The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Ha ya

Have just now got off the phone with Mr Quinn TD

Had a talk to him regarding Caranua. He wants me to write to him regarding any problems we have had about Caranua.

If you want me to include any problems you have encountered, just message me 

I will not disclose names to him, just the problems we have encountered.

He will then write to the chair of Caranua on our behalf.

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Minister Quinn you know what you have done to us you planned it all the way you lunatic stop it stop pretending you care let it go just fuck off we know you held the secret meeting on your 50 50 plan since when do CRIMINALS decide how much they pay for rape abuse false imprisonment you even blocked our children from any chance of a better life than we did knowing and admititing what you did before the irish people how you can live with yourself knowing that Survivors cannot even afford to pay for development and skills you ran this office and for years you filthy liar ran this office of education and IGNORED MY PLEAS for support. so PISS OFF YOU THIEF and shove your perverted cash up your hole and enjoy it because the shit you promise is verbal diarrhoea and it still stinks your monument was a failure like you were so leave us alone and take you party fellow education minister with you and Higgins all crooks in the den of thieves

Dear Mr Quinn

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, my lap top has been damaged and having to borrow one to communicate with you.

Since your last phone call asking me to write regarding my problems with Caranua I have been inundated with emails and messages via Facebook from survivors.
A lot of the problems come about from the different messages Caranua are giving to survivors.
If I may give you some examples:
One survivor asked for fencing ( which is in their criteria ) according to their booklet Information and guidelines for making applications. She has been refused her adviser stated Caranua does not cover fencing anymore. Which is untrue as I myself had a cheque from Caranua for fencing.    
This same lady emailed me today very upset and very stressed out.  She has had five mini strokes and a brain haemorrhage. . She is applying to have her bathroom changed to a walk in shower due to her disabilities. She was told she would need three quotes from different contractors. She sent in the quotes, she was then told the quotes where not good enough as they where from Wicks and B&Q. Remember this lady is disabled, she then had to chase around for more quotes. She went to one suppler who asked her why they would have to wait so long to start the work and for payment. This poor women broke down in their shop. This is not fair and is happening to too many survivors including myself where I have had to explain to contractors. I can personally confirm it leaves you stressed out and affects you mentally to the point where you do not want to continue with your claim with Caranua.

I was refused a new toilet and small bathroom sink as Caranua advised me they did not do plumbing  but I know for a fact they do as several survivors I know have had bathroom done, new boilers and radiators. 

I thought Caranua was set up to reduce stress for survivors but instead as you can see from the above it is causing more and affecting survivors health. 

Survivors are having great difficulty communicating with Caranua in fact having to wait (for some) nearly over a year to get an adviser. Survivors are now been told Caranua will end in eighteen months time. Some have found their advisers are not returning their phone calls.
One survivor went to the dentist for a quote to have her teeth done, She found out the dentist administrator contacted Caranua (without the survivors knowledge) both her adviser and administrator discussed the survivors treatment plain. Surely this is illegal  under the data protection act. The survivor in question complained to her adviser, she was told to forget it and not to talk about it to anyone. This is unacceptable and unprofessional.

The most distressing and depressing thing for the survivor is they have no one or no where to turn to if they encounter a problem with Caranua. They are not informed of Caranua's 
complaints procedure. There is a complement form on their web site but never get a response to complaint.  Survivors are not informed on how or to whom to appeal to if the are refused their application.

I have been informed over the last couple of weeks that Mary Higgins ( I have seen one of the letters) is writing to survivors telling them them their applications have now finished as they have reached their limit. I find this very strange as in Caranua's booklet, (mentioned above) states there is no limit  One survivor received this letter halfway through her dental application. If there is now a limit set.  Could we be informed what that limit is for each survivor?
I have found survivors living in council housing are at disadvantage compared to survivors in private housing due to the fact they cannot make building/improvement applications to their homes.

I know this is true personally as I applied to have my council home decorated and to have help with carpets and flooring but again was refused as it was not in the criteria. Having a few health problems myself I physically could not decorate and would need a contractor to carry out the work for me. If I owned the house I would be entitled to have an extension which comes under the criteria.  As you can see some survivors can  reach for the moon and others get very little. One girl living in a council house just asked for a lap top to be able to keep in touch with family living away from her she was refused as yet again did not fit the criteria. 

The simplest solution from the start would have been to have set a limit, each survivor getting exactly the same amount. Survivors could have informed Caranua this what I need to have a better quality of life rather than Caranua saying yes to one survivor and no to the same thing to another survivor.   

Rather a long email for you to plough through but you did agree for me to write and  to ask Caranua questions on our behalf.

I will be sending another email to you regarding a child of a survivor and hoping you can help her too. 
Look forward to your reply
Berni Millam 

Very sad reading-got sound? Perhaps we could chat? Terence

Thanks Terence, chat another time as feel quite drained at mo and in middle of cooking dinner 

 ok-I understand.   Take care.

The Reply from Mr Quinn can be read at

As the Current Minister for Education says she has no Control over Caranua!

Will be interesting to see what the Man who impossed this on survivors can do now he is no longer a the Minister for Education?

hello, can anyone tell me the name of the construction company used by caranua in ireland...I also have corespondence from a co co, who worked with caranua for someone living in a council house. not I.

Got an Occupational Therapist Report, Doctors letter, 3 quotes, caranua not interested it seams. I have sujested a forensic OT Report, no responce.  Based in Roscommon.

We have been fighting for over 12 years and still doing so writing till our fingers drop for what feels for nothing .

We Survivors here and Survivors who standtogether have worked very hard trying to gather up all information and put it in one place.

We have everything possible and more to be brought to Minister fecn EX Education Minister Quinn who also by the way REFUSED to meet with all survivors in one National meeting as for the same reason we all now know was like the CEO OFHis FRAUD FUND and INDEMNITY AGREEMENT SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact Rob Nothall and all People who have spent OVER TEN YEARS even 12 years and more every single day so you will know without having to ask the same questions that Quinn has already been asked So well done Bernadette We have also numbered and titled a great deal on here survivors who stnd to gether all it takes is reading a bit .THE ONLY INTEREST QUINN HAS IS TO LISTEN SO HE GETS OTHER IDEAS ON HOW TO SCREW US ALL. HE is the WRONG MORON WE NEED there are MANY such as his replacement Jano O Sullivan and Joan Burton both full of ego and think they can STEAL FROM POOR KIDS TO FEED THE RICH KIDS



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