The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland


For a child,home can be a place of safety & love,or a living hell...

For sixteen years Ken and Patrick Doyle's home was a place of suffering.Behind the doors of their ordinary,three bedroom home they were subjected to every kind of deprivation and humiliation at the hands of the one person who should have loved and protected them-their own mother. Stripped naked and savagely beaten,locked up for days on end,the two young boys were singled out from their siblings for a catalogue of abuse.Their mother beat them.starved them and even forced them both out to steal for her.But despite numerous official reports of abuse from social workers garda and health boards their suffering continued ...

Ken & Patrick tell the horrifying story of their childhood and how they survived it.

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hello Catherine. is your reply here to me?

You could always post it as a blog here?

Chapter by Chapter and I can share it via Twitter.

Hi Catherine after receiving the detectives statement to the DPP I sent an application for an apology to the department of children and youth affairs. I did eventually get a response but no apology only the letter enclosed. O.Reilly thinks things have changed. Well after reading his letter I sent him one back reminding him of the more recent cases just like ours in Roscommon and Galway. There is no change in child protection in Ireland and sadly there never will be. He did not respond.


Glad you told O Reilly too

I am telling him and Frances Fitzgerald and Gordon Jeyes (HSE) for years.

All simply have selective hearing and yes never reply.

I asked Frances Fitzgerald- JUST US DEPT if she was alive at

No response. These are our paid servants and act like slave owners.

I have to agree with you there.

Nothing has changed- TUSLA brought in a social worker from UK who had dirtied his bib and got caught.

It was the story of a travesty in which a good couple were wrongfully accused of hurting their child. After the parents were cleared, Gordon Jeyes, representing the system which had almost destroyed them, defended it saying, “It’s the social workers job to think the unthinkable.”

Three months later, the Irish government announced his appointment as the new National Director for Children and Family Services. In 2014 he became chief executive of the new national child protection agency.

The Panorama story, which will not be repeated here, as it speaks for itself, has classic elements of the current child protection moral panic and legal morass."

Nothing will ever change as long as they hide the horror stories of abuse that they failed to prevent.

Irish Political Partys Have Presided Over Serial Child Abuse Nationwide For Many Many Decades!  These Same Irish Political Partys Are Still Given Power Over The People Today!  They Make Themselves Immune From Prosecution And Just Carry On Abusing And Covering Up Their Crimes Against The Most Vulnerable Children In Ireland! 

Yes and some judges even order the children to return to their abusers. Its called court ordered abuse. Its all kept quiet because the RC church still runs the just us system.

Its clearly visible at the annual Red Mass for the judiciary at Halloween.

I was returned to my abuser all the time by the HSE. At age 11 when they warehoused me in St Josephs in Galway and then Lusk they sent me home on weekends to be further abused. At age 11 I took a heart attack after my mother forced me to drink a cup of tea laced with Roach 5s . I collapsed on the street in Galway and spent a week in the hospital . Today I find in my social files they all knew at these schools that I hated going home but again they put my life in danger.

Still goes on Ken.

Its the power in the HSE the RC cult, most members are sadistic and love to watch the child suffer - and of course many believe the BS re suffering being good for the soul??

I have the paperwork - had to go to Strasbourg etc to get it though- and it shows the HSE social worker and psychologist- big top position now- recommending the children and I return to our abuser or be made homeless.

Then it was the threat therapy- mental torture of the children until they did not know their names or where they were.

Then there was the bribes- tell us what we tell you to say and you can have an orange - its all recorded.

Then when all that fails - comes the ELECTRIC SHOCK THERAPY proposal and the locking up in mental homes till 18-

So you see the pattern- anything a sadist can imagine is used against innocent children.

I have met another lady- same abuse and she was locked away in mental home on the say so of her rapist - then she was lobotomised to stop her talking.

So yes, Ireland's child protectors- aka HSE aid and abet child abusers.

You are right there Jack. I left Ireland thirty four years ago. The government were the same back then. Both FF/FG sat back and watched as children's rights were pissed upon. They are doing the same thing to the victims today. Abusing them further by denying them the justice that they deserved as children. They are a disgusting bunch of people.



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