The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

The attached file below will show how the New, Board of Directors of (Right of Place Second Chance) spent nearly €700,000, on our behalf, since they took over.

If we add this sum to the grant given to (AHIA Ltd) Aisling Center; then the grant awarded to these two groups alone amounts to over €930,000, in the last two years.

The beneficiaries of these Vast sums of money, are NOT individual Survivors, but an elite golden circle.

When will the HSE and the VEC realise that Survivors can fill out their own forms, and make their own telephone calls.

STOP Funding Groups who pretend to act as Representatives of Survivors, when all they really do is look after their own self interests.

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Believe me Kenneth,

It's the only way of dealing with these MUPPETS, which is all they are. I had a lot of dealings with them, and found them to be Totally Inefficient in everything they do. But then, i was NOT surprised.

Take care. Will be in contact again.

I am amazed Michael and feel uneasy about what you said  in reply to Kenneth, It smacked of Bullying, you said to kenneth> If you can tell me who you were speaking to and on what DATE you called I can get that looked into immediatly , It's shouldn't be up to Survivor Kenneth to go back and find any correspondence he had with your office ,Don't you keep records ?   also Michael the Money you and other groups receive and have been receiving for many years was the MONEY that was supposed to Properly Compansate The Survivors

It's like what I'v been through over the last 20 years , I rang a certain Services for Abuse Survivors?? gave all my personal detail's and the personal detail's of  the Survivors (my siblings)  I was trying to trace , Didn't hear a word back , Five years later I rang them again long distance at my own expense again>again they asked for all my personal Detail's and that of my Sibling's I was trying to trace, again NOT a word back from them ,  Then in 2011,   again I rang an Office who advertise themselves as A service for survivors again asked for all the same detail's  AGAIN >NOT A WHISPER BACK FROM THEM , Feb 2012 I rang them again again asked for all  my detail's AGAIN  ,it's now well into September 2012 and again I have NOT heard a word back.  And those so called services all have had Millions in Funding and now receive MORE FUNDING out of The Statuary Trust Fund .   CORRUPTION IS THE WORD.  None of them are in the least bit interested in helping survivors they are only interested in their own EGO's and Power over others and FUNDING.    DICTATORS the lot of them reminds me of the system we survivors grew up under.

Hi Robert,

May I try an answer some of the points you have brought up because they are very valid.

1. You are 100% right to be unhappy about the outcome of the Trust Fund, and believe me when I say this, personally you will be hard pushed to find any one more angry then myself at it. Why? Because I am a dependent, my younger brothe is a dependent and he has been too young to get anything from the Trust fund and now when he is reaching an age where he will need support, there is nothing there for him, so on that I agree with you.

2. The 50/50 Deal.
This has been in place since the beginning of Redress. It was initially thought the bill for redress would be circa 300 million and the religious would contribute 150 Million. As has been evidenced later, the final cost will be close to 1.4 Billion an it was recommended the Religous, cover what they had already agreed - 50%. This is where the other contribution is coming from. The religious then decided that 110 Million should be used to aid Survivors, but remember this (however morally wrong it may be)
There is NO LEGAL RIGHT for the Religious to contribute the additional money. If they decided not to, nobody could make them. This is where their understanding is Borne from. Legally the money does not have to be given, and Legally Survivors have no right over the money. This means that any protestations you me or anyone else may have, we have no foundation to stand on for that reason.

3.Survivors given the opportunity
Couldn't agree more, of course Survivors should of been allowed the opportunity to say what they needed, but again it's back to the previous point, there was No coverage regarding it because there is no legal obligation. The Religious own the money and are giving it to the state for them to decide how to use it.

4. Support for your family
Again I couldn't agree more and you cannot imagine how frustrating it is for me and all working within Right of Place. Welfare Officers, Housing Officers and the EFB do not understand Survivors. This means that the work we do is within a system that we can disagree with and campaign against, but we continue to be treated as any one else.
You would also have to agree that bearing that in mind, we cannot do everything as a result, but we can try and gain priority and generally we are successful.
You would also have to agree that AnnMarie and the office tried everything they possibly could for you, to support you and your family.

