The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

The attached file below will show how the New, Board of Directors of (Right of Place Second Chance) spent nearly €700,000, on our behalf, since they took over.

If we add this sum to the grant given to (AHIA Ltd) Aisling Center; then the grant awarded to these two groups alone amounts to over €930,000, in the last two years.

The beneficiaries of these Vast sums of money, are NOT individual Survivors, but an elite golden circle.

When will the HSE and the VEC realise that Survivors can fill out their own forms, and make their own telephone calls.

STOP Funding Groups who pretend to act as Representatives of Survivors, when all they really do is look after their own self interests.

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Correct and Right James. See how they changed policy the day before Quinn announced the implementation of thr Trust Fund. As i said already, ("This Was Always Their Stance") They were Always in favour of the Trust Fund. FACT.


I cannot leave you go on leaving incorrect statements.

It is on PUBLIC RECORD that we tried to fight against the Statutory Trust Fund and indeed on Public Record that we told Minister Quinn that we were against the Trust Fund in a meeting with him - that is the True Facts

It is also simple to look at the facts. If we fight it and that fight is unsuccessful and we know it is going to be passed, as Senior Politicians and Lawyers advised us, then we owe it to the people we support to NOT give them false hope.

We are still not in favour of it, but why lead "Survivors up the Garden Path" - a path disgracefully too often wore out in the past, when we know the Outcome. It would be completely and utterly Disingenuous to Survivors and we are not prepared to ever be that!

Here you go again Micheal,

Talking about leaving incorrect statements. In your very OWN Statement posted above, you state that you TOLD Minister Quinn that you were against the Trust Fund in a meeting with him-thats the True Facts. These are your very own words.

You then go on to say, further down the page Micheal, and these are your very own words.

It is also simple to look at the facts. If we fight it and that fight is unsuccessful and we know it is going to be passed, as Senior Politicians and Lawyers advised us, then we owe it to the people we support to NOT give them false hope.

What i am asking you now Micheal, if as you say above and i quote, (" as Senior Politicians and Lawyers advised us, then we owe it to the people we support to NOT give them false hope")

When did these Senior Politicians and Lawyers tell you this? They surely MUST have told you at the start, this would was NOT going to be changed, yet you told Survivors you would be fighting this Fund, (KNOWING) only too well you were fighting a losing battle, but at the last minute you came up with the excuse you have written above.

This Proves to me, without a shadow of a doubt, that (Right of Place Second Chance) knew from its inception, that this Trust Fund was done and dusted right from the very beginning, and therefore you Lied to Survivors from the word go. I'ts written above for anyone to see.

Hi Mossie,

The absolute anger and resentment you seem to have towards Right of Place (and other groups) baffles me I have to say. I have only been involved with Right of Place Second Chance (18 months) the same as all of the Board of Directors and I would love to know what Right of Place must of done to you personally, in the past, however to address your points above.

You obviously don't deal or interact with many Survivors on a support level Mossie and you are clearly not "in tune" with the services that we provide (which always makes me wonder why you would be so negative when you have never even looked for assistance from us and therefore cannot possibly talk with any confidence on our services).

We offer Information, Outreach, Referral and Advocacy. We aid Survivors in getting Houses, we go with them to court, we offer them peer support, we make them aware of opportunities that are available, we get them counselling, we help their families, we help many who have addictions overcome them, we offer repatriation, we aid them in getting a priority of Services, in Welfare and Health and I could continue but you get the idea.

You also clearly do not understand that MANY Survivors are still fearful of authority (meaning they often like us to speak for them) and MANY cannot read or write (so they need help filling out forms and even reading basic letters they receive) and feel uncomfortable talking and trying to make others understand them and their history.

To trivialise, as you have done is disrespectful to the many who still need support, even in the most basic of tasks.

I actually think it is disgraceful the way all Survivors and Groups are treated because if an individual or a group is Supporting even one Survivor, then in my mind the Government should support that group or individual in some way.

Why is it that Survivors are treated as second class again?

Take one in Four as an example, they had just over 6,000 contacts last year (compared to our 5,393) and yet last year they received nearly €900,000 to Provide their Support Services (which again to re-iterate is NOT direct Financial Assistance) and yet we received €200,000 for more or less the same amount of contacts - disgraceful.

Finally please stop with what is a wrong statement that we spent it on "an elite golden circle"

We are funded to Provide an Information, referral, outreach and Advocacy Service. To offer Information, we need Phone staff. To offer Outreach and Advocacy, we need Outreach Staff. That is simple.

Citizens Information (who offer Information and Referral) have to have staff employed to run that Service.

If I was to give a Survivor money from our funding, I would be in breach of agreements and I could be brought to Court and trialled for mis-use of funds because we are not funded to give money directly to Survivors. Indeed one of the ONLY Charities who are, are the St. Vincent de Paul.

