The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Minutes of meeting Cork Region


Minutes of meeting held in the Imperial Hotel in Cork on the 21st July 2011

Preamble;     Statement from Michael Walsh Chairman/Director

The meeting for Cork was called to bring our members up to date on our activities and to allow Cork to elect a committee to represent their area going forward.  This has been successfully the criteria Right of Place have followed in the other regions of Limerick Galway and Waterford.

However, The Cork meeting posed some difficulties as it was publicised that a protest would take place outside the hotel.  The purpose of this protest was not made clear nor was the group identified as to who was organising it.  This information was announced over Cork local radio.

Two things happened, one, no protest materialised due to the insufficient support for such a frivolous action, exposing these misguided peoples actions, or in this case inactions, for what they are - simply nonsense!

Secondly, four of these individuals turned up at the meeting instead, and created an atmosphere of intimidation and fear by shouting and attempting to disrupt the Cork meeting.  To the ordinary members of Right of Place I would like to offer my apologies for allowing this uncomfortable situation to arise.  It was shameful and disrespectful, but it seems former disaffected members from the Old Right of Place have lost a lot with the closure of their old home!

This organisation is now practically a national one and is strongly supported by the HSE and all organisations supporting survivors.  The role of our organisation is changing due to a number of facts, to respond best to the needs of our members. 
Special schools are not being supported, and are being forced to close.  Health care is being cut and funding reduced to all organisations that support the weak and vulnerable in our society.  We are no different, but our voice will not be silenced!

We will continue to extract the best we can in Health, Welfare, and Housing etc for our members. So the behaviour of those that attempted to disrupt and intimidate our organisation and members only plays into the hands of the Government and others in these difficult times. Thankfully, it is only a minority of misguided individuals, whom progress has passed by, are causing this unpleasantness for their fellow survivors.  To them we say, “Look at the facts on progress and change in the New Right of Place.”  If you don’t support us then support your own people – constructively.

Francis Treanor Chair
Michael Walsh Chairman
Ann Marie Crean  Outreach Officer Cork/Kerry Region


Frances Treanor called the meeting to order, as there was a general loud debate between some survivors who were not members of Right of Place and whether or not they should be present at the meeting.  Francis Treanor suggested that they leave the meeting but other members suggested that they should stay, as “they were survivors”.

Michael Walsh (Chairman) said he had no objection per say to the individuals being present but they would need permission to address or participate in the meeting.  This was agreed by the majority present.

Francis Treanor asked that any person who were members of any other group to leave the meeting.  This was not complied with, and a noisy shouting situation developed.  Order was called for and a proper question and answer procedure be followed.  This was accepted eventually.

As Francis Treanor proceeded to introduce items for discussion, he was interrupted repeatedly. One individual wanted to know “Why are you (Francis Treanor) being paid 70,000 euro per year” Francis Treanor said that he would answer that if he were given a chance, as he was constantly being interrupted and shouted at. He must be given a chance to answer that question. “you are getting 70,000 and you know it”

Michael Walsh got up and intervened saying, “I will answer that question, it is ridiculous to make such unsubstantiated allegations without factual information. No, he does not get 70,000 euro or anything near it.  But, as a trade unionist I am amazed at the obsession with what survivor workers are paid!  Right of Place Second Chance have thirteen part time and full time workers who do not get paid enough, in fact their wages is disgracefully low for the difficult work that they do.  It would be more useful for all survivors to support fellow survivors and professionals for better wages and conditions”.  Francis Treanor then said, “For the amount of professional work I undertook for Right of Place Second Chance 70,000 wouldn’t even cover my fees!” He then said that his wages for Right of Place Second Chance were €15,000 euro per year!   This fact did not change this individual’s view that this was the truth.

A criticism levelled against the Board of Directors was that it was employing non - survivors who should not be employed.

The Chairman explained that the new policy of the New Right of Place Second Chance was to employ professionals and families of survivors if they met the criteria for the employment.  Further criticism continued in this matter and a question was levelled against Ann Marie (Outreach officer) that she should not be in the meeting as she was not a survivor.

Survivor; “you should not be here because you are not a survivor and you have no business here.”

Ann Marie; “I feel embarrassed and kind of an outsider up here because I’m not a survivor, nor a member but I have worked very hard on behalf of yourselves”

Survivor; “That woman has every right to be employed in Right of Place because I lived in the apartments because I was homeless, and Ann Marie helped me and dozens more survivors find a place to stay, much more than you did or would ever do”

Another survivor; “Ann Marie helped me when I had nobody and I cried because of her help so Ann Marie thank you.”

Michael Walsh (Chairman) “Ann Marie was supported by a number of survivors to continue her work on behalf of survivors when they met me and our Board of Directors.  Her record speaks for itself.”  There was some angry exchanges between survivors in the hall but it can be said that the issue relating to the employment  of non - survivors was supported by the majority of those who spoke up in support of Ann Marie

Francis Treanor (Chair) began to explain some of the difficulties with the legislation regarding the complexity of the Trust Fund.  He was interrupted on numerous occasions and was accused that he was in favour of the Fund.  Francis denied this and continued to explain but was continually heckled.  “If you don’t give me a chance to answer the questions you have put to me then how do you expect to find the truth to your questions.”