5. We are currently undergoing a review, which the results will be published shortly. This review looks at every single detail within the organization and ensures we are 100% in compliance with everything we need to be. If this is passed we will become one of only a HANDFUL of charities in this country who can officially publish we are in compliance with the Irish Code of Governance on Charities.

Finally Robert I agree with a lot of your sentiments and you would not believe the amount of work that goes on within ROP SC to try and being about change for Survivors. I rarely finish before 7 every day. The lads in our office are only paid to work 7 hours a week and yet the office is open for up to 30 hours a week. We do this because we believe in what we are doing and we are passionate about it.

To let you in on a number of things that nobody is aware is ongoing at present. I am currently in talks with the Waterford Institute of Technology to commission and support research into the position of Survivors lives and what it is they need and let me tell you this information in a professional manner will put it in context for our country what Survivors actually need.

We are trying to get survivors designated as a unique citizen group, that they have a personal contact in EVERY housing and every WELFARE office in the country meaning any problem they have will be death with by one person who has the authority to approve things survivors need, to give them houses if they need one IMMEDIATLY

I wan't an answer ,How many of those Groups have been using MY NAME  and have it on their list saying they represent ME so they keep getting Funding when I canno't get an answer from them at all. Nor have any of them helped  or comunicated  with me in any way over the years. They must have all their books inspected by an Independent , Every Survivor where ever they are in the World Traced and accounted for weather Dead or Alive , then we'll see the true scale of Corruption over the last 17 years,  I grew up in Goldenbridge and have NEVER been a Member of the Aislinn in Dublin ,I don't even live in Ireland I was Exiled out of my own country by the Church and State aged 17, , and  in 2002 when I returned to Ireland to buy a house so my children and myself would have a place to stay when we  go over  THE BULLIES I sadly bumped into per chance who are aproved by the Last and Present Government  showed themselves what they really are BULLIES who never left Ireland and resent those who were forced to leave returning ,> One of them called me a Filthy Protestant with my Filthy Protestant Name ,How dare I come back to Ireland bringing down the Catholic Church (that was shouted in my face) Just Two weeks after I'd had a serious Operation in Hospital  all I was doing was looking at houses to buy,    Why were they so resentful of me because they (The very Few) had an easer time in the Industrial school than the rest of us. There are no words to discribe the horrific scale of the Brutiality  in any dictionary that we as children suffered ,So since that time I have been terribly frightened of returning even for a holiday to visit My huge family I found myself . I am more scared for my children going over since then. A lot of my own Family cousins ,Aunt's live in Dublin, Wicklow, Wexford, every time I go over I am looking over my sholder    , I found there was NO help or any Advice for those like myself just Resentment  and Hostility,

You see this is the absolute impossibility of answering any of your questions because anything which is said that is positive you deem it to be untrue or lies... It is a never ending circle.

This is very very simple to answer with regard we do nothing for Survivors, without giving any confidential information away - look at Our Social event held recently, over 150 individuals attended. Look at our meeting with the president, over 50 attended and look at our Annual Mass over 100 attended. What is great about these is that the pictures are on our website. Taking out the ordinary day to say activities, you have pictures of over 300 people whom we have helped and who support us. Doesnt this IMMEDIATLY contradict your statement regarding us helping nobody?

Also I have nothing to feel guilty whatsoever for. I have a history of Communtiy involvement, I have won awards due to my Outreach work, I have qualifications, I have been given a civic reception for my work, appeared on numerous local and regional print and radio media and have many years experience in Ireland, the UK and India working with vulnerable people... And this was all BEFORE I applied for the job, so my qualifications stack up! It is also fair to say that many of the initiatives come from our office and I have certain expertise due to my experience that has helped ROPSC that is outside of my job remit!

