The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland



I believe Right of Place Offices in the Lower Glanmire road in Cork have today switched the phone lines to their Offices there, to their Offices in Waterford City.


I believe they are said to be closing the Offices in Cork for good, and the Headquarters are now going to be situated in Waterford, where the Chairman, Michael Walsh and his Son Michael reside.


I also believe, Mr. Walsh’s wife will be filling one of the vacancies one of the existing staff currently holds. It is believed, this is to be a complete Family affair.


I have noted that NO warning was given to Survivors in the Cork region about this sudden switch of resources to Waterford. This is Completely Unacceptable, and a blatant Disregard by the Chairman Michael Walsh for Survivors in the Cork and Kerry regions.


Further proof that Right of Place Second Chance does NOT care one iota for Survivors overall. These people are getting very large amounts of money from the HSE to provide services to Vulnerable Survivors.


A Survivor called me some time ago in a very distressed state looking for some advice. I told him to call Lower Glanmire road, only to be redirected to their Waterford office. He did not wish to speak with anyone there, and Waterford told him they could NOT help him. Right of Place Waterford did NOT call this person back to see if he was alright or whatever.


It IS very obvious that this (So Called Survivor Group) Did Not Care, and are being funded clearly for their own Selfish gains, and NOT there to help Survivors as they so Claim.


In fact, they did not even think it was necessary to inform all the very vunerable Survivors in the Cork area, an area which holds the largest Survivor grouping in the country. Why they chose not to inform these people just goes to show the Contempt this Totally Inefficent bunch hold for the Survivors they CLAIM to represent.


What have you got to say about this Mr Walsh? And just to add, you have still not posted the minutes, and finincial report for last years AGM meeting, which you held last March,  which i believe was a disaster. Maybe this is why its not on your site.


All this was done today, in spite of the Outreach Officer for the Cork area being off for a day or two. How LOW is this, you had not got the decency to inform her. Who is covering for her while she is not in her Office, your Son in Waterford? As usual Mr Walsh, you have questions to answer, but as usual, We won't be holding our breath.

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Of course?? Think about it !!

all survivors can be brought together as one group?

You live in cuckoo land !!

its the drugs , sorry

who is this post addressed to?

Permalink Reply by Christopher heaphy 8 hours ago

You live in cuckoo land !!

I wondered the same Jack !

If it was meant for me , it had no effect, have survived the shit childhood I had under the State and their Religious bosses, so I am well able to survive the silly comments of  gobshites  on here or anywhere, that are clearly only out to upset fellow survivors , instead of protesting where it matters, to the wicked shits that are trying to screw survivors even more In  their elderly years !

like Quinn and Co       CLASS PARASITES !

i hope there will be clarification.  the reply was very close to my comment causing me to wonder if addressed to me. interesting that you assumed addressed to you too!   that can happen because of the past. accused and blamed and punished when innocent of any wrong doing!

Sadly Jack that has always been the case, and will continue as long as there are illegal groups behaving in their

despicable  ways of feathering their own nests at the expense of genuine survivors !

They clearly want to thrive, and are doing exactly that, with not an iota of care for the survivors they falsely claim to represent !


I think that, Catriona has it right...groups will be infiltrated or just become self serving in a very short time. They also tend to exclude anyone who does not work well in groups (a LOT of survivors of any form of abuse don't), and anyone adverse to committing to "political activism" in general. 

You need to rise as individuals. Demonstrate, start class actions etc totally independent of the NGO sector.

The government have committed several clear, unambiguous crimes against you...treat it as you would finding your car had been stolen.

Yes Cathriona has it right.

well spoken Gaye!  indeed groups tend to become infiltrated or as i say "mixed" !  

Why are these people getting money from the Irish Government. Right of place never gave a. Toss about the survivors . We don't need these groups .
You don't need these groups . Apply to coranua and they are there to help you .
Regards Mary Henderson -cornish



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