The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Row demeaning to those who suffered abuse in institutions

Who the hell does this Muppet Michael Walsh think he's talking for?

This person and his group, ROP/SC initially voted for this Statutory Fund, when over 90per cent of Survivors were totally against it. 

It is none of your business Mr Walsh. You were never worried about Survivors before, so why should you be any other way now. Your funding is all you are worried about, and we ALL know this.

Please read following article, todays Examiner.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Let me begin by congratulating Conor Ryan for his excellent piece (Oct 1) on highlighting the difficulties between the Government and the religious orders over the payment of a 50/50 share of redress to people abused in industrial institutions.

However, there are some very important points to be made, and these highlight some misconceptions around this unseemly row. 

* There is no further monetary redress for people who were abused in institutional care.

* This row is about the Government and the religious orders sharing the cost of redress, which has already been paid out! 

* A very small part of this row concerns the additional Statutory Institutions Fund (€110m). 

It frustrates me a great deal at the rumbling on of this row, because it is demeaning to those of us who were so horrendously abused in these institutions. 

In our frontline work on behalf of over five and a half thousand people who made contact with our offices last year, and who now live in considerable difficulty, (as adults,) the reality of that abuse, and its consequences on families, is lost in this continuing row over who should pay what. 

The people who seek our help are sidelined, and left to suffer in abject poverty, social isolation, and are marginalised by all of the States agencies dealing in housing, health, welfare and statutory care. 

We say to the religious orders — for God’s sake, pay up. 

And, to Minister Quinn, we say — stop trying to shift the problem of years of State and religious abuse to one of good guy/bad guy. 

Engage in a meaningful dialogue at managing and finding solutions to the many difficulties now being experienced by those of us whose lives as children, and now as adults, have been blighted by the acts of abuse. 

Michael Walsh
Chairman Right of Place Second Chance
Lower Glanmire Road

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A List of every Industrial school in Ireland , And a Full list of every child's name who was detained in each individual Industrial School  from the early'st records to the time they closed down. must be published , there are survivors still trying to trace siblings or cousins  who were detained but separated into different parts of Ireland where all contact was lost  this would be very useful  for survivors and their families  to  visibly see the  list of all names  that then could or might be matched up with Lost family members.  OR  IS THAT TO MUCH TO ASK,



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