The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland



I believe Right of Place Offices in the Lower Glanmire road in Cork have today switched the phone lines to their Offices there, to their Offices in Waterford City.


I believe they are said to be closing the Offices in Cork for good, and the Headquarters are now going to be situated in Waterford, where the Chairman, Michael Walsh and his Son Michael reside.


I also believe, Mr. Walsh’s wife will be filling one of the vacancies one of the existing staff currently holds. It is believed, this is to be a complete Family affair.


I have noted that NO warning was given to Survivors in the Cork region about this sudden switch of resources to Waterford. This is Completely Unacceptable, and a blatant Disregard by the Chairman Michael Walsh for Survivors in the Cork and Kerry regions.


Further proof that Right of Place Second Chance does NOT care one iota for Survivors overall. These people are getting very large amounts of money from the HSE to provide services to Vulnerable Survivors.


A Survivor called me some time ago in a very distressed state looking for some advice. I told him to call Lower Glanmire road, only to be redirected to their Waterford office. He did not wish to speak with anyone there, and Waterford told him they could NOT help him. Right of Place Waterford did NOT call this person back to see if he was alright or whatever.


It IS very obvious that this (So Called Survivor Group) Did Not Care, and are being funded clearly for their own Selfish gains, and NOT there to help Survivors as they so Claim.


In fact, they did not even think it was necessary to inform all the very vunerable Survivors in the Cork area, an area which holds the largest Survivor grouping in the country. Why they chose not to inform these people just goes to show the Contempt this Totally Inefficent bunch hold for the Survivors they CLAIM to represent.


What have you got to say about this Mr Walsh? And just to add, you have still not posted the minutes, and finincial report for last years AGM meeting, which you held last March,  which i believe was a disaster. Maybe this is why its not on your site.


All this was done today, in spite of the Outreach Officer for the Cork area being off for a day or two. How LOW is this, you had not got the decency to inform her. Who is covering for her while she is not in her Office, your Son in Waterford? As usual Mr Walsh, you have questions to answer, but as usual, We won't be holding our breath.

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A complete family affair, no surprises there !       Will they have a big posh house  paid for and maintained by the   HSE ? 

 Would not be surprised to see it given a nice posh name, like ,    "CARANUA" ?

There is clearly more to this,  Maurice,  than meets the eye, remember that in his criteria , Mr Quinn refers to the possibility of contracting out services etc.  to various so called Survivor Groups,  that will enable him to set up his illegal project and carry out his  dirty work,  of making sure that genuine Survivors,  will achieve very little or nothing ,  from the money he has high jacked from the Survivors STF.      OUR MONEY !

I would not be one bit surprised to see this illegal Cork Group at the head of the list, touting to further their life of splendour

at the expense of the Survivors they claim to represent !

I CANT believe they are making all these moves and changes  , just to save on  petrol !    

There are hidden agendas involved here, and it is very obvious that it is not for the benefit of Genuine  Survivors,    but  more a case of feathering their own nests ! 

Whatever the reasons , mysterious as they are, Survivors clearly are not considered, or consulted, Quinn went ahead and has introduced this SCAM called Caranua, which is illegal, and breach's Survivors Human Rights,!

Only some illegal groups nodded agreement with his sick scheme , without Survivors having any say,  what so ever ! They clearly did not consult with the Members they claim to represent, if any !

Survivors , wake up , for years now these groups have gained much funding from the HSE, Religious and other Government departments, to carve out a very fancy life style for them selves and their family's, off our backs,  and still continue to this day , by further abusing fellow Survivors !

Caranua is equipped , designed and engineered  to stop Survivors gaining access to their money , (Contributed  to them by the Religious) , there is ample evidence to back this up, its criteria, rules, terms and conditions are illegal, unjust and unfair in its content.   Of absolute no help or assistance to Survivors. And especially those unfortunate Survivors living outside of Europe !

Most Survivors do not want this Caranua, they want the total and current amount of their money , legally and rightfully theirs , to be shared out equally and fairly ,  between the remaining qualified  Survivors. It is their right, it is their money!

 In his capacity of Education Minister, Quinn has illegally used his Governmental Power to alter legislation three times in order to set up this illegal outfit called Caranua, took him over 6 years to do so, and in that time we lost many Survivors, which is down to him with his delaying tactics , and bent rules,  denying them and their family's any access to their rightful share of their money !

