The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Rumour Nuns Want to Re-open Stanhope Street Laundry for "Fallen Women"?

Just caught a well sourced, but (as yet) unsubstantiated rumour that the orders are trying to get the old Stanhope Street Laundry re0opened as a "residential centre" for "victims of trafficking" - which is the term they use increasingly for sex workers and anyone they deem to be "at risk of sex work" or "affected by sex work" -

You couldn't make this stuff up and it gets easier to see how the mentality that allowed and encouraged the laundries was created every day..

Has anyone heard any more of this?

Where to START on how wrong that particular building would be, in how many ways.

  • Trauma trigger to laundry survivors
  • Subliminal intimidation of proposed victims
  • Mockery of former victims
  • Extreme bad taste
  • Why do they need a "residential centre" for autonomous adults?
  • How restrictive will the Residence be?
  • How voluntary will entry be (currently Gardaí often offer sex workers the choice between Ruhama and arrest. Ruhama are often called in without the consent of the women involved)
  • Is it a good idea for people sex workers already loath and fear to be running  a residential service
  • Shouldn't that building be turned over to the redress board to fix the victims of their last foray into residential services?


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Well thay are rich and powerfull thanks to slavery and contributions. But as such thay get the protection. Thay own land all over Ireland alone without the buildings. But the fact that thay are treated like a corperation. Its been going on for so long now that its part of history. But as carers thay dont bother caring. Thier religous dutys take up a big part of the day. Thats what is most important to them. Singing exalting Jesus then as brides of Christ thay feel all lifted up. Its a shock to them when faced with real life people. So aggressivety creeps in. Putting all others below them on the ladder to heaven.I believed there had been changes but the stuff i have read about thier explanations shows me no change at all. Hanging on to status thanks to thier weddings with Jesus.

They aren't just treated like a Corporation...the Daughters of charity process about €65million a year through...wait for it...


That means passing it through several companies with no assets until where it has gone becomes untraceable...John Grisham stuff...barely legal...if it *IS* legal...

I reckon they also dedicate a LOT of time to cooking the books. These days most nuns get to wear their own clothes, keep their salary, they get a company car, and they get to pick a (usually shared) house to live in. The they cannot do is have boyfriends, but close, even lifelong "friendships" between Nuns are common...  

I have been reading for years what the nuns say about the institutions. Sometimes its been very differcult. Thay dont hesitate at all about turning things around. But thay are too young to have known what it was like. Thay try and turn the reality into something different. Friendly chatting while making rosary was in fact working in silence. The radio thay claim was for us was turned on while thay Prayed was thee fishing forcast. we sat working whilst the radio spoke of winds. When this was over it was turned off. Had there been any real change thay wouldnt be treating the ex inmates in the way thay have. Turning laws into protection for themselves. Without a mention as to how separted familys cant find out who thay are and are all over the world. Thay believed that choosing adopitive perents was a matter of which religion thay praticed. this has been proved dangerous. I dont think that caring for others has changed at all. Its not thier priority. Protecting the church is.

I can't see any sign of it even being about the church, much less religion any more. It is all about power and control, and using religion as an excuse and a justification.

You know Mother Theresa is supposed to have been a rather nasty person? Here is a thought provoking article about "Sister Stan" the "Focus Ireland" annual accounts can be pretty thought provoking too if you know how to read them.

One thing that strikes me about very controlling people in general is that they never seem to have given a thought to what it would feel like to live under their thumb.

You DO NOT have children putting in a days unpaid work making rosary beads EVEN if there is "friendly chatting" and a radio to listen to.

Well yes I have read about Mother teresa. The order she had have opened over a hundred places supposed to help sick people. There is not much space in them so thay are crowded all the time . Now with all the money sent there the conditions are the same. No painkillers allowed and no hygene. So where are the millions going. Not into health issues but into mor and more places of misery. Modern hospitals have been built by others but you never hear of them. You know that sex workers in Ireland is no accident. When our lessons were about how our mothers were all fallen women and we would be the same if we dident behave. But it finished up like an option. There is too much interference in peoples sex lives. The Church fixes rules impossable to fallow. So of course it happens.Even children with dead mothers got this as an education. Sex is only part of it. Sometimes affection and company is what it is about. opsessed with the sex lives of others thay forget that its nobodys business.If help is asked for okey but if not its just justified to force others one way or another.

I see what you mean...that kind of indoctrination can set up "us and them" thinking, where the only way not to be like "us" is to be like "them".

There is a lot of money in interfering in people's sex lives.

Totally agree, for them its all about protecting the church.

Where has this Rumour come from?, have any of the Irish Papers talked about it.?  Meanwhile we are giving the Religious our valueable energy  and time.  Until we have the facts lets dismiss this crazy idea. It is just upsetting all who allow this RUMOUR to provoke.

Kathleen O'Malley. "Childhood Interrupted"

It is all over social media (the Irish papers are not exactly reliable these days!)

Probably shouldn't have wasted much time on that "rumour" that the laundries were abusive either...

It is when we ignore the first rumours that these terrible things are allowed to happen at all.

I agree we remain diligent.

Kathleen O'Malley.

Yes Just so.



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