The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Well! Well! Well!

I Clicked on a link in an Article not knowing where it was Leading!

It lead to an old article that I had already Read!

It was

Some abuse survivors say Caranua redress scheme isn't working, but it's paid out €5m s (via @thejournal_ie)

I started Reading the Comments and found this!

See the comment from Michelle Ní Dhubhlaíocht on @thejournal_ie:Some abuse survivors say Caranua redress scheme isn’t working, but it’s paid out €5m so far

A copy of which is bellow

Then I remembered this

My early suspicions of Caranua stirred up all kinds of emotions and debate, especially of being a regional ‘chairman’ of a very prominent ‘survivor group’ as well as other positions held. An awful lot of questions needed answering, but I needn’t have worried.

Once I decided to fill in application forms, within a short space of time, I was allocated an Advisor a ‘Mr Patrick Cleary’. Words cannot express my admiration enough for this gentleman’s courtesy, exceptional professional skills, and his unique way for feeling at ease, whilst conversing on the phone. I’ve had the honour of personally meeting Patrick last year, as well as other staff members.

As a suspicious survivor, I can't praise and thank enough all the staff at Caranua for their patience and professionalism, especially my Advisor Patrick Cleary for much appreciated advice and ongoing support, and I’d just like to encourage survivors of institutional abuse who are hesitating in contacting Caranua just to let you know of my personal experience. Have no fear, we are very fortunate to have such a dedicated staff working on our behalf, so contact them as soon as possible, they are awaiting your call to assist you - all of my suspicions have been allayed.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my Advisor ‘Mr Patrick Cleary’ and all staff at Caranua the best of luck going forward, for the benefit of survivors. Also special acknowledgement to Mary Higgins, whom I had the honour of meeting when she attended one of our meetings, and got a drilling, but she took it very well.


Pat (Cork)

source -

I followed the link for Michelle Ní Dhubhlaíocht it lead to a Facebook Page, She lives in Waterford.

I asked on Twitter for an English Translation for her Surname which would be "Dooley"

Who is the Michelle and how can she Speak so Authoritatively on Right Of Place?

Why are Members of Right Of Place more important to Caranua than any other Survivor?

AND are Members of this Site Blacklisted?

Please do NOT have a go at this Lady! We are better than That!

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On my second appeal, all the tds are a complete waste of time, i am now on the legal route trust me i have been down every path, there are very serious problems with caranua and i wont be stopping until it is exposed its not about the money, the scumbag abusers got a free pass, caranua aint getting one.

Holy What the F@CK

Clicked on a Link and went to

Is this Patrick Cleary of Caranua?

What are the Chances of that?

2 Patrick Cleary's One works for Right of Place the other for Caranua?

I'm Gobsmacked

I am sure its one of the same Rob!!

Apparently Patrick Cleary left Caranua Last year????

My so called adviser his name is Patrick wonder if he's the same person??

From Caranua website

In the bio for Patrick Cleary it says what he has done or worked at however, it does not state his qualifications to be an adviser to survivors of abuse.

A whistleblower A whistleblower, my kingdom for a whistleblower.

Their bio''s are completely different!
Anyone done any digging to confirm their backgrounds?

Photos would be useful!!!

I don't have any photos of them, however I do have photo's of work done on a bathroom paid for by Caranua at cost of €3,800 and the state the bathroom was left in and didn't cost anymore than €1,000. I am waiting for the boss to come and view the work of his employees and if its not finished I will be lodging a small claim lawsuit against the company and caranua on behalf of the person. I will post the photo next week!! 

Hi, Get photograpic evidence, if they clean it up, you will have no evidence of the mess, photos to your phone, will do. good luck.

All problems survivors have goes back to these groups Redress Caranua the government set these groups to sell the Redress board to survivors deminish there responsibility in the child prisoner of this they well rewarder and they acted as tugs It is now time that all practices of the government was investigated as there is a lot more to this story than the sleesey government is willing to admit too



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