It states that only Survivors who went through the RIRB , qualify for application to this Caranua scam,   So ,  Survivors have in this respect been qualifying since 2004 , but  that's where it starts,  and ends !

The biggest scam is,  as far as Quinn is concerned, Survivors can only apply for help /assistance as and  from Caranuas launch date, 6 January of this year ! Not Survivors qualifying date !   This effectively prevents any claims for any outlay or expense paid for PRIOR  to that launch date, by qualifying Survivors !

Since 2004, when the RIRB kicked off, Survivors have paid out lots of money for various items , medical,optical, dental , hearing aids, essential home improvements, etc. etc., that would be considered and addressed now!       

 But  under Quinn s bent criteria,  which was cleverly adjusted,  to prevent that possibility  happening ! 

Ripped off at the RIRB, Badly short changed, abused , humiliated, gagging orders, threats of imprisonment , fines or both, then this Caranua scam inflicted on us ,   a massive insult and further abuse to all Survivors , throughout the world,   those of us still lucky to be alive !


Hi James, it's definitly not to save petrol these parasites are doing this, but to have the whole affair centred  around the lot of their immediate family. Walsh Snr Chairman is i believe going to recruit his wife to answer the phones, and what ever else, also Walsh Junior's Fiancee i believe is also to be taken on board. These people keep shoving down Survivors throats that they are NOT being paid for their "Services" What they dont tell you is the massive expenses they are drawing down. 

Do you think for one minute this Gangster is going to employ all his immediate family to work for nothing for Survivors? Huh, tell that to the Marines. I also believe, along with the phones being switched from Cork to Waterford, the same now also applies to Galway, who have their phones diverted also. Do you think he is scaling down on his offices for the good of his health? Dont think so. 

Something to ponder on. Take care James.

Hmmm let's not come over all "Honeyball" and do this without a few actual facts:


Even I didn't expect to find quite so much...I haven't even looked at the other interests of directors yet...advise anyone who plans to go fetch a chamber pot because I am pretty sure you are going to be sick...

What is thoroughly upsetting me (on top of the inquest on Atos Victim Mark Woods in the UK ) is that what you say about your friend looking for help desperately, triggered me back to so many similar experiences with other small advocacy NGOs that get way too much money.  Seems to me the way he was treated is the rule not the exception.

The one thing I have learned in the course of becoming something of an expert on these glorified scams is that WHATEVER YOU DO do not endorse orgs like this by interacting or engaging with them AT ALL...


A betrayal of all Cork members considering that the majority of members live in Cork and Right of Place was founded in Cork.

The old saying has come true... What we have here is a betrayal of all the Cork members by "Waterford Rats"

Who knows....if justice is to be served, all the Members will put forward a "Vote of NO Confidence" in the Board of Directors at the AGM In March and booth them out.

Cork can once again be the HQ of ROP where its members are looked after and cared for. Unlike Waterford, where they don't give a shite what happens to Survivors as long as they get their cut of the money. They are "SHALLOW" and "PARASITES" , nothing more.

Feel free to post this comment Anywhere.

perhaps the general idea is to keep survivors divided and fighting rather than united and thriving!!

Dunno Jack,

In my experience in several sectors, though it often looks that way, it is usually that the bad guys and profiteers strive to take control of ALL sides of any issue.

End result?

Loads of public money gets spend on leaving the real victims to drown. 

precisely the spirit of my message Gaye!

Interject in our world if you can !!!

Couple of weeks ago I had food poisoning...own silly fault and I will be taking "lethal afer" dates seriously in future - but it was savage and I was dehydrating fast, in a state where if one mouthful of water went in a lot more came out.

I needed to be on a drip, simple as that...but even my Doctor agreed trying to get on one would do me more harm than good.

Even if I called an ambulance there was a huge chance I would be waiting hours in a state where it was agony to even lie in my own bed...but in the past few weeks of cellulitis that is far from the cruellest problem I have seen sitting in hard back chair waiting up to 12 hours for the simplest thing...the facilities are there, there is no money to staff them. One Doctor can be rushing between half a dozen  A & E patients simultaneously.

...and the HSE pours money into these ruthless, greedy, exploitative Mickey Mouse cottage industries who claim to "support" the most lucrative disadvantage niche they could get...

There HAS to be a day of reckoning...

Spot on.....It took 12/13 years to learn it has never been about helping Survivors.
There is no division......only, right and wrong.

all united?  good!



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