The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Reply I received from Mary Higgins, when asked about the spend in restaurants and hotels. You put a cap on or claims yet ye spend what ye want on yer selfs, shame on ye

Dear Mr Power

Thank you for your comments, I understand how that could make you angry but nothing of the Fund has been spent except in keeping with Board policy and that of the Government. The key problem is that the legislation that we were established under requires that all costs must be paid from the Fund. It is not possible for us to change that fact unfortunately.

Please be assured of our continued work on behalf of survivors and our commitment to ensuring that their needs into the future will be acknowledged and responded to.

Best wishes


Mary Higgins
Chief Executive Officer

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700 wine bill, 20k on painting office that they are moving out of, 17k in the Radisson you could go on and on and on, what it boils down to is what we have being saying since day one survivor's are the least important thing in caranua, for god sake they are spending abuse victims money on fine wines and fancy dining what the fuck kind of country are we living in. I feel ill I really do.
Ensuring our needs into the future is a direct contradiction of the 15k cap and piss off as is the current approach so which is it ms Higgins. Like they will literally piss on your back and tell you its raining.
I think this is an absolute disgrace. Have Caranua run by survivors and for survivors. Id love to have €700 to spend on educational costs (for which i applied for and never even received a reply after 2 years waiting) not to mind wine. Have your meetings in community centres or publicly so we know where our money is going
Its a disgrace the way Caranua is being run. My wife Was refused what she applied for and told to approach the health board and council to apply for the special shower shower she needs. She like every other survivor is only looking for what she is entitled too and how dare they put a cap on what she or any survivor can get. Its very annoying when you see what they are spending on offices and on themselves. They were before the PAC and at the end of that things are still the same. Survivors need to get together and let their voices and opinions be heard.
They couldn't send me 20 euro when I was homeless yet they can spend 700 on one wine bill loads on gourmet food and posh hotels and we are supposed to believe that's right, guess the 100s of thousands being spent on PR means they think they can get away with it, the fund belongs to survivor's and yet caranua staff and board have more rights to it than we do.

What a load of TOSH

caranua being brought to UN committee in torture and human rights abuse attention today, so much for ms Higgins comments that its all in our heads or that the media is overstating the matter, let me clarify things for the CEO, survivor's enmass have told you you are wrong, pretty much every political in the dail has told you, the public by way of social media have told you, the PAC and edu committee's have told you and now the mental health professionals are telling you what you have been doing to survivor's is abuse. Why bury your head in the sand or cling to your 87k job any longer, is it really in our best interests to have you at the helm of caranua? I thing the whole country knows the answer to that one.
Dept of edu official now confirming that caranua spent our money without permission, there's a word for that anyone care to hazard a guess



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