I have also posted about how open we are, quarterly newsletters, audited accounts, all our activities publicly available, minutes of EVERY meeting publicly available, an annual report, pictures videos and a representative of a group on this website to answer questions individuals may have. We have also signed up to a review specifically about our openness and transparency (which was NOT mandatory)

Don't no how more transparent you could get? Perhaps you could shed some light on what else we could do?

You also have your answer regarding our organization, at our AGM where 60 people were in attendance a vote of no confidence was called - 2 agreed and 58 disagreed - that could not have been more open and transparent!

But I would love your views on it?

Here you go again Micheal, getting away from the main issues.

I asked you to answer my questions regarding your membership, i did NOT ask you for your qualifications, or what President you met, or what Videos you made, or what you got awards for, but you have just given me another load of WAFFLE yet again.

You are making every excuse under the sun, NOT to respond to my MAIN question i have asked you. Remember Micheal, you DID ask me to ask you any question i wished. I have now Done this, so will you PLEASE just answer my question without diverting to anything else. What do you NOT understand?

Firstly Micheal, i asked you that question about your qualifications over a year ago, which you did not reply to. You rambled on about all of your achievements tonight when No one asked you to. In fact you tried to get as far away from the questions i had initially asked you.


As regards the Trust Fund, I will leave that to the Survivors themselves to make their own minds up about, but personally speaking it certainly does NOT convince me one bit. Your stance on that came about a day or two before Quinn more or less said, this is what its going to be. We all saw it.


Ok, on membership, you say you used the original Database from (Right of Place) Now can you answer me this Micheal. How was this Database put together?


You know the controversy that has surrounded this Database, even when the original (Right of Place) was in power; this dispute is going on for years. This is the first thing that should have been addressed, but no, ye used it despite Survivors questions from where you got their information. Parents were receiving newsletters for Survivors who had died. Disgraceful. This database is still illegal.


Why did your group not validate this as soon as you took over from Noel C Barry?


Who put this Database together, and where did they obtain all the information contained on it? Names , addresses, etc?


When you say, you campaigned your membership; this could NOT have been true, WHY, because you did not put this Database together, if you recall saying this in your reply above. “So therefore, they were NOT your membership in the first place.” They were members on a Database that you yourself just told me, you took over from the original group. Correct me if i am wrong? You said, you asked them if they wished to remain members. This Data-Base Sir should NOT have been used under ANY circumstances, as it was then, and still is Illegal.


I am not in a position to say whether or not so many Survivors accepted to stay with your group or not, but if anyone was to ask you to Authenticate your Database, you would duly refuse, and claim confidentiality. This i find completely wrong, and a perfect way from keeping anyone really finding out the truth. You know this is true, and very clever.


Regarding your AGM in Waterford last year let me correct you Micheal in another point. This meeting was definitely set up. You say 69 attended, wrong again, 32 people was at that meeting. We had friends there also who called a vote of No confidence in the board. Ye had a show of hands, as everyone there was from Waterford, ye knew you could not lose. And you say to me, how much more transparency do I need? Everyone, except (2) at that AGM were from your area Waterford, is this what you call FAIR?


Your group would not supply transport for Survivors who wanted to travel from Cork, WHY, because you all well knew that bringing the Cork Survivors to Waterford would have been a disaster for your group, and the end of ALL of you. Re election of the board of directors was not even on your agenda. Fact. Funny ye supplied transport for your Mass all right, just to boost your numbers no doubt, this Micheal is how Transparent your group is, as everyone can see clearly through your plan.


As a matter of fact Micheal, you were not even in the country for this meeting, but away in the United States of America. Is this how Unimportant this Bluff of an AGM was?