To finish there is no elite golden circle as you so put it. I have already shown you in a previous thread that we have 12 staff with a total staff outlay of €135,000 meaning the average wage is €11,500 PER YEAR!

This is compared to an equivalent position in the HSE, which is nearly €45,000, a local Outreach Service in Waterford advertised a job recently and it came with a starting salary of €35,000. A TD is on €90,000 a year. Compare the numbers and this idea of a golden circle dosent stack up.

Look at rehab, they paid their CEO over €500,000 a year and our equivalent position, National Co-Ordinator we pay €18,000 a year - we pay an equivalent position over 250% LESS 

We are one of the most under funded, over worked Support Charities in the country and the information, the audited accounts, the external review, our annual report and our contacts show this. Perhaps this is why you and the other 10 individuals, who have never accessed our services, have never got anywhere with Government etc regarding Right of Place because logically your arguments and comments do not stack up, when looked at objectively.

That being said, if you have any specific questions that you would like answered please feel free to reply. I respect peoples decision to not involve themselves or look for support and to take a view on groups but at least make that view be borne because of research and factual information, not some blind objective which is brought about by anger.

Robert, Everything you say is very true. They do not have any answers for Survivors, only more of the very same Waffle, and more Waffle. Again tonight i was asked by this person to ask questions, when i did, all i got, yet again was Waffle and more of the same.

This group is NOT working for the Survivor, and from what i can see, never was. They refuse yet again to have Any Accountability whatsoever. Yet again, he avoids the question of membership, which proved to me, they Have something to hide. I am sick and tired of asking this question, but being fobbed off EVERY TIME. Who is not telling the truth here.

It's plain to see WHY, Survivors have NO confidence at all, for groups who will NOT come clean.

In response to Micheal,


I was once a member of Right of Place, and got out of it because of the corruption I saw going on in there, their Lies, and everything about them.


This New group who took over I find are NO better. Even from the very start this new group started out on the wrong foot. We did NOT elect this group running the show today, you are most probably well aware of this, but you wont agree, as your Father is Chairman.


This group was NOT democratically elected. Your Father telling everyone that you were the only candidate that fitted the post of Outreach Officer. Do you really expect Survivors to believe this? Do you really think we are all stupid?


I have noted, your Father seems to take NO part now in anything; you seem to be the main person directing operations? Why, has there been yet another Promotion?


I have always fought for the Survivor, and always will, I told your Father this a long time ago.


You state I do not interact with many Survivors on a support level, this is true, I do not, but I do get a lot of personal correspondence from a lot of Survivors, who seem to have the very same problem with your group, and other groups also. A lot of these people have been in contact with your group, but have nothing good to say about you. I wonder WHY?


Yes, you all seem to be very good at putting reports on your website on the great work you are doing for Survivors, but this Micheal is all Talk, Waffle, Waffle, and more Waffle. Not an ounce of proof. Just because the HSE, and who so ever else fund you does NOT say, you are doing a good job, or even doing anything. It’s easy to write an Article. Getting someone to believe it is another thing.


You stated, I never even looked for assistance from your group. Even if I needed assistance from anyone, your group would not even be considered. I want NOTHING from anyone, and especially want NOTHING from your group, as I do NOT trust anyone affiliated to you, or anyone with anything to do with you.


In case you are not aware, Mr Walsh, I did apply for membership on (2) separate occasions, and your group never even had the decency to respond to me. I suppose you saw me as a threat to your organisation, and gave me a wide berth, or classed me as a potential troublemaker, just the same way your group dismissed the decent people, who did their utmost to get Transparency, and Accountability from your group, and tried to run the group properly.


Funny I have seen this same thing happen to other Survivors who may have posed a threat to your group. So Mr Walsh, I suggest you check your earlier correspondence in relation to me applying for membership, and you WILL find, I am telling the truth, I have NO reason whatever to lie.



I know of your so-called services you say you offer. No one has ANY proof of this, again its what you say. You talk about getting Survivors Priority of services. This is total LIES, everyone is equal in the system, and Survivors do NOT get priority when it comes to services. More Lies. We have tried this; It’s simply NOT TRUE.


How many offices do you need in this country to fill out All these forms you talk about, you are supposed to have 1,750 of membership according to your Father. Can you prove to Survivors that you actually have that amount of membership as you claim, and if so, where did you get all the details of these people? You most probably wont answer this question either, I have asked you this numerous times, and you did invite me to ask questions in your response to me, didn’t you?


These are questions I have asked you, time, and time again Mr Walsh, also your Father, as I am sure you will recall only too well, and so will any other Survivors who monitor this Site. I’m sure they will also recall your utter refusal to answer ANY of these valid points. How can your group demand respect, and trust, when nothing you do is Transparent? And you do NOT respond to questioning. Do you have something to hide? Please explain.


