The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

I know we are bonded together by the Abusive History of the Church and State; but I thought it may be nice if we Shared some of the Positive Stuff?

Some of the things we enjoy?

Be it a piece of Music?

a Pet?

a Part of Your Garden?

Maybe a Hobby?

Even a Favourite Meal or Place?

I would also Like to Remind you that there a a Group at the Website for the Funny Stuff that you find YOU can join the Group and Post @ You GOTTA LAFF

I Recently Sent The Hints and Tips on HOW TO USE THE WEBSITE in-case you missed it? Just Click the Link Above?

I Will Start us off I Hope YOU Join In?

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This Song Never Fails to Cheer me up!

I Recently Reinstated a Garden Feature.

"Abandoned Steps and Fallen Down Pot"

I Found the Work very Therapeutic!

And Here it is Planted up!

This "Little Lady" always cheers me up!

But boy can she Sulk!

The one thing I like most in my life is to volunteer with my local mental health services. It gives me no greater joy when I can talk to somebody and understand what they are going through. I love it. 

This year is the first time in a few years that i've planted flowers in my garden. I've planted so many beautiful colours but geez.....takes me ages to water them he he.

I just love all music, club, some 60's 70's and 90's but the best ones for me are 80's music. 

I used to love Ian Dury and the Blockheads but my fave was Hit me with your Rhythm Stick.

ThanX Lizzie for sharing some of the tihings you enjoy ;-)

Glad you've entered into the Spirit of things

Sometimes Rob we have to just let go for a short while otherwise while we hang on so tight to something, we forget everything else around us. x

We May Walk In The Park With A  BalLoon Tightly Held In Our Fist But Imagine The Experience And Fun As We Let Go Of Our Balloon And See It Fly Away Free In THe Sky And Over The Hills  .... We Are Freed Up When Let Go  ....

Elizabeth:  Only Got A Balcony Garden But It Is Great To See Plants And Flowers Grow!

Love To See Pictures And Videos Of Animals Online!  More Often Than Not Seeing These Pictures And Videos Are An Absolute Pleasure!  Animals Can Draw Out The Very Best In Us!   :) 

Writing is a great way for me to deal with stuff and reading i would prefer a good book over tv any day cant watch a horror movie but they are my fav books, what puts the biggest smile on my face is sticking it to the man or lets be pc about this woman :-)

Michael.  I Rarely Watch Tv.  I Like To Read Too Also Watch Movies!

Seeing the smile on my happy go lucky special needs young man - he is my treasure my special gift and there's not a day goes by that he doesn't make me laugh!!! I love all kinds of music - and nothing give me more pleasure than helping others!!!   



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