I have seen so much wrongdoing since this New group took over (Right of Place Second Chance) I saw good men go in there to try and properly sort out the mess and the Legacy from the last corrupt Chairman, only to be met with a wall of silence. One such person who is on record saying, we don’t know where all this money has gone, and was going to look for accountability. Where is this person NOW? I will tell you; he is now one of your Board of Directors of (Right of Place Second Chance)


You still have not answered my question about me applying for membership to the group. Why did I not even receive a response from your group? I had applied on two separate occasions, but I never even got a response, please explain. Had you already got enough members?


I look at your Web page entitled (Lives Helped) I note a few responses, who these people are I don’t know. But one thing I did note was, all of them were from the Waterford area, how weird is this?


You know only too well Micheal the questions i am asking you are very valid ones, but i think this Bull on confidentially goes way too far in favour of covering up multitudes. You are hiding behind it.


to answer your points;


I was unaware you asked me about my qualifications over a year ago, but you have the answers now in black and white, so no more probably needs to be said.


In relation to the Original Database, it was set up over 10 years ago, so how would I possibly even begin to understand how it was established, I had nothing to do with Right of Place 10 Years ago. In relation to a Survivor dying, of course it is deeply regrettable if they receive our literature, however if somebody is a member of our organisation and passes away, without somebody informing us, we will not be aware of this.


This happens with any organisation however as soon as we become aware of the issue, we address it and remove their details from our Database.


We never focussed on the Database until Recently because we realised how insignificant it was to the overall context of the organisation. Infact we took the time to see what was the best way of handling it. So much so that even removing the Membership completely was one option we discussed (as the only benefit it has, is keeping members informed through our Newsletter) but due to our Articles of Association, it would not be that simple. So we addressed it by writing to our members...those who replied or signified in some way they wished to remain members have done so and those that responded to say they didn't have since been removed.


In otherwords we no longer use the OLD database but we now have our own complete and correct Database that Right of Place Second Chance created. (barring Cork and the UK, which is being updated) To finish on the membership, nobody can any longer question our membership as we no longer use the Previous one, we have created a one where those who are members are there because they wanted / requested to be!  Aside from that the only people interested in our membership, is Survivors (and with the history I can understand why). Any meeting with the HSE, and other bodies, membership was NEVER come up because as a service Provider, having a membership does not matter. The HSE does not fund clicks, but organisations that provide a service.


Our AGM was held in Waterford City as part of our continuation to move things around the country and ensure every survivor has an opportunity to access meetings and have a say.Our AGM will be in either Limerick or Galway next Year and our Annual Mass will be in Limerick. 


How could you possibly know all that were at our AGM were from Waterford? What kind of a crazy, uninformed opinion is that? Even if you read the minutes from the AGM you will see that the questions asked by Individual Survivors were from ; Kerry, Tipperary, Carlow, Cork and Waterford - dosent seem to me to be all people from Waterford as you put it. The reasons there was no busses to the AGM is because we do not receive funding to provide for that, however before we had our Mass we were awarded money from the St. Stephens Green Trust Fund, specifically to facilitate Social events and naturally The Mass and the Social event afterwards fit into that category so we could use some of that award to pay for the Busses.


What I do outside of my working hours is entirely none of your business. If i have a holiday booked EIGHT months in advance and the AGM is decided a date 8 WEEKS beforehand, I can't exactly cancel my Holiday, indeed I was quite upset not to make the AGM. That being said, I will not answer questions regarding my personal life after this one and I would request you to refrain from talking about things I do outside of work.


Finally you are more then welcome to apply to become a member, I never received any application form but in order for you to become a member you must abide by the rules of being a member. So by all means send in an application form (can download from our website) to me directly at ROPSC, Youth and Community Multiplex, Manor Street, Waterford City and I will happily pass to our administrator to review.


Truth be known I would love to see as many, not become members per se, but get involved. There is many in Youghal who are in desperate need of support, how great would it be to have a volunteer there to assist some of them on a daily basis. 


