The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland


For a child,home can be a place of safety & love,or a living hell...

For sixteen years Ken and Patrick Doyle's home was a place of suffering.Behind the doors of their ordinary,three bedroom home they were subjected to every kind of deprivation and humiliation at the hands of the one person who should have loved and protected them-their own mother. Stripped naked and savagely beaten,locked up for days on end,the two young boys were singled out from their siblings for a catalogue of abuse.Their mother beat them.starved them and even forced them both out to steal for her.But despite numerous official reports of abuse from social workers garda and health boards their suffering continued ...

Ken & Patrick tell the horrifying story of their childhood and how they survived it.

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By Kenneth Doyle
Edgar Allen Poe once wrote;
Because I feel that in the heavens above
The angels, whispering one to another,
Can find among their burning tears of love,
None so devotional as that of Mother,
Therefore, by that dear name I have long called you,
You who are more than mother unto me
I was not born yet but for some strange reason our evil mother would punch her pregnant stomach while shouting Pat I don’t want this fucking child. You see our mother was a cruel sadistic women that had nine children and picked out my brother Patrick and myself for years of pain hunger and torture.
Our mother abused us to where the bones were sticking through our skin from hunger. Our mother broke bones and even forced us out on the streets to steal for her. We never had one minutes peace as children growing up in Pearse Park Tullamore. Over the years we had been seen every week by the Health Board. We had a weekly visit from our social workers but they were afraid of our mother. When they told her to feed her two sons her reply would be the usual. Do not tell me I am not feeding my children or I will have you up the court house steps. Everyone was afraid of our evil mother.
From social workers to the garda. Our abuse was from birth until the age of sixteen until we departed from our little house of horrors. Patrick split for the UK and I ended up in America. In the year of 2000 I was having many medical problems and went and got medical advice.
My doctor in Phoenix Arizona wanted to see my medical files from Ireland. They had done an MRI to my lumbar spine and had found a lot of damage. I told my doctor of my upbringing in Tullamore and the woman was shocked to hear we had survived our childhoods from eating from the bins around our town to the beatings and abuse we suffered for the first sixteen years of our lives.
I made application to the HSE back in 2000 for any medical files they may hold on me using the freedom of information act to gain access to medical records. One day I received a parcel from Ireland and a letter from the HSE. In the parcel there must have been one hundred and fifty pages of files dating back to 1965 a year after I was born. What I read on the files turned my stomach. There were not your regular medical files these were a catalogue of abuse dating from 1965-1980. The files showed me where a social worker contacted a police officer in our town and asked him to help her in our case but he simply refused.Even after our evil mother told him she does not give Patrick or myself as much food as the other children in the household get.
I read files where social workers were well aware that our mother was starving us to the point of malnutrition. After reading the files I was shocked to see how many people knew of our abuse but done nothing. A file that sticks to my mind all the time was from a school teacher that wrote to the Health board. He said in all his years in teaching he has never met a boy like Kenneth. He says Kenneth spends his days eating from the bins at school and robs other children,s lunches he finishes his letter by telling the Health board he is thinking of having me removed from the school.
Upon receiving this kind of evidence I got in contact with my brother Patrick and told him he also needed to get his files from the HSE. I also told him we need to take the evidence to the Tullamore Garda. We both agreed and I contacted the Phoenix Park Garda HQ. I sent them evidence and told them I wanted my mother charged with years of torture and abuse to us. HQ responded by saying they could not conduct an investigation because the crimes happened in Tullamore and would have to be investigated there. I begged them to do an investigation outside of Tullamore because I knew of our family’s close relationship with the Tullamore Garda. Turning people in and ratting on others etc. But to no avail would they do an investigation into our abuse and told us we would have to contact the superintendent in Tullamore.
This I done and called the superintendent in Tullamore. He gave me a fax number and told me I could forward my evidence to him. I did this and about a week later I received a letter from the superintendent stating I would have to make an official statement. He said I could either have my statement taking in Ireland the next time I visit or he could arrange to have my statement taking at a local police station here in America.
Upon receiving this letter I contacted the Tullamore superintendents office and told him I would like for him to set up my statement to be taken at my local police station here in America. The person in his office said they would pass the message on to him. For weeks on end we would hear nothing from the Garda and one day I called and was told that a detective sergeant was now put onto our case.
I got to speak to the detective over the phone and the man promised me he would turn over every stone to get us justice. I continued to receive more and more files from the HSE and would fax them on to the detective. After a few months the detective would call me and tell me stories such as your mam is too old to question or your dad may take a heart attack if I try and question him. This went on for about a year.
