is only for very few.Many live in different parts of the world and for us nothing is even proposed. Whenever i see rosary beads i ask myself who made them. Was it me.!!!!!!!. It could be. its shocking to read what the nuns say about these places. How many of these nuns could have spent a lifetime cleaning dirt and being treated as if it was too good for them. The pain lastes a lifetime.



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