The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland


For a child,home can be a place of safety & love,or a living hell...

For sixteen years Ken and Patrick Doyle's home was a place of suffering.Behind the doors of their ordinary,three bedroom home they were subjected to every kind of deprivation and humiliation at the hands of the one person who should have loved and protected them-their own mother. Stripped naked and savagely beaten,locked up for days on end,the two young boys were singled out from their siblings for a catalogue of abuse.Their mother beat them.starved them and even forced them both out to steal for her.But despite numerous official reports of abuse from social workers garda and health boards their suffering continued ...

Ken & Patrick tell the horrifying story of their childhood and how they survived it.

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This Maybe of Interest?

It's the Clicks on the LInk I use to promote the Petition

Try clicking the "14 Days" Tab?

Then Have a good loook around?

I sent Enda Kenny a copy of my book. A book with clear evidence that the state had failed both of us. Along with the petition for an apology from the Irish government for failing to protect our children's rights growing up in Tullamore. What did he do with it?. He sent it off to the minister for no justice and sent me an email to say the department of justice now has your book and evidence it has nothing to do with me. I then contacted minister Fitzgerald's office to see if she is investigating our case. Her reply was no .Only into garda misconduct in your cases. You get NO where with the Irish government they spent years looking into catholic church abuse but will not dare investigate themselves. They least they could have done was give us an apology but now we know how the system treats victims of disgusting crimes in Ireland.

read some of all of this here. not sure how to do an foi.  previous attempt failed. told "nothing found".  

Jack have you used the data protection act ?.

hello Ken.  i am not sure i did use it. not sure i would know how. i think all i did was email Shatter's office and got a load of poo back. 

No Jack, you could never get anything like that from Just Us dept.

Its either HSE and other dept involved.

I am right here if you need assistance.

Ken has an excellent grasp on this and may even know a lot more than I.

But together we will find your data.

hi Catherine and Ken.  i am dizzy reading your exchanges!  call it dyslexia or whatever! the system is satanic. it really appears to be an up turned crossed world! regarding foi i think i wrote to both departments of education and health and got  "nothing found" responses.  also tried shatter. after several emails his people bricked it (wall).  i am very interested in getting my records.  i need to piece pieces together. 

FOI is not the same as data protection request.

They will try and tell you it is but it is not.

Have you got skype so one of us can walk you through it.?

They will tell you you need to get a court order to see your files but this is untrue.It is only to throw you off seeing how they covered up your case.The Garda will tell you they do not have to obey the Freedom of information act this is true but they will not tell you that it is your data and you can get it back by paying a small fee and showing proof of ID.The Garda Ombudsman turned over my data within the forty days given by the data protection act .The DPP also turned over my data but now nearly two hundred days later I am still trying to get my data back from the Garda.I will not give up and have made complaints to both the garda ombudsman and the data protection commissioners office.I am now getting the excuse that some of my data got lost.The data that got LOST is the data that the minister for NO justice is suppose to be investigating.Perhaps their next excuse will be It may have blown away in the wind.LOL

Wow, and yes yes yes.

I was talking to a Garda in Trim re my file too and I had kept all records of dates and who said what etc.

She confirmed it was there and some files were in  a shed?? out the back.

But when I sent  in data request, suddenly all the data was lost.?

Its always the same excuses.

Then I wrote to Garda HQ and got some more files but nothing like the files the Garda read out to me over the phone. So they were there one day and the next they were gone.?

I only got a tiny bit of info - none on where the HSE agent was to be questioned re threatening the children and falsifying his professional details.That was all removed. I still have the diary ith many copies worldwide.

One day we were in court and we had a break in - looking for the diary etc......but a friend who know their way made sure the diary was somewhere safe.

The same happens in the UK


hello Ken.  i guess having comes this far you are not going to be stopped! 



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