One day I received a phone call from the detective sergeant to say he had come up with a great plan. He said he and his superintendent to unite my brother Patrick and myself with our mother who destroyed our childhoods and has left us both disabled at young ages. I went crazy on the phone with the detective. He said we can unite you both by using their phone system at the Tullamore Garda station. I got so angry with him I did not hang up the phone. I smashed my phone into my concrete driveway I was so mad.
Here he promised us justice and now he wanted to unite us with our evil mother who
hated us from even before birth. I ran out to the shops and got a new phone. The very next morning I called the Tullamore Garda station and asked for the detective. He came on the phone and we had heated words. I asked him why his superintendent had not set up my statement to be taking at a local police station. His reply was No we cannot do that we cannot get involved with the American police. He then said lets wait until you are back in Ireland and then we can get a statement from you.
I asked to speak with the superintendent but was told he was away for a few days. I contacted the Sunday World and told them the problems we were having with the Tullamore Garda with refusing to take statements from us. The Sunday Word decided to bring both of us to the Tullamore Garda station. Within twenty four hours both Patrick and myself were on their doorsteps with Sunday World in tow. We arrived at the Tullamore Garda station at about seven thirty pm and who did we meet only the superintendent that was suppose to be away. He was very shocked to see us both showing up on his doorstep and right off the bat he tell us we will have to come back another time as there was no one there to take a statement from us this late in the evening. I explained I had traveled thousands upon thousands of miles to make my statement and I had no intention of being turned away. I told him he can take my statement and he said he could not do that because he was going home soon. I told him he needed to get two cops in to take our statements. In the end he brought in two detectives to take our statements.
Both Patrick and myself were separated and they took us to different offices.  About an hour into our statements a knock came to the door. It was the superintendent. He had two sheets of paper in his hand and told the detective to have me sign it when I am finished my statement. The detective shoved the sheet of paper across his desk. About a half hour later the detective excused himself to take a bathroom break. I told him I was okay. When he left the office I picked up the sheet of paper that the superintendent wanted me to sign and shook as I read it. It said I kenneth Martin Doyle does not wish to make a statement against ex Garda ———-.
I took the sheet of paper and buried it in paperwork sitting on the desk I had no intentions of signing that letter. However Patrick did sign the letter and told me he had no idea what they were doing. We left the Tullamore Garda station at about three am and headed back to our hotel in Dublin. The next morning at about ten am I received a call from the front desk. I was told that the detective investigating my case was on his way to Dublin and he would call me in a few minutes. Five minutes later he called to tell me he was on his way for more statements but I told him we were finished our statements. He said no I have to meet you and you need to go to a garda station where I can talk to you. I told him we were at a hotel and we would only meet him at the hotel.
This he was not happy about and made all sorts of excuses why he could not talk to us at a hotel. We smelled a rat and knew he had something up his sleeve. In the end he agreed to meet us at the hotel. When he arrived I had sorted out a private room where the three of us could talk. The detective put his briefcase on the table and opened it. Out of the briefcase he pulled out two sheets of paper and two pens. He passed us both a sheet of paper and said go ahead lads and sign these before we get started. My blood was boiling with what I read. This man traveled from Tullamore to Dublin to get me to sign the same sheet of paper that his superintendent had made up for us to sign. I told him I would not sign it and after that he wanted to leave telling us he was working on a case he had to get back to.
He headed back to Tullamore without the signatures that his superintendent sent him for. After that the Tullamore garda played a delay game in getting files to the DPP. It was now 2007 before the DPP got the files. We received a letter one day from the DPP to tell us no charges were to be brought against our evil mother. The letter was one line with no explanation as to why they were not going to charge her with the mountain of evidence we had. Our mother and father did make statements, but the Tullamore Garda have refused to let us see them telling us that the only way they would let us see them was only if a judge orders it. Just six months ago a friend and victim of Irsh injustice sent me an email to tell me to use the data protection act to see any data that the Garda have on me.
Well low and behold I have now received my data from the garda and am shocked to find that the detective sergeant who promised us justice asked the DPP not to charge our mother. The detective lied in his statement to the DPP many time. It is not up to the garda to find medical problems with child abusers I was under the impression that it is a judge who orders the medical evaluation not the police officer. So our struggle for justice was not to be. We were denied justice by a detective that thinks our mother was just depressed. This is not up to him to make these decisions. There is no point in Irish victims of abuse coming forward when the Garda can block them from getting justice. Every victims deserve justice and closure. Not a cover up.
Thank you
Kenneth Doyle

