The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

There is an item on the internet today on BBC news. The NSPCC are investigating child sexual abuse across the UK. 

I called the number today and told them our story about caranua. 

They said they will try and find somebody who may be able to help. Phone the number on the news page......the more of us that do it the more likely they are to listen.

NSPCC also said that if any of us do speak of our awards or to the media or anybody else for that matter, they can't imprison us if we live in the UK. She said they're just scaremongering. 

Does anybody want to join me in contacting the tv stations to try and create a documentry about everything?

Lizzie x x

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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your reply, sadly the NSPCC are unable to help in this matter due to laws being different between UK and Southern Ireland. 

However if enough of us could get together to blow the lid on this via the media it could have an impact on the church that isn't wanted.

Lizzie x

Hi Andrew,

This is a copy I sent to the NSPCC enquiry which is expected to last at least 5 years. Although this has my story in brief, I gave them this website and asked if they could help all of us from the continued abuse.


Please could you help? I spoke to your call centre and although you weren't sure if you could help, you suggested I send an email to see if anybody can assist. It's a big ask but please try on our behalf if you could.
I was horrifically abused as a child along with my 2 siblings by my mother who had serious mental health difficulties. She was diagnosed with psychosis. My father also suffered mental health issues. 
In late 1960's my mother was admitted to a mental institution where she was given high levels of LSD along with electric shock therapy. This worsened her condition and the abuse started. I was 3, my sister 5 and my brother 7. 
Our upbringing was chaotic to say the least, the repeated violence used on us was the worst. On two of the occasions my life was in serious threat. I was hung over a stairway being used as a pawn in negotiations with a threat to drop me. Another time I was held hostage by my mother at knife point. We were released by the police whilst a doctor admitted my mother to a mental institution again.
Our lives carried on like this for many years. My mother beat my brother so badly, he was admitted to hospital by ambulance with suspected multiple fractures. If my parents were hospitalised at the same time we would always be returned home when they were. For me physical and mental abuse lasted from early age until I was 33 when my mother died. My brother has also died and I haven't seen my sister for over 30 years.
My mother was an orphan in Southern Ireland and was raised in an orphanage. Mount Carmel, run by The Sisters of Mercy in County Westmeathe, Dublin. The horrific abuse she was subjected to was beyond imaginations. I have medical records to prove her troubles. 
It took me thirteen years to get my issues to court in Southern Ireland where in 2013 I was awarded 60,000 euros to keep quiet because the Roman Catholic Church was in shame.
Since then there has been a statutory fund for all survivors of institutions and directly affected family. This has recently been changed and called Caranua.
I have serious mental health issues, Borderline personality disorder, Anorexia, Suicide Ideation, dissociation and identity issues. I have more but can't remember them all. As a result my teeth are decaying badly and the only option I have is to have dentures. I don't want dentures, I'm 49 and my life has only just begun. I volunteer for my local NHS Trust, I work occasionally at a university and I'm part of a big mental health network. I want replacement teeth which will cost around £30,000. Surely I'm not asking too much here to help with my confidence and wellness.
I've tried to apply to the Caranua fund in Ireland and they've changed the rules and will not help people like me now. One hundred and thirty one million euros, this is paying ministers wages whilst they yet again abuse us and try to control us. 
I told Caranua that if I have to raise the money for my teeth which is practically impossible, I'd sell all of my story to the media. A few of us have threatened to do this. We have been told by minister Quinn (education) that if we divulge any information to anybody, we could be faced with 2 years in a Southern Irish prison.
The Irish ministers refuse to talk to us, instead they send out nasty letters telling us that Caranua staff are resigning because of the amount of abusive emails they get from survivors. This is not the case. A caranua staff member spoke to a survivor in Ireland and said the reason they leave is because their hands are tied and the Minister keeps moving the goal posts to suit her accordingly. I am part of an online group that caters only for Irish survivors. We are all trying to get this issue rectified but the Irish just won't listen to us. 
As I have been very unwell, I have actually started a slow starvation plan. In all seriousness, there has been so much bad stuff in my life that I'd rather die than have a full set of dentures at the age of 49. My life was made by choices. Education or survival? Survival.   Health or survival? Survival. Both my brother and sister had mental health issues too. I've cut down on my diet and am starting to lose weight slowly. However the Irish don't care and will let me continue with this. 
I've had enough of my life at the moment and there is a future but not with broken or missing teeth. It's not possible to have a future as far as I'm concerned.
Do you think there is anybody who can help in this issue, there are many of us with health issues that can't get help in any way. This is our website,

This was the reply.......nobody want's to get involved if it's messy, I swear enquiriers only want the easy jobs........

NSPCC Ref: 1549060

Dear Elizabeth,

Thank you for your email to the NSPCC, which we received on the 27/11/15 at 16:50.

From what you have written, I can see that you have suffered significant physical, emotional and mental abuse.

I understand that this is not an easy subject to discuss, especially as you have already spoken about the effects that your experience has had on your life since.

The NSPCC operate a free 24 hour Helpline for people with any concerns for themselves or children, which you can contact if you wish to discuss your situation further, as it is never too late to receive the right support.

Our number is 0808 800 5000 and one of our practitioners will be more than happy to speak to you at any point.

You may also wish to contact NAPAC, who are regarded as the main Helpline with the UK for adults who have been abused as children.

NAPAC stands for the National Association for People Abused in Childhood, and there number is 0808 801 0331. They may also be able to provide advice and support for yourself.

With regards to what you have mentioned around the abuse that took place within an institution, there is also a Helpline that has been especially set up for this, called IICSA – Independent Enquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse – there number is 0800 917 1000.

The advisors within this Helpline are there to take any information regarding abuse within an institution and pass this on to the inquiry and also the local Police force, where this is appropriate.

I can also see that this has had a significant impact on your own mental health and well-being. 

It is important that you take care of yourself and receive the right support for this, and so I would advise that you contact your GP if you are ever feeling as though you need any help or guidance on how to manage your conditions.

I realise that your main reason for contacting us, was because you are seeking advice regarding the funding of new teeth.

Unfortunately, a as child protection agency, we are unable to advise you on this and can only suggest that you speak to your own dentist, so as to see what options are available to you.

I apologise that this may not be the answer you were looking for, however, this is not part of our expertise.

Regarding your experience with the Ministers and the courts, you may wish to seek further legal advice regarding this, as we are not legally trained within the NSPCC.

I would like to just reiterate how important it is to be taking care of yourself and seeking the right support, especially were you have mentioned having a starvation plan and that you would rather die.

You can contact the Samaritans for the times when you are feeling this way and they are always there to help.

There number is 116 123 and is also a 24 hour service, which you can use to discuss your thoughts and feelings at any time.

I hope this information has been of use to you and you are able to find the answers you are looking for.

If you ever need any further advice, we are always her to help.

Kind Regards,

Matt Baddley

Helpline Practioner


Thank you for taking the time to contact the NSPCC with your concerns. I hope you have found contacting the Helpline useful.
The NSPCC values service feedback and if you have any comments the NSPCC would be happy to hear them. Please send any comments by return email.



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