Michael Walsh; “We have held meetings in Limerick, Galway and Waterford, and survivors had the decency to show Respect and allow survivors to ask and listen to answers at those meetings, that way survivors were able to participate and engage in issues that were important to them. Whereas, here we seem to be back to the same old shouting and slagging matches.  If you ask a question please have the manners to allow an answer.”

A number of survivors questioned the new Boards view towards the Trust Fund.  Some accusing the Board of wanting this Trust Fund, as it would suit their own ends. It was stated that the new Board had indicated to all people that they met that our members were for a cash payment to survivors, and had not moved one inch since they were elected on this issue. The position of the Board was to advocate on behalf of survivors and because Right of Place members did not want a Trust Fund in its present form and instead favoured a cash payment then, that is what is the New Board would do and had not changed its position on that matter, nor would it.  The Board and the company was there to reflect the will of it members.  No decision would be taken that affected our members unless they were consulted first. 

Survivor: How did you get my details to ask me to come to this meeting?

Michael Walsh stated that if this member receieved a letter from Right Of Place then they were on our database, however no person is forced to be a member and if they did not want to be a member to say so they could be removed from the database.

Survivor: where did you get your database from why am I getting letters from you.

Michael Walsh: As already stated, if you no longer want to be a member, or any person, they need only call or write to the organisation and we will remove your name

One survivor spoke of his fear of intimidation at the meeting and how difficult it was for him to get his point across, to which an angry and hostile sarcastic remarks were hurled in his direction.

Francis Treanor indicated that it was time to adjourn the meeting but before that, he put a motion to the group to elect a committee for the Cork Region.  As soon as this motion was put to the floor two survivors began to shout and warn survivors that by electing a committee they would be voting for the Trust Fund!

The meeting then broke up without the members electing a committee for the Cork region.  Ann Marie will continue to look after this region in her capacity as Outreach Officer.

The meeting was adjourned until further notice.

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Why is it that whenever he addresses non members of his group its to accuse US of harming the cause of survivers. why isint it him hurting survivers. from this meeting he goes on about behavour as if that is the main issue. its not. We are in the situation of helpless children as far as the funding and all to do with survivers is concerned. no answers to where he got his information about survivers. and why do thay need a legal adviser in order to refer people to other offices. questions should be welcomed and answered by you if you do care about survivers even when thay are non members of your mr walsh when are you going to reply.

Pauline, anyone that does not agree with Mr Walsh's way of thinking is a troublemaker in his eyes. You se, we are Not supposed to ask questions, we are all supposed to be thick and Stupid in their eyes.

He is the one Pauline that is hurting Survivors, along with his Legal Advisor, Mr Francis Treanor, who now seems to run the whole show. He was also Mr Noel C Barry's Legal Advisor also, but denied it Blatantly when i confronted him about it.

They will never answer the question they are asked, and i am sure that it's Treanor who is pulling the strings, and Walsh is only a mere Puppet. He has not got the Gumption to stand up, and do the job himself, even though, he was not Elected into that position.

A lot of what he put on the Web-Site Re The minutes of the Cork meeting is Incorrect. And he did not mention everything that happened, only what he wanted us to hear.

He says the meeting was hijacked by Non members, a feeble excuse. According to Right of Place, only members can attend their meetings, if this be the case, there would be no one at the meetings as he does Not have any members, only the ones whose names were Hijacked, and put onto the ILLEGAL Data-Base they hold. I am surprised his Legal Advisor has not told Mr Walsh that his Data-Base is ILLEGAL. Some Lawman.


mossie i was at same meeting it was only  a con game all they wanted to do was elect two more

of their cronies on to the the gravey train.what a shower of b!!!!!!!ds.

i have asked mr walsh in what way he thinks that by asking HIMquestions we are harming allthe survivers. i have not had an answer. Charity begins at home is an old saying.I think that it is whats going on . no we are not stupid enough for him. thats very clear. it is our buisness too. in public opinion we are getting the support we need but its only rumeurs. and by writing about it we are leaving proof of what really happeened for the survivers.It might matter in the future.


They got more than they bargained for at that meeting Billy. They thought it was going to plain sailing like before, when that IDIOT Treanor (So Called Barrister) bullied his way through the meeting, giving no one a chance to speak. Covering only the topics which HE wanted to cover, and nothing else. These Gangsters need to be told once and for all where to get off, because everyone is Fed up with their LIES.


They are now looking for Survivors to run Marathons to raise much needed funding for the Charity. they have some Cheek, looking now for the Survivors to give them more money, so they can continue to Rob Survivors. How low with they stoop?

The Cork region should be run by CORK PEOPLE.

They are all Waterford people running Right of Place Second Chance, Rose. Mr Michael Walsh also has his Son as the Outreach Officer in the Waterford Branch, on a handsome Salary, and he is Not even a Survivor. The Outreach Officer in Lower Glanmire road in Cork, is also Not a survivos. Any funding these groups get from Government and the HSE do Not go to Survivors, but as expenses for these Parasites who Purport to represent Survivors, but in fact Support only Themselves.



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