The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland



I believe Right of Place Offices in the Lower Glanmire road in Cork have today switched the phone lines to their Offices there, to their Offices in Waterford City.


I believe they are said to be closing the Offices in Cork for good, and the Headquarters are now going to be situated in Waterford, where the Chairman, Michael Walsh and his Son Michael reside.


I also believe, Mr. Walsh’s wife will be filling one of the vacancies one of the existing staff currently holds. It is believed, this is to be a complete Family affair.


I have noted that NO warning was given to Survivors in the Cork region about this sudden switch of resources to Waterford. This is Completely Unacceptable, and a blatant Disregard by the Chairman Michael Walsh for Survivors in the Cork and Kerry regions.


Further proof that Right of Place Second Chance does NOT care one iota for Survivors overall. These people are getting very large amounts of money from the HSE to provide services to Vulnerable Survivors.


A Survivor called me some time ago in a very distressed state looking for some advice. I told him to call Lower Glanmire road, only to be redirected to their Waterford office. He did not wish to speak with anyone there, and Waterford told him they could NOT help him. Right of Place Waterford did NOT call this person back to see if he was alright or whatever.


It IS very obvious that this (So Called Survivor Group) Did Not Care, and are being funded clearly for their own Selfish gains, and NOT there to help Survivors as they so Claim.


In fact, they did not even think it was necessary to inform all the very vunerable Survivors in the Cork area, an area which holds the largest Survivor grouping in the country. Why they chose not to inform these people just goes to show the Contempt this Totally Inefficent bunch hold for the Survivors they CLAIM to represent.


What have you got to say about this Mr Walsh? And just to add, you have still not posted the minutes, and finincial report for last years AGM meeting, which you held last March,  which i believe was a disaster. Maybe this is why its not on your site.


All this was done today, in spite of the Outreach Officer for the Cork area being off for a day or two. How LOW is this, you had not got the decency to inform her. Who is covering for her while she is not in her Office, your Son in Waterford? As usual Mr Walsh, you have questions to answer, but as usual, We won't be holding our breath.

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The day has come ,when at my age of 71, I want out of all this further attempt by Quinn and his merry men , to deprive me of what is rightfully mine , my fair share of the pot of money, that   the religious assigned to all Survivors  !

Quinn has no right , legally or otherwise , to deprive me,  or any other Survivor,   of our just entitlement !    That is clearly our rightful  money . it merits  immediate investigation, and redressing !

we  do not , at our age In  life,  need telling  us of details about how we must apply for what is by law, OURS !

Most of us only want ,   at our age , our fair share, of the total in the current STF, and allow us to get on with our own sad lives. Surely it is our right to want to live out the remainder of our lives  in comfort, and our choice,  to spend our money on our  FAMILYS , in the manner we choose !

 Mr Quinn, do the decent thing, arrange this to happen for the already damaged and elderly folk in this boat, abandon your Caranua project , it is a complete farce, and beneficial  to not  one of us !

Replace it with an immediate promise to address us all, with a fair and equal share of  the total money that the Religious contributed TO US !

It is our money , at the end of the day, absolutely not yours , and your wish to capture it, and  control it , is illegal, and outside your ministerial powers , which you must be aware, you are accountable for !

You cant abuse us like this and expect to get away with it, but fire on if you feel you are doing right ,  and suffer the consequences,  I promise and guarantee that you will end up with much egg on your face, AGAIN, don't say you have not been warned !


i think most if not all survivors would agree with your post James!  

I sincerely hope so jack, but deep down I am not worried what any person says , we all have our own opinions, and I am only expressing mine , hoping I am giving some misguided Survivors the correct help and information on all our issues !

I am not out to collect brownie points, jack, But I do want the same as all existing survivors are entitled to, our allocated share of the STF, and the opportunity to expose this criminal action of Quinn's in his latest effort to further abuse us , with the fancy scaammy outfit called CARANUA !

You are so right...the issue is, and always has been, very simple to me.