All we see on your site is ROP meeting the President, and other utterly useless Propaganda, trying to let the Media see what a great bunch you really are. If they only knew? You can fool some, but NOT all.


I cannot believe you actually stated that, you couldn’t understand how disgraceful the way other Survivor groups are treated. As you said, and I quote, (“If an individual or a group is supporting one Survivor, then in your mind, the government should support that group”) I think Sir; you are now trying to justify your very existence here. This is disgraceful.


Survivors will always be treated as second class citizens again Mr Walsh, as long as groups like yours continue to be funded. Any real Survivor will tell you that. I’m sure you monitor the other sites, and you DO know what I am saying is correct.



Please explain yourself Mr Walsh when you said, (“Perhaps this is why myself, and the other 10 individuals, who have never accessed your services. Have never got anywhere with Government etc regarding Right of Place because logically our arguments and comments do not stack up when looked at objectively”)?


Who are these 10 individuals you speak about Mr Walsh? Also, I have never went to government regarding (Right of Place) So again Sir, as usual you are talking a load of Waffle, which you seem to be very good at, I may add.


I have given you some questions (AGAIN) Mr Walsh, not that you will ever answer them as usual. People will be watching NOW to see if maybe, just maybe you will this time. ? I Sir am NOT, I can assure you looking for support, I can, and always have, stood on my own two feet, and always will.


We as Survivors, have never received Factual Information from your group, I wonder if we ever will? And this Sir is, I can assure you, NOT brought on by Anger.


Actually Mr Walsh, I am a very quiet, placid, likeable type of fellow, so I am told, with No resentment for anyone; but if you wish to label me as angry, then I cannot be responsible for your feelings, so so sorry. I wish I could help you avail of counseling, to help you overcome your guilt, due to Nepotism.


I will let up writing about your group, and other groups, when I see some Truth and Transparency that you all talk about being exercised.


So far, not many groups I see meet these criteria, and are open to criticism. I don’t enjoy having to write about any group, but if I think someone is trying to take the Mickey, I will react, and let them know.


If you want people to believe in anything you do in that group, prove it, and don’t be dishing out excuses all the time. Survivors have put up with enough.

Hi Kenneth,

Thanks for your reply. We certainly have and continue to assist Survivors living outside of Ireland (infact was speaking to a genleman from Australia yesterday).


Naturally however the level of support is a lot more difficult as we curently do not have an offices outside of Ireland (which we are trying to address) and the information we have for what is available over there is less then what we have in Ireland. THat being said it should not mean you get offered no support. I would be shocked to hear if it was in the last 18 months since the New Organisation began, I wouldn't be suprised if it was before we had anything to dowith Right of Place.


If you can tell me who you were speaking to and what date (Roughly) you called I can get that looked into immediatly and get a response for you straight away as I would be very disappointed to hear of that.


Also Kenneth, the assumption that the money we receive being Survivors money is completely incorrect. If we stopped receiving funding, it would go straight back into the HSE and not to Survivors.

Just to clarify Kenneth,

Was that our Group - which is Right of Place Second Chance (established a litle under 18 months ago) or was it Right of Place Building Project, there before we started.


If it was within the last 18 months then I can investigate it for you and get you a call back IMMEDIATLY, if it wasn't then I cant get an answer as none of those individuals work for the organisation anymore but i can still get someone to call you?

Well my question is as i live in a non catholic country people here dont know about the past in ireland and look at me as if i was lying or crazy.if i try to explain. now on my court records i wasent condemed to a reformatory but an industriel which i wonder does it exclude us from the statutary fund. Part of the anger is that you and other groups address us as if we were supposed to believe that you know us better than we know ourselves. you dont. people who have never met can not support each other. as for we should be glad that some are getting help. Well no the minumum is not enough. if you help some well dont expect any thanks from all the others. moralising to elderly people is just not empathic at all.


Dont be holding your breath when you are dealing with this lot. I am not one bit surprised that you have received a reply from this group, who only look after their own interests. I saw your earlier postings, and said i would wait to see what happens.

Maybe now he will answer you, but no doubt will be making all the excuses under the sun. This is typical from this lot, who claim to represent Survivors, but at the back of it all, only look after themselves, something they are very expert at.

You are very lucky you are not one of their (So Called) members, who they say have about 1,750 on their books. This is typical of the help you get from these Parasites. Promises of Nothing. Good luck Kenneth.

Kenneth, I

I am NOT one bit surprised with their response, what did i tell you. He most likely answered you because i made him look small. Typical. They do this to everyone. They do NOT provide any services to anyone, yes they have on their Website all about what they do. They are BLUFFERS and nothing more. What the HSE gives them funding for, i will NEVER know. Keep at the Kenneth, and good luck. God knows, you're gonna need it with that bunch.



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