The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Petition to try and stop Caranua Fund - or at least make changes to it and include the children and partners of survivors in it.

This petition is to try reverse the Caranua fund which was established by the minister for education and skills (against) survivors of Irelands industrial schools wishes – they have (excluded our children from this fund) if you have a few moments please sign and share – thanks - (Survivors Who Stand Together.Com) link website

It is important that Survivors/Victims of Irelands industrial schools get to have their say in how (their) reparation money is been spent or should i say squandered? - It is our money and not the States- as the State are also guilty parties in our childhood abuse and should NOT have a say in how our money is spent!! Our money is been used in administration (jobs & big salaries) for a select few while the Survivors get (NOTHING) – our children are excluded from this fund?  Plus everything in this fund is already available to every member of the public? How can this fund be (special) what is special about it? Eh? “Special designed to steal our reparation monies! - Please sign and share this petition – thanks for reading!! Link to petition;

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Already messaged ALL Members asking them to sign and support in the promotion of this Petition.
Will add it to the petitions on the Home Page when I have time.
Have Shared through Shame Of Ireland Twitter Account too

PS did sign it too!

Never heard of them, Don't want to either I notice they are based in London  if I know better they are just another lot after BIG funding using survivors Names, CON MERCHANTS , they laugh all the way driving their nice cars to their nice houses ,to their fat bank accounts . IT'S ABUSE AGAIN.  all those so called services for survivors have had 20 odd + years to help survivors they all got Funding what have they done with the money???? they must be brought to account with their BOOKS to be inspected and all the Names of Survivors  they claim to represent  or represented over the years checked out,  I don't belong to any Group never did never have had any help either.  The only help I have had was from John Barrett at the Ballagh ,Wexford, and Rob Northall.  All the others who claim to have been there for survivors HAVE NOT DONE A THING They have been only looking out for their own Bank accounts. Evil People sniffing around for funding  just as bad as the Abusers in the Industrial Schools,  

Hi, I've been onto the petition to sign it and it say's it is closed. Has it finished? Thanks, Lizzie x

Oh sooo sorry.....I just looked at the date and this was last year x  oops!!

i was just looking at the old petition why can't we start a new one there are more members now than before . we can turn up

the heat on mary higgins and that white elepahant caranua she rides around . mary if your reading this i promis you i will put

a pickit on your office and your house I'm fed up waiting for what I was promesed in my settlement . james fox .

Well James it wont be to long before we hear from the ihrec, if we can set a precedent in law on the proper treatment of survivors and a means to enforce it we can take them before a judge, my advice to you, make sure you have a written or email record of all contact because they will fill you full of crap over the phone, make complaints so it is there in writing on your file, ive been complaining to them for over 2 years none were ever resolved so i basically have a record of just how useless they are. It is also a fact when one reads my file that endless delays, discrimination, human rights issues and being made to suffer serious levels of stress and anguish are part and parcel of what caranua are about, she might want to bury her head in the sand or maybe her ego is so out of control that she is blind to the issues, but sooner or later the truth will out, we will reach a critical mass at some stage and she will be forced to face us. 

thanks micheal for the advice i do keep oll emails and letters from caranua because i don't trust them i never

did ireland will always  be currupt i will never get justic in this country . but i will still keep on trying . james fox.



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