Therte is an Achived News Article on "Mother From Hell"

MAD IRISHMAN IS TELLING ALL; Doyle relives mother's childhood terror.


Please take a look at these files that we just received under the data protection act.The very man who told us he would lift every rock to get us justice went behind our backs and asked the DPP not to charge her.This has to stop in Ireland victims deserve justice and closure.In our case the detective became judge,jury,psychologist .The garda are stopping victims from ever getting justice or closure.In his statement to the DPP he lied the whole way through it.He sent the DPP a complete police report on my brother and I.He even got a teacher to write a statement to tell the DPP I put bubble gum in his door.They are a bunch of fools covering up abuse that the state failed the victims.


Upon receiving the statement from the detective to the DPP. I filed a few complaints against this officer. He has no medical qualifications and should not be allowed to derail justice to victims who have suffered. Our mother was not depressed she was just pure evil. Her own mother dropped dead in 1958 two hours after beating up her husband. He failed to look into our mothers background. He covered up the case to protect the state. His own police department refused to help social workers when asked. We gave the detective these files but he did not want to see them. Don't you just love the way they put on their letters Private and confidential ?. So as no one can see them denying victims justice.


There is an online petition in relation to this story please click here and sign to give Kenneth and Patrick Justice : Sign The Petition HERE

This is so typical re Ireland and the HSE and the Gardai. I am not one bit surprised.

Yes data protection request brings a lot to light.

I have found the data commissioner wonderful and he even took one agency to court for me to get files.

But like this case - the police words were " you do realise you will ruin an old mans life by making this declaration" I said well what about the last 40 years that I have carried the pain of the abuse with me? and that my mother knew and did nothing?

I heard all about my mother and abuser being pillars of society. Really.

Ireland clearly has a pattern to address here supporting abusers.

There is no pint in Irish victims coming forward while the police can stop the victim from ever getting closure.I thought it was equal justice for all.Not in Ireland.

I agree. There is only Just US in Ireland.

The only way is to write about it - like in a book - and outside of Ireland so the outside world can get a true picture of Ireland and not the one portrayed as Ireland of the welcomes etc. That's BS.

I went through one process in the court system in Ireland and I quickly learned how the abusers are protected by HSE and Gardai. I got to hell out of Ireland after that and will never return.

Catherine this is why we wrote our book and plan to finish our second one.You have to show the public the failure of it's system to protect innocent children.You would think that after all the child abuse investigations in Ireland that they would be on the victims side.No they use their police force to hide any crimes that they were involved with.In our book we put in some of our files to back up our story. Ireland is a sad country for child abuse victims.They do not care and have been getting away with it for years.But if enough of us stand up to them and shame the lot of them they will soon change.We must stop the police acting as judge ,jury and psychologists .

I agree Ken.

Sadly nothing has really changed.

Now social workers do the work of child protection and investigating - and they are not trained to do so. They replaced the Gardai now and act as judge and psychologist etc.

Children today suffer terribly at the hands of the very people paid to protect them. Gardai pass the cases back to the HSE to investigate themselves.

The HSE have a manual that explains how to mentally torture parents and children who complain about child abusers. Nothing has changed in Ireland.

Its the god complex people in charge and they love the suffering of children.

I have also written a book on this aspect.

In HSE  the abused children were to be given Electro Shock to burn out all memories of the abuse and then placed back with the perpetrator. That was 1995.

My children emigrated to USA too for safety and will never return.

The mindset is always the same- Eve ill children of Eve must suffer and sure its good for their wee souls etc.

I have put this link of Facebook and sent it world wide to professional child protectors and those who are looking into Ireland and its serious condoned child abuse.

Hello Catherine. Judging From Your Post Above I Bet Your Book Would Is Hot! 

if you give me your e mail, yo can have the pdf



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