The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland


For a child,home can be a place of safety & love,or a living hell...

For sixteen years Ken and Patrick Doyle's home was a place of suffering.Behind the doors of their ordinary,three bedroom home they were subjected to every kind of deprivation and humiliation at the hands of the one person who should have loved and protected them-their own mother. Stripped naked and savagely beaten,locked up for days on end,the two young boys were singled out from their siblings for a catalogue of abuse.Their mother beat them.starved them and even forced them both out to steal for her.But despite numerous official reports of abuse from social workers garda and health boards their suffering continued ...

Ken & Patrick tell the horrifying story of their childhood and how they survived it.

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Reminds me of the song ...Nothing can stop us now

Jack I will never give up.Both of my parents are now dead.I was robbed of justice by the Tullamore Garda and I am going to make sure the Garda involved with the cover up will never hide another child abuse case while they are in the Garda.The minister for No justice is suppose to be investigating our case but I would not hold my breath on any investigation the Irish government does as their goal is to continue to hide it and screw the victims out of justice.

hello Ken.  Shatter was so bad!  as i see it these political partys know they are guilty involved and have the advantage still to try and cover up (frustrate)  ...  but now is the time for change!


It is up to the victims to shame them.They all hide behind one another and cover for each other.I got to shame the HSE with our first book and I am hoping to finish our second book this year .In the second book I will use their own files against them as we did in Mother from Hell.The more people know what their government are doing they pay attention and work for change.For many years Irish children were abused by the state.It was their job to make sure children's rights were protected but they failed.I hear they are as bad today as they were when we were being abused as kids.They will only protect children when they are brought before the human right court for failing to protect Ireland's children.

Hi Jack

Nothing will be given under FOI request.

That is for the general public.

A Data Protection request relates to you personally and if they tell you nothing found- then you go to Data Commissioner.

I will put the link here for you and the exact wording to use.

They know people do not know the difference and rely on that.

Dear ...
I wish to make an access request under Section 4 of the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003 for a copy of any information you keep about me, on computer or in manual form in relation to....
(Fill in as much information as possible to assist the organisations to locate the data that you are interested in accessing e.g. customer account number, staff number, or PPS number (if you are writing to a public sector organisation such as the Revenue Commissioners or the Department of Social Protection)).

Let me know if you need further assistance.


If you are sending for your Garda data you must tell them in the application that you are not seeking your police report.What they do is send you on a police report they are known for this so it is important that you give the as much details as possible.If you are looking for data relating to your case you must also give them the years you were in contact with the garda. The cost is six euro and thirty five cents.If anyone needs the address for the Garda Ombudsman or the garda I have it.I am shocked with what I found in my data.And since 2007 the Tullamore Garda refused to let me see anything and for a few euro I got to see it all.They told me they would only hand it over if a judge orders it.They forgot to tell me it was my data and I could see it anytime I wanted for a small fee.Now I know why they did not want me to see it.

Thank yo Ken.

Yes, I learned the same as you along the way. Though my files were with HSE as Gardai refused to deal with the abuse in 1995 and handed it over to HSE agents.

It was the Data Commissioner who finally got me all my files.

Yes I heard the same BS re a judge having to order the files released - all lies to put us off getting our own data.

I even went so far as to use case law from Strasbourg to get other files that the probation services and court services refused and a year with Attorney General I finally got it all.

Yes, its clear you persevered too. In Ireland everything is made difficult.

But the covering up of abuse and aiding and abetting perpetrators is nothing new. It goes on today and is covered up using an old Inquisition Rule - the in camera rule.

We still have secret witch trials that no one is allowed to know about and you get jail if you mention about all the breaches of human rights in these secret courts.

Here in America the media hang the abusers as soon as they get the abusers name and address.We expose child abusers here in America and I think that is okay.In Ireland their so called justice system is still living in the dark ages and need a hot poker up the ass to put them in line with true democracies.The HSE had some nerve to investigate church abuse when they have stood by for years and watched kids die of abuse. The department of education knew and abused kids themselves.I remember getting caught by my teacher eating from the bins at the back of the school.The fucker brought me up in front of the class and made fun of me before beating me with a cane.Cruel people . Children's rights were never protected and never will as long as the garda hide the cases for them.And deny the victim justice.

I agree and know for a fact that all the talk of child protection here in 2015 is BS.

Its who you know that matters.

The media in Ireland do not get into the in camera cases- that is our big problem.

Also we do not have full disclosure in court proceedings because the HSE agents will say the reports might upset the parties involved.

No one believes it all really in USA.

I never believed it until I got stuck in the middle of it and as a protective mother got called all the names you can think of for daring to protect my kids and not allow them to be abused like I was.

Children have no rights under maritime law and so few people even realise this today.

When you allege child abuse, child protective services take over and investigate child abuse referrals.

 This show explains that social workers have a role but it's NOT to investigate the crime of child abuse in fact, it's the police that are OBLIGATED to investigate child abuse because child abuse is a CRIME!

This wonderful guest tells us why and explains how parents can enforce Law Enforcement to investigate. Social workers are NOT investigators for crimes. Report child abuse Crimes to the Sheriffs or Police Department first!

Yes they loved and still do love to shame child victims and even use threat therapy to silence them.

Gardai will walk out of a child protection meeting on incest and leave it to the HSE- who cover it up .

Ken every dept knew and knows about child abuse.

It is like minister Fitzgerald investigating our cases.The department of justice was contacted about the abuse the garda put us through for coming forward.Minister for foreign affairs Charlie Flannigan refused to help us when we saw the garda covering up our case.Brian Cowen was contacted but the all sent us back to the garda station that was covering up the case for them.They are all muppets born with silver spoons in their mouths.We must name and shame to stop them at their game.

Yes Ken that sounds so familiar.

All agencies seem to cover for the abusers in Ireland and still do.

Yes, they all send us round in circles hoping we give up.

The only way is name and shame - even that site was removed from the web a few years ago when the corruption was being exposed.

hi Catherine.  political partys are up to their necks in covering up their crimes against children whether in office or opposition!  



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