This is something that we have already looked at as we have literally a queue of people asking to get involved who are not Survivors but have heard of the Work that we do. Infact I am currently developing a training plan so we can accept volunteers to help in our struggle - shows peoples belief in what we are doing and want to support it!


Finally if you have questions about RIght of Place Building Project LTD, you would have to ask the former Directors about it. We carried out an internal review, and as much as (quite honestly) we envisaged we would find evidence of wrongdoing, there was none.... irregardless of what you (and I, admittedly) may believe, there was no evidence of wrongdoing and therefore you cannot condemn a man, individuals or groups without proof.


If your questions havent been answered please let me no. Remember there is no onus whatsoever on me being on this website. There is no neccessity and I am not being asked to by anyone. I come onto this simply and honestly to allow those that have questions to ask them as I would be angered to think certain individuals (no matter how small a percentage) would be dissuaded from accessing help because of incorrect information. But please, ask a question and wait for a response, and then make up your mind. Don't try and answer the question, in the same sentance as when you ask it, such as:


"Your group would not supply transport for Survivors who wanted to travel from Cork, WHY, <QUESTION>

because you all well knew that bringing the Cork Survivors to Waterford would have been a disaster for your group, and the end of ALL of you <ANSWER>"

You are obviously not very good at listening, or reading properly Micheal. I never said anything about what you do outside your work, and to be very honest i dont give a damn. I stated, and properly so, that YOU were not even at this AGM meeting in Waterford, which you were not.

How that is implying anything about what you do outside your job is again Waffle from you.What have i implied you do outside your work Micheal? Nothing. Read what i wrote, and NOT what you think i said. I am Not interested what you do outside of ROP, and never will be. So again get your facts straight, before engaging your mouth. You were the one explaining to me, how long before this meeting you had arranged your Holidays. I do NOT want to know.

I would love to know what kind of, So Called review you did on taking over from the last person. I cannot understand how you found No evidence of wrongdoing? Maybe you did not look? Maybe there was none, Maybe? There was obviously something wrong when your Father and a large number of Survivors picketed outside (Right of Place) Why did they do this? Why dont you ask your Father WHY.

Maybe he just wanted to take over the Company for himself? Maybe. I'm sure he will know.

Re membership, how come your membership, you say you have, here where i am have NOT had one word from your group in months. We have members here, who are on your Database of the group (Right of Place Second Chance) that have received NO correspondence from your group since your last meeting in Cork. Not even when ye sent out application forms not too long ago, when you were (Allegedly) updating your Database, Why did they not receive these Application Forms? Don't tell me you dont know.These people got invites to the meeting in Cork, but have NEVER received anything since, Please explain.

Or then Maybe your group felt threatened with ALL the valid questions these Survivors had insisted on getting answers to, that by the way, were NOT answered? And you all wonder WHY No one believes a word that comes out of any of you.

Survivors, Micheal are NOT fools, and dont you ever for one minute think that you are dealing with fools, because you would be well mistaken. You may rest assured about that.

Don't have a go at Mossie he is a Survivor and is just asking questions,

Hi Geraldine, just been reading your input there. These people Geraldine will never answer you, they are too busy doing nothing, only collecting t their expenses. They will never tell you about the expenses they claim, but they will always boast to everyone of not receiving a wage.

This fellow you always hear about is Michael Walsh's son, (Micheal) he now seems to be running all the operations now. They tell us he was the only person to fit the Criteria for the job. Would you believe that?? No i did not think you would, and neither would i.

As i said before Geraldine, (Nepotism) at its best. His Father is the Chairman, and Junior just happened to be the only one who met the conditions for the job. Do they think we are stupid? Obviously.

I am always getting this sort of thing from these people Geraldine, because i am always asking questions, but then again, they dont like me doing that. Tough i say, i will keep asking.

Maybe this posting might shake him up, and you might get an answer, but if you do, i wonder if it will be the truth??????? I doubt it. Take care Geraldine.



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