The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland


For a child,home can be a place of safety & love,or a living hell...

For sixteen years Ken and Patrick Doyle's home was a place of suffering.Behind the doors of their ordinary,three bedroom home they were subjected to every kind of deprivation and humiliation at the hands of the one person who should have loved and protected them-their own mother. Stripped naked and savagely beaten,locked up for days on end,the two young boys were singled out from their siblings for a catalogue of abuse.Their mother beat them.starved them and even forced them both out to steal for her.But despite numerous official reports of abuse from social workers garda and health boards their suffering continued ...

Ken & Patrick tell the horrifying story of their childhood and how they survived it.

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Yes and nothing has changed in 2015.

What has been done may shock you all here- but its worth noting.

Got to have a steady supply of children to feed the child care industry- ok

So copy the failed UK one and bring in who?

Its all here- its all researched and it all makes sense.

The fostering business is a British one and Iriah tax payers pay the Brirish business.

But there is more- observe Dunblane- Cambridge- Irish connections.

Predators feed off children and they hunt in packs - enough said

Very true Jack. But when the victim speaks out they will soon change. More and more people are seeking justice because of the failure of the state to protect their human right to safety.

I salute these 2 brothers in their bravery for speaking out.

I will spread the word all over the world for them.

Thank you Catherine.

You are most welcome.

I am sure you know about Tullamore and what it is called?

I heard that the superintendent in Tullamore now retired was involved with a lot of corruption while in Tullamore.Our case is being looked at by the department of No justice and we are waiting to get a letter from Fitzgerald to tell us they found nothing wrong.At that point I am going to name and shame the officers online so as they will never get to hide another child abuse case while they work in Ireland's police force.

Ah now I would not expect much from the dept of No Justice.

Yes, name and shame is the only way to stir the pot.

You have all the proof on paper, so no doubt about the abuse being allowed to happen and no effort to protect you.

Oh Ken the HSE are now in total control of child abuse cases. The Gardai do not feature in it - though it is their legal duty to do so. Somehow the HSE social workers have taken over and continue to protect the abusers.

Yes the law is child abuse is a crime - but somehow HSE social workers now do the investigating- and they have no real powers to prosecute.

But children for the warehousing business are big business now- imported from UK and children from non nationals are being assimilated into RC families.

Nothing has really changed. Abused children are too difficult to warehouse - they say.

As you can see from the files enclosed with this message.It is clear that the Garda are stopping victims from ever getting justice.These files I just received under the data protection act has made me sick.The files are a statement from the detective in our case telling the DPP not to charge her.But please take a good look at the penalty.I got two years in Lusk for robbing a tenner from a petrol station in Tullamore.You can starve,Torture,Mentally abuse your kids and almost kill them and you may end up with a hundred pound fine.My brother and I were tortured for sixteen long years we were prisoners of our own home.This penalty is disgusting.For heaven sake you can get longer in prison in Ireland for not having a TV license unreal.The detective lied right through his statement.


Oh yes I fully understand the Irish system .

And you know they never lie- In law its called telling an untruth.

Thank you Catherine XX     If you cannot get them in a court room then just shame them.




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