You were unlawfully detained in circumstances that denied you your basic human rights.

There is no doubt about this, it is established fact.

Those who committed these crimes have ample means with which to compensate you.

Why has this still not happened.

Something occurs to me. Most of you had to sign "non disclosure agreements" that are not even legal. What would happen if a large group of you BROKE that agreement simultaneously and told the full story to the UN and the world?

Would they really sue their own (mostly elderly) victims with the eyes of the world upon them?


The UN is now calling for full disclosure and criminal prosecutions ANYWAY.

Think about it...

excellent points Gaye.

Last week i was in Dublin trying to get answers about the running of Caranua I spent all day Monday left sitting in reception to see someone. As Mary Higgins was not in I took it upon my self to stay over i was told she would be in on Tuesday  I rang the Cork office of R.O.P and was told to ring Micheal Wlash Jnr i explained I needed to stay overnight and could they help to pay for the hotel. 53 euro Ill phone you back he did. to my dying day i will never forget what he said. i have booked you in to the homeless centre but you cant go there until 10pm . It was now 5pm i said.! Are you for real  there is no way im going there as i am on my own and would not feel safe there and I am not homeless you are he said. How dare you even offer me a place like that. With that he went into such abusive behavior . I felt sick. I mentioned to him about transferring phones and did say cork was the head office  .and there reasoning for doing it was to close the cork office. I have written to T.d.s about this matter. If i have to go to Cork myself and change the number i will...........nothing but a bully i am well able to stand up to these people ..... .Another thing he said as i refuse to pay the 10 euro for membership i will not be allowed to there A.G M We will see about that Mr. Walsh .....

wow.  more of the same treatment.  

Hi Miriam , No surprises there, this mafia inspired outfit ROP, SC , are not there for Survivors benefit, never were , you are not the first to be subjected to the verbal abuse and ignorance  from this sad excuse of a man, Michael Walsh JNR . Just ask Cathriona Barker of her experience from him and his illegal outfit !

They are a disgraceful sham, a group existing on a membership they claim to represent, but the sad fact is , that most names they hold on their books, were illegally obtained by sinister means, high jacked data base's, and names they acquired by other devious measures !

Many of these Survivors are now sadly passed on , but still ,to this day , they send out newsletter, mail shots etc.

to their homes, causing nothing but stress for the Spouse and family's !

They are doing what they enjoy mostly, living cushy comfortable  lives, funded by the HSE, and all off the backs of genuine Survivors, and their grief ! Fast becoming a family concern, this version of Corks mafia style group , as you will learn, if you care to view the archives here and at Paddy Doyles site.

You will see absolutely very few posts or comments singing their praises, yet still swindle the HSE out of much cash , making out that they help the likes of you , me, and the many other Survivors , but it is total poppycock ! they simply look after their nearest and dearest, and close associates of theirs.

The overall thing that annoys me is that both Father and Son are listed here as being members of this fine site, but its plain and very obvious that is strictly for  spying purposes, !

Illegal groups like these,  and the one in Kerry, Munster support services, are not , and never were ,there to help or assist  Survivors, they are con artists, and have the likes  of Quinn and the HSE,

     giving them taxpayer's and  our money , by way of funding !

Check out also the archives of the Cork Examiner, there is much stuff reporting about their illicit ways and scams!


THAT IS JUST DISGUSTING...and typical...

i have challenged what you said Gayle on numerous occasions you are perfectly right. ...

I have to say, institutional abuse in Ireland seems to be the only thing I did not "survive" (unless you count propping up two close friends, one with a stolen baby and one pretty little "la la" from Goldenbridge sold into adoption aged 7 as they shattered into a million pieces, time after time), but from dealing with other "cottage industry" support NGOs I find the abuse you have suffered from these orgs automatically believable, I have come across so much of it.

I have come across it time after time...and yet they get so much HSE money while the hospitals are in dangerous shambles for the simplest, most basic things...and then they show up for Government meetings and committee and tell whatever lies will get them the most funding. 

we should be thrivers!  



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